Free Nokia UK – Scam Fraud Extortion

I received an SMS from NOKIA MOBILE UK saying that my cell phone number was drawn as the lucky winner in their annual Anniversary lottery. They requested that I email them and they sent confirmation that I had indeed won the money prize and requested for scanned copies of my documents (passport, driving licence, etc) which I did Nokia very soon confirmed receipt of my documents and sent me the scanned Certificate of winning on their special random lottery. This Winner Guarantee Certificate was signed by Dr George Smith – President, Mrs Anna Rolland – Secretary and dr Anthony Floyd: On-line co-coordinator.

They also sent me a copy of Deed of Guarantee signed by Barrister Shannon Murphy (legal Advisor) of Barclays Chambers. Then supposedly the parcel containing the won prize was handed to the British Airways World Cargo Courier Service for delivery to me.

In the meantime I had already paid for the courier service 350GBP. Then the courier informed me that the parcel had been stopped by the British Inland Revenue Tax Office and I had to pay the tax on the money prize 0.2%.

Having done that the parcel received a Tax Clearance Certificate and left UK but was stopped again in Nigeria(?!) by the United Nations Antiterrorism Agency which again required additional documents to be sent for verification if I did not have a record on terrorism(!) after I had done this and was cleared by their offices I was asked to pay USD5,000.00 (!) to obtain a Clearance Certificate that I was not a terrorist.

The parcel containing the prize has still not reached me and is still in the hands of the UN (Dr Abdul Wahad Rasheed) who now says that the Clearance Certificate can be released when a lawyer signs on it and requires further payment of USD2,500 for this made to the lawyer and additionally USD 2,000 even to him.

I consider this whole thing to be a scam and a fraud and extortion. By extortion I mean charging unfairly high prices (USD5,000 for Anti-Terrorist Certificate USD 2,500 for a lawyer’s signature and USD2,000 for AW Rasheed to facilitate the arrangement with said lawyer.).

I and my husband had countless telephone calls and emails from Dr Anthony Floyd (tel. number: +44-704-574-5253 as well as from A.W.Rasheed (tel. number: +234-8095-028969) to chase us to pay them the monies they requested of us. This amounts to nothing less than harassment. And they still call 2-3 times a day.

My parcel is being illegally held by A.W.Rasheed. I have all the documents sent to me by NOKIA and The UN Antiterrorism Agency i.e all the learance documents, Deed of Guarantee, NOkia Winning Certificate signed by dr George Smith, -Prersident, Mrs Anna Rolland – secretaryand dr Anthony Floyd on-line coordinator.

I got a sms stating that I have won R175 000-00 from Nokia. The lady Cindy Madube 0769224197 send the sms, when I phone her she said I must buy 2x R110-00 prepaid vouchers and sms the voucher numbers to her, they then will release the R175 000. She ask me how would I like to receive the money, cash in my bank or by Cheque.

I said cheque and she said I must just sms my adres with the voucher numbers. I ask her for her adres and where there offices is and she said Cape Town, Water Front Builing 225 to 228 in Water Front street. She said I can come to the offices. Is it possible that it is so easy to make money without filling in any competion.

I ignore this sms, because people told me If I would have won anything Nokia would have phone me personally. Is there anybody that can ever stop these type of sms’s.

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51 Customer Complaints about “Free Nokia UK – Scam Fraud Extortion
  1. sapry elkotby says:

    received an SMS from NOKIA MOBILE UK saying that my cell phone win milion pounds say me receive my phone numbber or my email

  2. Barbara J Craill says:

    Good day I received a sms that I won R450,000,000 for my sim kaart, I fall for it and I paid 2 amounts the 1st amount was R1750 and rhe 2nd amount was R6550 now they want me to pay the amount off R45,000,00 for tax, the person is Caroline Dube and a John Adams from the UK if there is somebody who can send me a email I will send you all the details and numbers off those 2 persons. Thank you

  3. Oniosun says:

    I also recieved a message claiming i won £50,000. I’ll simply ignore it.

  4. Mathew says:

    I recieve a message dat i won 215,000.00 in nokia uk promo, pls is dis true or fraud?

  5. Sonny says:

    I received massage that I won fifty thousand pound from NOKIA LIVE MOBIL LOTTERY PROMOTION 2012, I don’t know if this is true or a fraud and now there are requesting for my personal info.

  6. Edward friday says:

    I will be very greatful if this offer is genuine

  7. Edward friday says:

    I recive a message that i have just wone 70,000.00 pounds on nokiaUK promo.

  8. Kalbang J says:

    How true is this nokia promo? Is Dr. Anthony Floyd a staff of nokia inc?

  9. Kalbang J says:

    I received a text that my mobile phone N300 has won £115,000 in nokia uk promotion.

  10. okey says:

    i recve sometink like dat nokia pls stop tin be 4 it will paint de nameof nokia black.

  11. alatise a says:

    I do received a messag that nokia uk promo my number has won 70000 pounds. Is true or what.i do need a reply

  12. mrs Amosu says:

    i received a message from nokia uk mobile that my nokia mobile has £70,000 true?

  13. miss tonia says:

    I received an sms from Nokia uk promo that my mobile number has won 70,000 pounds demanding my info be sent for claims. plz really want to know how true this claim is.

  14. Anthonia E.Oseke says:

    I recieved an sms from nokia uk. The text in quote. No.Nk-131 for claims send your name, number, and country to us via email; so how true is this mail?

  15. mithinga dwimary says:

    i received a sms from nokia uk.that my mobile number has won 3crore 50lakhs in India rupees…. its it true? please help me

    • mahfuz alam says:

      i had also received that even but plz dont believe that coz its a scam they just want to attract u to pay the sum of money after geeting the money they will not going to receive ur call and wont give u anything if u wont believe then try ur hard luck bro…

  16. ibanda crispin says:

    I recieved an sms from nokia Uk award cell no 0041794766909. has won 615.000 pounds with reference Nk115G.

  17. phiri given says:

    I was sent sms that I have won 300,000 pounds from Nokia promo. but I know these guys are thieves. I will try to fool them around.

  18. Bj says:

    i got a text on my mobile phone that i won £ 70.000 in the Nokia UK END OF YEAR PROMO. I was not asked to pay any voucher, but just my details on how to clear the money, i was asked to choose option 1,2,3 for delivery i choosed option 3. Which price was £ 280. The Barcago British Airways courier service said that from my country nigeria that i cant transfer money through western union money transfer,so that i should pay into there west african account bearing a personal Name. Please i want to know the truth behind this messages,winning price,Nokia promo,etc.

  19. Amer abbasi says:

    I recived one msg from apple claim iphone I Won so tell me this is truth or fals

  20. Vishal Bhorah says:

    I received one msg from number 44739884381 they said that I won 610,ooo pounds . Just want to know if it is true.

  21. Erakpotobor fidelix says:

    I recieve an sms on my phone dat i won

  22. mahaillia spencer says:

    i received one msg from free number 524523494725
    they said i won 615.000 pounds. just want to know if its true. if its true call me at 126872117389

  23. Samiullah ahmadzai says:

    i received 4 massages from Nokia promo that they saws you won £270000 and his phone number is 00447024026573 and email is , i email and he reply me to sand you ID. I sand my ID than he gave me outher emai to countat with him i countat with him his email is and his phon number is 00447024025941 00447035923157 he told me to sand £350 for insurance please till me what can i do sand or not is this true please call me.

  24. amod says:

    Nokia UK send me a message that my cell no.has won 615.000 thousand pound with Ref no.NK115G.pls i dont understand.i need a reply.

  25. Bidyut Roy says:

    Nokia award UK send me a message that my cell no. has won 750,000 pounds . I dont understand.I need a reply.

  26. mero says:

    what is massege

  27. Ghananand says:

    I have recieved a message at nokia winner prize mony 1.6 caror. So it is true or false

  28. David Attah says:

    I receive sms and email that i have won Nokia promo, pls tell me if true.

  29. Antwi Solomon says:

    I have received a an sms from facebookmobileprize” that i have won a prize and would like to ask, if it is true??

  30. mohsen says:

    Ireceive sms that i have won nokia uk awaed 2014,pls tell me if true

  31. hossein says:

    I recieved a messeage from nokia to win 915,000 euro
    how can I recieve that?

  32. arm says:

    this is all hoax massage

  33. sedigheh abshenas says:

    I recieved a messeage from nokia to win 915.000$
    how can I recieve that

  34. sonagol ozbeykgonbadi says:

    How i can take this prize?

  35. edris says:

    i received an email that said i won 3,500,000,00 $ how should i received that ,is it real bye the way?

  36. Martha Mojoro says:

    nokia please if this money is won by people why not making arrangements with the countries where the winners are and pay the money in first to the winner, and than the tax stories will come after the money is paid to them as simple as that, rather then for people to pay lots of bills and taxes for the money that they are not sure of getting it one day. If its not fraud it should be done in such a manners that every one will trust. Now every winner you send an sms are worried and confused if this is true or not just come to the point and the right thing if you really want the people who deserve this money to receive it.

  37. Martha Mojoro says:

    I won 915,000-00 pounds from Nokia UK Award 2014 reference number: NK115G and was recommended to send my cell number and name to I read lots of comments non of the winners have received they prices why?

    • rustom ali says:

      i am rustom ali
      country bangladesh
      live in brunei
      i recive a message
      from nokia uk
      win 915000
      but i dont know this true or fals

  38. Rozel says:

    I got a sms saying I won the nokia UK award 2014.. if this is all a scam everyone who got this texts should just stand together because if the UK send smses like this they should pay..

  39. john thimende says:

    you sent me a text on my phone saying that i won 915.000 with reference nk115g

  40. Just receive sms that my phone number has won 915,000 pound ref. No. NK 115G glad f this is true

  41. KHOKON says:

    Few days ago I got a sms which contained that I win 10000000 usd in – “NOKIA INTERNATIONAL FREE MOBILE PROMOTION-2014″. They want my data and a government verification I.D. They sent me my winner certificate copy and a diplomat I.D. (agent of lumis)by e-mail. The diplomat man named MOHAMMAD ALI IBRAHIM now in Bangladesh. What can I do now ?

  42. TOMOR BEKA says:


  43. TOMOR BEKA says:

    your mobil number has won 915 pounds in the nokia promo ref no;NK115G.WHAT IS THIS MESSAGE FOR MY

  44. rustom ali says:

    please help me

  45. Julia saul says:

    im confused igot an smsthat says i won R950,000.ticket Mr tom +27603580010 to claim my price but im not sure if its ascam or if its true i really need help,because they also said to claim my money i need to deposit afee of R3,550 and i got this sms from the Reserve Bank of South Africa they also said i must send my Bank account to mrs.hope +27603017020 on how to pay the money.Bank of South Africa we are @ur service!!!

  46. qetevan kviwinadze says:


  47. qetevan says:

    Let me know if I won a really really ??

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