Fedex Letter of Complaint about Package Scam

[ I wrote ] As expected you missed the point – look at the history of the shipment – the shipment is shuttling from post to post and not being delivered to the destination.
I don’t think Fedex is interested in getting feed back and ways to improve. Fedex is not interested in fixing the issue and making sure that the delivery is reached the destination ASAP. Stating the rule doesn’t hide the fact that I am dealing with unprofessionals in the business of delivering packages.

Please reread my complaint and your response – a sensible person should feel being stupid at their own reply. Responses like this – I see very bleak future of this country. A pioneer company in delivering goods is expecting a package to be delivered in 10-15 days within the country – from one destination to other. My friend you don’t have future in this competitive world – no wonder this country of smart people losing business to others – needs rethinking and retraining.

[Original complaint] Please refer to Tracking number 9xxxx500113xxx. If you look at the history of this shipment, you will see it has been going around in circle and it has gone all over the city, but not delivered to the destination. No one from Fedex try to fix the issue. It shows how inefficient you system is – not only you are wasting your resources – my car – for which I order this part is sitting in the garage for more than 2 weeks and I am paying rent on a rental car. I am going to publish these details on the Facebook/Twitter to let other see Real Face of Fedex.

Please refer to the history of this case – I did make numerous calls and even spoke to one of your senior manager – but she failed to show any professional attitude to fix the issue – she showed help-less-ness to fix the issue – in fact she didn’t do at all. You deliver same day and the package has been in your control – your manager should have done something to fix the issue and get it delivered the same day. Let me! not waste any more words as I have spent so much of my valuable time/money to rent car for extra 2 weeks.

The tracking history and my call history to Fedex, will explain who un-professonal Fedex operates and how un-cooperative your managers. It sad that its hurting more to Fedex in its resources and your managers and your procedures are outdated. I am sure this email/complaint won’t have any impact, as Fedex doesn’t want to change to improve better. I am sure to find an alternate options for my next shipment.

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One Customer Complaint about “Fedex Letter of Complaint about Package Scam
  1. Anna Bell says:

    My company wil no longer use Fed-Ex only if we have too!

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