Sick and Tired of Farmville Inbox Not Working

I got a mail from Farmville in my email inbox saying that i will get 20 farm cash for free and also a hen on returning to my farm. But even after trying several times i still have not received the cash. I had my crops wither on the Winter Wonderland a few days ago. I used 10 FC to unwither them and they were still withered. I work hard for my money and can’t afford to keep giving you my money if you won’t do your part. Also these quests….I have asked for days for the Ice Picks and the Snow Shoes.

Each time I post the request at least 8 people send….I have yet to receive! People are leaving Farmville like crazy because they are sick and tired of getting messed around. I have a family just like a lot of the other players and can’t afford to spend ½ of my paycheck every week for you to take it and not fix all of the problems that the game has. So, I need the Snow Shoes and Ice Picks for the quests as well as the $10.00 that I spent to unwither my crops that I ended up deleting 3 days later. I purposely left the crops there so someone would see…..of course they didn’t….no one truly investigates any of our complaints.

Farmville/English Farm took $40 Farm Cash from me. I didn’t get anything for it. I did first complaint on last night 05/16/11. I really need my $40 back, trying to save up to be able to get 28 X 28 on Farmville. I had $70 on Farm Cash- $40 was deleted. I want it back. Had bought awhile back Farm Cash Cards. I had already harvested my crops on my English Farm. I went back there after I had played the dart game & had won prizes. I was saving $70 farm cash to be able to get 28 by 28 later on on Farmville.

I noticed that my crops had withered and went to use my combine and that Turbo Combine came on. I didn’t asked for the Turbo Combine, and it took $40 from by Farm Cash. I had to redo everything on my English Farm. I don’t know what happen and why my $40 was taken. I would like my $40 farm cash back. I didn’t use it on anything.

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5 Customer Complaints about “Sick and Tired of Farmville Inbox Not Working
  1. Lurdle says:

    That is absolutely disgusting! But sadly a very common issue. There is no response whatsoever from these Zynga people.

  2. Deborah Ford says:

    I am so upset with farm ville. and facebook. Yesterday I posted my last request for the valentine last of #12 and I got disconnected from face book. When I tried to get back on I got a message saying my face book was not working because face book was correcting a problem try in a couple of hours. When I finally got back on face book I couldn’t get on farm ville. When I did the quest had ended and 2 of my friends said they tried to send me the request but couldn’t put a message. I am writing this because I worked on this request and I want my prize. So please correct this problem. It has been months that I couldn’t ask for things and you have corrected that now correct this wrong.

  3. Vicki says:

    I have now lost 3 unwithers for my crops and my crops are still withered. It want work. I have also lost 4 farm workers and all my animals have NOT been harvested. This is crazy! You try to play a game to relax and it does nothing but stress you out! You need to get the darn thing fixed!

  4. joann says:

    Please fix my inbox, farmville is all I have since I am disable

  5. joann says:

    It has been two days for my Inbox please fix

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