Fedex Smartpost Reviews: Shipping Delivery Delays

My product was shipped to me via SMARTPOST. This is the most inefficient shipping I have ever had the unwilling pleasure to be taken advantage. My item arrived at Kansas City Ks terminal sat for nearly 2 days 30 miles from my home, then sent to Council Bluffs Iowa for the night,then to St. Joseph Missouri for 2 days then sent out for delivery today, but since the driver did not get to the post office before it closes today, it may come tomorrow afternoon.

Here is the rub, as he MAY deliver it tomorrow afternoon noon, rural delivery has already left in the morning, hence maybe a Saturday delivery. I will not get my item until Saturday, but most likely now maybe Monday. It has taken FEDEX 1 day to get it from Kentucky to the Kansas terminal “30 miles from my home but will take 5 to 7 days to get the last 30 miles. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

I feel I must encourage people not to use FEDEX SMARTPOST as it adds unnecessary delays to shipping..If I ship FEDEX Ground only, 2 to 3 days it is in my hand. If I ship via USPS 3 to 4 days in my hand. SMARTPOST 7 to 12 days.

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7 Customer Complaints about “Fedex Smartpost Reviews: Shipping Delivery Delays
  1. mtmomof5 says:

    Everytime I forget to ask a merchant what “shipped via FedEx” means, I get stuck with waiting weeks to get a package that should have been at my house within a week. If merchants are going to use this service, they should be required to state that delivery is FedEx Smartpost and the expected date of arrival. My last order has been sitting in Colorado since the 23rd….this is the 27th. The package started out in Michigan, it’s now farther away then it was to begin with. Why not use USPS in the first place, that is who is moving the packages anyway. Shippers should not use SmartPost…consumers should demand another shipping company when ordering.

  2. Waiting says:

    FedEx SmartPost is completely senseless. According to my tracker…my delivery left a FedEx location on the 16th. According to the tracker again, it’s supposed to arrive on the 21st. The original FedEx location is less than 3 hours away from my house. So why does it take 5 days to deliver? Oh wait…it’s because they completely passed by my house to take the delivery another hour and a half away in the opposite direction. Then they will take that delivery and backtrack the hour and a half to my area where they will give it to the mailman. At that point I may or may not still be able to track the package since it will no longer be with FedEx. Talk about sticking it to the consumer…From what I can tell this system is just wasteful…both of resources and time.

  3. Kash says:

    Weighing in late here. Just found this post via Google. I do most of my online shopping through Amazon where I only order Prime-eligible items so I typically get my items within a couple of days of ordering and I always know where they are. (*angels singing*) However, when I buy clothes online, it seems to me that Smartpost is the normal shipping method and retailers often don’t really disclose this.

    I’m sure it’s probably cost effective for the seller. The major shipping companies have great logistics but then they save at the end by avoiding the cost of one of their drivers doing a bunch of (low profit) residential deliveries. I mean think about it, when FedEx stops at my office they’re bringing a bunch of boxes and taking some as well. If they come to my house, they’re dropping of just one package. It’s not exactly economical. The mail carrier is going to walk right past my house today anyway. I understand this system from a logical point of view.

    What still ticks me off is that A) Once the post office gets it, I have zero way to track its progress, B) it takes 2-3 days to get my package after it arrives in my city. I could understand this if I lived in the middle of nowhere and my stuff had to be trucked to a rural post office but a reasonable fit person could run the distance from our mail post office branch to my neighborhood one. If they would just add a feature that let you keep tracking the package once USPS gets it, it would be a help…but then again that would probably highlight just how inefficient the post office really is. And USPS wonders why people don’t want to use their services so much anymore.

  4. Leticia says:

    I absolutely hate smart post all of my packages end up in limbo for god knows how long some we never even received.. It really is a headache I will avoid if I can.. when shopping online and the only option is smart post I will just not order from that site USPS is good for nothing in the 1st place if we are choosing fedex why do we still have to deal with the PO.. also UPS does the same thing its called UPS Mail Innovations in case you want to avoid this type of shipping from both the po and ups

  5. Chrissy Jamie says:

    I ordered something online. It was sent by FedEx SmartPost. It arrived in the city where I live 2 days ago. It was supposed to be delivered today. It will now be sometime next week. Are you kidding me???? It arrived in the city where I live yesterday – there’s no reason why it should not have been delivered today!

  6. Andrew Russell says:

    FedEx Fast to USPS, Afterwards – All bets are off!
    The non-sensical routing can tie up packages for days. Once the packages are “Out for Delivery”, some postal carriers seem view these packages with scorn, spite and resentment. I have the impression that they set asside 30 mintues to fill out “Pink Pick-Up slips” for SmartPost packages 1st thing every morning over coffee. Then they just slip the “We missed You” notices straight to mailboxes without attempting delivery sey they can dump the packges back at dispach for customer pickup. If lucky, I can get them at the end of the next day, if they don’t repeat the process. If I can get a Smart-Post within 3 days of Post Office Possession, I feel like I’ve achieved something! Afterthought — This reminds me of using the USPS for international packages to provential Asian Villiages. Fast to the border, then all best are off as foreign mail services and carriers take over.

  7. Michael Godding says:

    SmartPost is the most God-Awful service I’ve ever seen. I ordered a piece which was in Chicago and it took 2 days for pick up I guess the it was shipped 100 miles north to New Berlin Wi. the it was shipped back to Forest Park IL. and it took 3 days there it sat Then it says on the way to USPS which is Madison WI, and that has already been 2 days at that leg of the trip.

    From now on I’m asking what service is used and will refuse to do business with anyone shipping this way.

    Still waiting for the package.

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