Home Depot Complaint Letter: Collected payment but no refunds

I was making a payment on line and thought the transaction was complete but got a notice (on the web-site) that there was a problem. So I called the customer service and told them I wanted to pay the bill but I wanted to be sure it didn’t get paid twice.
( I was paying off the total of over $4,700+ !!)
The lady said, “Oh, not to worry, if that happens we’ll refund it no problem! So, I gave the info again and the next day I found out the payment had indeed been taken TWICE!!
So, I called customer service again. They said, “Oh yes, we see the balance was paid twice and you have a $4,700+ credit balance and we’ll be happy to refund but it will take about THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!
$4,700 is a lot of money to me! I’m bouncing checks, even to the I.R.S.!! I need that money back NOW!!

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