GMC Yukon Rear Hatch Will not Unlock

The rear hatch on my GMC Denali will not unlock and therefore cannot be opened. I have done some research, and it does not appear that there is a manual release ont the inside,and there is no key lock on the outside. In addition to being an inconvenience in terms of a repair, I would suggest to you that this could be dangerous for anyone trapped in the rear of the vehicle with no possible method of egress if the forward part of the vehicle was not an option, (fire etc). I’m surprised that there have been no recalls or government involvement, perhaps someone has to be injured or die before GM might make a change

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4 Customer Complaints about “GMC Yukon Rear Hatch Will not Unlock
  1. Morgan Dekle says:

    I have a 2007 GMC Yukon. The remote system has started going into “sleeper mode.” After 60 seconds the only way to “wake it up” is to put the key in the door & turn. Therefore the remote lock/unlock, alarm, rear door and remote start will not work. They want over $500 to fix it. Seems that this is a parts problem they need to fix. They won’t! Big Surprise. These vehicles cost so much that when something internal goes bad they should fix it! Naturally, you can’t find anywhere to complain!

  2. Dennis Klein says:

    I have a 2009 Gmc pickup and the battery went dead already. It has a 6 year battery in it. What would cause this?

  3. george says:

    i bought a gmc has been in the shop 3x already.allcamshaftposition solendoid oractuatorsolenoid valve.i dont know how they build the vehicle.but mine was built in lite on my car radio,dims down when ever it wants.told it was power saver.dont know what that is.but new vehicle should not be in shop.with so many problems.also fuel milage for city is not what they say either.i get a bout 15 my next step would be get a lawyer.if it goes back to shop for electrical again. sincerly dispointed consumer.

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