Gardens of Time Complaint: Fix the Broken Game

I can’t receive gifts or send gifts, so game play is almost nonexistent unless I spend a boatload of money. I can’t afford to play with real money, but now the gifts are broken, so I can’t play at all. I am really upset and will continue to give 1 star reviews as long as you continue to ask me if I want to leave a review, which is every day. And I will ask my 235 Game Center friends with the same problem to do the same thing. So, not only does it not work, but there is no contact at all letting us know what is going on. Please fix it or tell us what’s happening.

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One Customer Complaint about “Gardens of Time Complaint: Fix the Broken Game
  1. Kathy says:

    I loved playing this game it comes on but that’s it iam playing on my ipad and I wish it would get fix I would like to play it again that’s my favorite game

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