Farmville Complaint: Zynga game farmville 2

I’ve been playing for some time now and today out of nowhere all the stuff I had accumulated disappeared and I was put right back to the start of the game. I already had my hen house and a full crop of pumpkins. I was about to plant strawberries. Than it told me I had opened my game in another window. Which I hadn’t. Now everything is gone from both my Katrina Murray account and my Julianne Murray Comeau account on facebook. I was almost ready to complete my barn on there as well. Just passed the level of making pumpkin pie. What gives? Fortunately I hadn’t sunk any money into these games as of yet. Or I would be robbed of that too.

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29 Customer Complaints about “Farmville Complaint: Zynga game farmville 2
  1. Camila says:

    I don’t understand my after i did all of the requirement in order to receive my Polish Silver Laced Chicken. I even worked hard attending my hen house and doing all of the requirements that Walter asked me to do to get my Polish Chicken before the expiration dates i even bought lots of chicken so that i can get my exotic polish chicken . I never received my polish chicken. All i kept getting was the uncommon egg and the rare egg. I never received the ultra rare egg that i needed to get my polish chicken. I was very disappointed to know that the expiration date came and i never got my polish silver laced chicken that i worked so hard for. I’m even thinking of not playing this game anymore.

  2. Camila says:

    Not only that sometimes as I’m playing Farmville 2 my games gets frozen and i loose my recipes, my coins and it’s disappointing the i don’t want to play this game anymore because you tend to loose alot when this happens.

  3. Enid Crespo says:

    I wanted to let you know that farmville 2 gets frozen a lot and I did my work to get my polish silver laced chicken once I did what Walter requested. Im very unpleased and disappointed with Farmville 2.

  4. Camila says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been playing farmville 2 and I’m having some difficulty in the game i notice that some of my friends have Marie’s picture changed into a witch and my character is still the same she’s dressed as a cow girl. Can someone please look into it .

  5. sadia afrin khan says:

    ok..this officially sucks..for the last 2 days i m trying to play farmville 2 and every time i try to play i get all these game-crashing and whoa-farmer keeps on happening while trying to play the game and i have to refresh my game every time i try to play and most of the time all the tasks i do doesn’t load properly so i have to do all those tasks again and my crops withers and even if my level goes up i remain in the previous level when i come to play connection is good and i have updated my flash player.this is frustrating..i happened to love farmville 2 more but my trust on them is withering like my crops..

  6. Angelita Villarino says:

    farmville2 did not get rewards after leveling up it frozed and when refresh the level was there but not the rewards I am stoping playing until this is corrected.

  7. Gery says:

    My farm on farmville 2 is dissappearing bit by bit every day. where I had 25 plots, I now have 10. My trees are swishing into each other. and 2 goats were stuck in the christmas tree. Please help me. If it keeps up, I will hate to close it off. Its really frustrating. Thank You.

  8. Debbie Daines says:

    I lost my reindeer on farmville2 can i please have back. thank u

  9. Debra Williams says:

    Played on Farmville 2 last night went back on today have lost crop that was planted and money from produce sold 100,000 this needs to be credited back to my account Thank You

  10. irene says:

    like everybody i read above, i love playing farmville as i am very lonely and it would really help[. now for christmas i had already got my beautiful Clydasdale, the white horse, and suddenly the game crashed out of more than one hundredth time and the horse dissapeared and i was given a terrible coal fire place. i completed my 12 tasks out of much difficulty with the game ooooooopsing every 5 minuts, (no exageration) i tried my other computer to see if it was the problem, i changed network to my mobile phone which was lovely and fast but still got the crashes and last my horse. i am terribly dissapointed and frustrated, is anyboby acatually gonna do anything?

  11. philip crowell says:

    i had 30.00 farmville dollars on farmville 2 now down to 9.00 and havent bought a dam thing with it i want it back or will never buy no more i dont like people that rip people off especially millonaries

  12. Steven Adkins says:

    I have been playing Farm Ville 2 sense November. I only got 2 polish silver laced chickens. My wife and daughter have gotten about 10-15 of these chickens. Why can’t I get any more chickens. Is there a glish in the game, if so are you going to fix it?

  13. Joanita C Braganza says:

    I am a very dedicated player of farmville2 & i love playing this game. Recently fv2 has introduced a florist table & i have still not received it whereas all my friends have started building it. This is very disappointing. I expect you to please fix this problem asap.

  14. Nat Amaral says:

    It seems that every time I play this game, no matter which browser I use, it always crashes or blue screens. This is a fun game, but this problem makes it very frustrating. Do us all a favor and fix this problem! It’s sad that I’m not the only one complaining about this game. This sucks.

  15. jeff most says:

    my deer is missing and i have finished all the quest for it why

  16. Anonymous says:

    my farm is slow loading and unloading i loaded that flashthing what ever you call it ever you put that fair on there its been screwing up now it is coming on we are having trouble saving your farm please complain or except please re set your game does it all the time this is be coming to be bullshit you people invent these dam games all your interested in is getting our hard earned money well its not happening no more i no how to cancelled the dam games no problem either fix it or shove it where the sun dont shine

  17. su berrak says:

    my tress and animals has gone, thief fv2

  18. josh says:

    shove your farmville up yours you dont want to fix it i dont want to play the fucking thing you people are nothing but rip off

  19. Chels says:

    I’m starting to get really tired of Farmville2 don’t get me wrong I like it but I’m tired of things disappearing and not getting things I’m working for it’s kind of a rip off! I have spent my own REAL money for farm cash and I can hardly play because it never want’s to load and I know its not my computer, which is brand new. Also I have got on Zynga’s website the commits if something is going wrong with your account and every time I right something it won’t post it because it says I’m using profanity (which I’m not at all).

  20. Mary Lou Newman says:

    My furnace is gone. Some of my animals are gone. I am at level 75 and I do not like all the new things you are throwing at us. The new version has a lot of problems. I realize the new version is to get people to spend money on the game but enough is enough. Please change the game back so it is fun and not a lot of time trying to figure out where lost items have gone.

  21. Sheri Minnig says:

    I had forty farm bucks and I bought a new sheep and I was clearing my field and all a sudden it said farmville 2 needs to reload and so it did and I lost my animal and farm bucks and so I would like to have the farm bucks to make it an even forty again so I can get the animal again. Thank You

  22. Tammy Ruebel says:

    I finished 17 of 15 orders and was supposed to get 100 favors and 500,000 something coins and it never payed me. I played all week to get this. What’s up? Is there someplace I can complain to Zynga games?

  23. DiDi Yee says:

    I lost my 30 farm cash in FameVille 2!on today 17-May-2014,can check tis problum to me please…!!!!i will never buy the farm cash again if your not settle tis kind of problems!!!!!

  24. anna estep says:

    I made some corn tomato salsa 7 of them went to sell them and I did not get my coins for selling them can you please replace the coins for me they sold for over 2,000 coins.I had lost other coins also.

  25. Michael says:

    I finish my project for the wasabi. I being growing my wasabi and can’t make food project because it show like no wasabi crops was ever done. I need credit on those wasabi that i drew to make my food. Please replace all those wasabi that i grew to make food.

  26. Enid says:

    I just finish collecting my cheese and did not get my free duck.. Can you plese give me the duck.

  27. Camila says:

    i have not gotten the project meet your family nor the house for the project. Can you please send me the project so that i can start my family project. thank you
    for your help.

  28. Dm palines says:

    cant get back my game (Farmville 2 -level 33…. starting this happen when I do reinstall and restart the game. and then unable to connect on facebook.. please return my game back!

  29. dm palines says:

    I do reinstall because cant see some of workshops… (invisible workshop) that’s why

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