Hyundai Complaint: 2012 hyundai elantra poor gas mileage

I purchased a brand new 2012 hyundai elantra from ward hyundai in cape gir ,mo. on nov.2,2011.At the time i purchased the car,i strictly bought the car due to the fact it was rated to get 30-40 mpg,and simply couldn’t afford to drive the 3 vehicles i already owned with the cost of gas being 3.69 a gallon. My elantra for the first 10,000 miles did infact get that recommended mileage,until the service engine soon light came on. I took the car to the dealer for repair. They informed me that i had a bad coil pac and a fouled plug,which neither did they replace at that time,they merely cleaned the plug and moved the fouled plug and suspected bad coil pac to a different cylinder and cleared the codes in the computer????? I was told to continue to drive the car and wait to see if it would set another code so they could determine if infact the coil was defective. After driving the car another 2000 miles,no new codes have been set but my gas mileage went from the original 33mpg w/air on max in city and 40-42mpg on highway to 25mpg in city w/no air and 27 mpg max on highway. I have had this car back to dealer,they performed a fuel test on it.(results 27 mpg),and have harassed them to fix the problem since it occured. The car now has going on 16,000 miles and no inprovment in mileage.I have been told every excuse in the book about waiting on the main hyundai manager to address the issue,they are working on it,they don’t know what to do to fix it,to they can’t just start part changing. I never experienced this problem until the issue with the service engine soon light appeared. Like i said previously,I have 3 other vehicles that are paid for and my only reason for purchasing this car was strictly based on the mpg the elantra was rated due to the astronomical gas prices. I have spoke with the mechanics,the service dept.,the service manager,the customer service manager and the salesman that sold me the car. And yet i am driving a car i would’ve never bought had it not been the best rated car for fuel economy. I own a Trans=Am GT, a mustang and a SLT Jimmy,so needless to say i’m not an elantra type of person….STRICTLY bought this vechicle for fuel economy,I EXPECT TO GET WHAT I AM PAYING FOR. If this issue could be addressed,as well as fixed,I would greatly appreciate your help!!!! I also understand that Hyundai is being sued for miscalculated ratings on their cars,but mine is beyond riduclous.I spoke with a lady at the dealership earlier this week whom also drove a 2012 elantra and she was averaging 33mpg and complaining,so just imagine how upset i am!!!! At this rate i could still be driving my vehicles that i have no payments on and get as good of mileage as i’m getting paying for a car for the next five years thats no better rated than what i already had!!!!! I feel like sueing Hyundai for misrepresenting their product,and infact would like to know how to be part of the class action suit that has been brought against Hyundai,as well as getting my car repaired . THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN IN THIS MATTER, DIANE HENDRICKS

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