Fedex Driver Complaint: Delivery of Packages by Driver

Who were was the relieved person on 3/22/13 at 5:14 pm did nt come to the building due to the fact I was they until 6:10 pm in he front of he lobby and on one show up I don’t like when people say that business was closed the place was open until 7pm I request that he package should be send back tracking number is 551792343852 – thank you and I did pay extract for two delivery which it will never do again have. A nice weekend

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One Customer Complaint about “Fedex Driver Complaint: Delivery of Packages by Driver
  1. Kim R Womber -Sanders says:

    FedEx has drop packages to my address that belong to someone in the next block. I have called 3 times for them to pick them up and they are still here. What kind of company are you running ? This looks like I’m not at home and my packages are out , what whomever they belong to has not received them . If you do not come and get them I will have someone to throw them out today is trash day.

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