Fedex Customer Complaint: Lost package by delivery driver

While I understand that inclement weather can wreak havoc with ‘on time’ delivery (flight delays, poor road conditions, etc) I would still expect FedEx to physically know where my parcel is…Is it on a plan still, en route to the drop off depot, etc. With the sophisticated technology that exists today in supply chain management and delivery companies, one would think you would have real time knowledge of my package. Furthermore I called FedEx customer service and the agent used quite possibly the WORST language I could imagine for a customer waiting on what should have been a FED EX OVERNIGHT (and paid for sevice by the way)… He said “My best guess” and “I would hope that” and “but you must undertsand our position”… clearly not the words a customer who has paid for premium shipping, TWO DAYS before Christmas wants to hear. So here I sit, waiting in Canada to learn of my Christmas gifts fate, still knowing I have to drive from Canada to the U.S. to pick it up because there are companies who still won’t ship into Canada. This has been quite frankly the worst delivery experience ever… I am sure my complaint will get filed in the circular file folder under someone’s desk (Yes, the garbage can), but I am still writing to express my extreme dissatistfaction with your company and the manner in which they are ‘helping’ me (or not in this case) feel assured that my package will still arrive BEFORE Christmas.

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