I was told that i would only pay 29.88 dollars and eighty eight cents a month when i purchased this phone in july 2013 now you all are asking for 46.?? fourty six dollars and some cents in which i cannot not afford this is not the plan that i requested with your company.You can reach me at 9199042557 .I am calling 611 it has me on hold at the present please do mnot delay 18774409758 told me too write complaint at in which seems not too exist

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37 Customer Complaints about “ –
  1. Ranold Taulung says:

    I lost one of my cellphone that has the number 206-228-9949 on November 15, 2013 but I did not cancel it until November 23,2013, the same day I paid my last month bill of $94.86 w/ confirmation # of 228652216. Since I am down to only one cellphone (the one w/ 206-302-9467), I thought my monthly bill would go down but it goes up to $99.86 w/ due date of December 23, 2013. I called up the Wallmart office at 1877-440-9758 and received a 5 days extension. I am also hopeful that someone can spot up the error and readjust the bill accordingly or to where I would only be charged for one cellphone. My account # is 846259810. If you have any question or if the error gets corrected, I would like to be notified at 206-302-9467.

  2. Angelica says:

    I have used the family mobile plan for only one month before I stopped using it. When my bill came in, it said I owed more than double of a months worth. I would like to get credit on the bill and only pay for the one month. The bill was 73.02, but it should have been $ 26.85.

  3. idris ahmed says:

    i dont have family mobile phone and service why you sending me bill?
    when i bought simcard from wall mart ,they tried to transfer my phone number from go smart to family mobile ,they coudnt transfer my phone, and i return my phone and Simcard to wall mart costumer service ,and they refund to my credit card ,i never had family mobile phone before and i never think about get family phone in the future ,please fix the account and dont send bills to my house

  4. Samia Gabra says:

    I didn’t use the web service for more than a month because my cellphone was broken. when I sent to factory to fix it took about 2 weeks until back after my phone back it doesn’t have back cover and it doesn’t have memory card . in those weeks I didn’t use the family mobile service . all the last month i didn’t have a good service and my bill the same $46.11 even I didn’t use the service and i called the customer services about four times about I didn’t have service they told me go online for credit request.

  5. adam atim says:

    the reason here is i have transfereed my number from family mobile to other carrier on feb. 7th and still recieving bill asking me to pay 90.08 cent and from that date 02/07.2014 iam pay my bill with other carrier how the family mobile asking to pay service i have never used and the record showed that would you help tp clean the balance . the phone number is 3365887167 and my account number is 924834937 would you let me know ..

  6. detr says:

    I used this service por 3 monta and my bill hasnt been the same. False adverstiment.i am transfering back to Att

  7. detr says:

    Familymobile advertise $39.00 a month with unlimited text and web. When i receive my bill,my total was $70. Unbelieveable.

  8. Janice Sutton says:

    I purchased a phone and activated it, then lost it a week later. I called and you were supposted to turn it off and never did. I purchased a new phone and now i’m getting a bill for two phones. I would like a refund on my bill-acct#939920499 lost phone #352-999-3135/my new phone # 352-573-6118 Thank You.

  9. stella faucette says:

    I brought a phone from walmart,could not get it to work in the store. so i got my money back the same day. no one told me that i had to call. i do not even have this phone. number 336-493-5704. i have another phone can you please take care of this matter. i have a bill for this phone in which i never brought it out of the store.

    • says:


      I canceled my service about a week after I signed up with Family Mobile from Walmart I have several calls documented where myself and Walmart employees called in due to my service not working properly, could not get a signal. I received a bill stating that I have a past balance due of $26.31 and total bill of $70.98. This is the first bill I have received and how did you come up with I own you that much for service I had for a little over a week that did not work half the time. Please adjust my bill to a reasonable amount. You are advertising $39.88 for an entire month.

  10. laman says:

    i cancel my plan a month ago,and i still receiving bills ,please take care of this issue and stop sending me bills , my account 931920539

  11. Cynthia Way says:

    I am being overcharged $16.34 with an additional $5 I need these charges removed from my account my phone number is (417) 655-7063 my number is 840948470

  12. Glenn Richard says:

    I was overcharged on my last building and would like to get that resolved I only have the basic talk and text only.I was overcharged $10 on my basic plan.

  13. Marsh Brock says:

    Yes I been using family mobile and tmobile put a block on my phone and when I talk to family mobile they said my phone was due but since I can’t use my phone I need my refund cause I can’t just give away money and I feel I shouldn’t have to go through this to get
    Y money cause I didn’t go through this to give you my money you can call me at 5858519720

  14. Aracely Domine says:

    I called on march 9, 2014 to add another line for my son. for some reason they add two lines. the other line is 208-440-4937 we do not use the line so can you please take care of this matter. I would like to disconnect is line. my account number is 878074438 and my pin is 7302 but so sure about leaving all that information. but I call customer service and that person told me to. on may 15 I called to deactivate the third so they did

  15. andre holman says:

    ve complaint about services don’t set up change my mind on service in two hour return the store My account number 935216830 and 502-294-8498 pin number 0785 very unhappy about this shit!!!!!!

  16. Carlos Altamirano says:

    You sent me a statement with this datas:
    statement for: Carlos Altamirano
    Mobile Number: (631) 507-3069
    Account Number 943223371
    and my pin number was 0434
    You can see in this account I never used, it failed the set-up so when Y called to customer service, the employee told me do not worry, you do not be billed and just return to Walmart the item.
    So, I did it on time, please fix my problem and thanks in advance.
    Con mis datos arriba indicados por favor borrar mi pago porque no he usado absolutamente nada del statement,ni he disfrutado del servicio que me hubiera gustado obtener. El empleado que amablemente me atendio en Spanish, me dijo que no me preocupe que no me van a cobrar nada y que solo debo retornar a Walmart lo que habia comprado(sim card).

  17. Deborah Medina says:


    RE: will not publish cell number Account #943030338
    Service Rep; Alejambra M. Date 05-26-14

    To whom this may concern;

    I am most certain you are aware of the dates of purchase etc…. since you have billed me an amount of $25.79, that I
    do not owe. Wal-Mart in Falcon Colorado sold this plan, a plan we should not have been sold as there is no service that would benefit us as there is NO SERVICE out here! I would like to say that you have theeeeeeeee worst customer service system, LOL, I don’t even want to call it a system it is soooooooo bad. Not that the service reps are bad, they are so useless.

    I believe it is up to you and Wal-Mart to COMMUNICATE especially since you are in the very business of providing communication to the public. GET IT TOGETHER! If you are going to allow a company to sell a product that is YOU. You ought to be on TOP of it! Aren’t you out of customers yet? Cause I have read pages and pages of complaints.

    Now would you please make the debit in amount of $25.79 go away. Thank You. Now Go fix what is wrong for heaven’s sake.

    Deborah J. M

  18. Elizabeth Duncan says:

    I called on 5-8-14 and cancelled my service. I spoke to a man called Steven at 9:15am CST. He called my the service cycle ended on 5-19-14 and would officially end that day. He also told me that if I had used the service I would have additional charges. I told him my battery had gone dead actually before 5-8-14 that I called and I had not been using my phone for a while. He than told me I should not get any more charges, but unfortunately I had set up direct pay from my checking account to pay my family mobile bills. Well I got a bill demanding a payment on 6-7-14. I called and spoke to a supervisor John as soon as I got the bill on 6-6-14 at noon CST and got no where, saying there was no direct phone number to the credit request department that I had to send an email. I find this ridiculous to say the least. So I am requesting that the $35.00 payment be credited to my account so that it will not go thru my account and that my account be finally and fully closed.

    Elizabeth Duncan

  19. marquetta moore says:

    I just exported my number over to sprint yesterday june 9.2014 i paid my bill with family mobile on june 7.2014 of 27.61 i was wondering if there was any way i can get my money back from my bill since im no longer with family or can you credit that money to sprint to go towards my bill with them. That would be awesome if yall would do that do think it would be fair to keep my money and its only been 2 days since i paid my bill. Thank you in advance.

  20. randy may says:

    I got a unlimited plan about 3 months ago and I live out in th county a did not get any service so I took the phone back the next morning to turn it back off well with in the 15 day period but some one at walmart did not turn off the phone so im getting a bill for 73.40 witch I do not owe the phone has not been used please take it off my name the phone number is 803-716-4543 acc# 940414262 and pin is 2971 please take care of It and send me a email saying it taken care of thanks randy may

  21. Sam Black says:

    It’s been a month and a half, waiting for a cell phone to be returned. All I get is we’ll contact u in 48- 72 hours. Every time it’s the same thing.I want my phone. What can I do about it

  22. Delfina olmos says:

    Sr. Yo page mi telefono a tiempo el 17 de mayo avise con tiempo mis Lpagos siempre son 23 y page el 23 due mayo el ultimo que eran $126.04 yo hice todo que eran 3 lineas. Yo le dije ala muchacha que nomas dejara mi linea. Y yo page esta vez $44.00 due jun.23/14. Mi no. de cuenta 881437774 mi number. Es. 626) 636-7004 * LA razon ustedes me cobran due mass equibocandose ustedes yo no as debo mi linea y ya LA page $44.00

  23. kimberly barnes says:

    I have unlimited talk, text and web and my internet hasn’t worked for 2 1/2 weeks therefore I do not understand why my bill is the full amount!!!!! I have called customer service twice already and no change!!!!! disappointed

  24. kimberly barnes says:

    my phone number is 660-202-2981, account#943319287

  25. William Dew says:

    I have been being charged for internet and have never used it and would like to be credited for it

  26. Roy Kitterman says:

    I want to get a refund on my over payment of 79.58, I no longer have T-Mobile, so please send me a check, thank you Roy

  27. I paid a bill of 90 bucks and some change on june 11th and cancelled one of my lines on that day….I was told that I wasn’t gonna get billed 90 bucks again and I did…..I called customer service and they told me that they will take care of it but I am still getting billed the same amount….I have been a loyal customer for a couple of years now and I will deeply appreciate it if you can adjust the bill, if not then I will go on my way and cancel with you guys and go to another phone company that will appreciate a good customer……

  28. ROGER HAMBY says:

    Acc# 804510614, On May 15,2014 I had a total of 3 phone lines I requested and additional phone line which was total of 4 lines. However, I was given an additional phone line 205-207-9099 in error. I was billed for 5 phone lines instead of 4 phone lines. Please make the appropriate correction on my phone bill immediately.

  29. no web on my phone please credit my account $10.00 for no web service 651-428=0825 $45.04 is my bill for july 23 2014 no web service

  30. mandy nance says:

    i got charged for internet on my second line and it was suppost to be talk and text only please take it off of my bill i refuse to pay for something i didnt want in the first place whatever happened please fix it

  31. Jermel Jackson says:

    I’m texting a E-mail to cancel my T-Mobile service as of today, July 19,2014. On July 3,2014, I paid $44.00 and some cent on my bill, and my phone was disconnected the same day. I was told that I would be charge another $44.00 and some cent for service that I did not used. I’m requesting a refund and to have the charges removed from my account.

  32. Theodus Mitchell says:

    On June 26, 2014 my phone was stolen. I am suppose to receive my phone bill on July 25, 2014.My account is on hold and I would like my bill pro rated.

    Thank You
    Theodus Mitchell
    (651)707-7155 ACCT# 927514958 Pin# 2525

  33. Rynetta Dean says:

    My account # is 943249345,I had 3 lines on my account to begin with, but I cancelled one line at the beginning of June. I received my bill and was and still are being charged for the third line, which is causing interruptions in my service every other week which is not cool at all… I will appreciate it if you can credit my account for the 2 months that I been getting charged or give me a refund. You can e-mail me or call me at ,612 707 2452, Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  34. stephan baker says:

    i was billed for 46.64 on this date final bill 07/21/14

  35. Frank Sears says:

    cancel service and been charged for 2 what can I do to get this situation solve?

  36. Frank Sears says:

    cancel service two months ago and charger extra month for service my bill needs to be prorated for the month of July 2014 thank you

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