False Advertising and Fraudulent Promotional Competitions

First of please bare with me I have never liked writing a letter for two reasons my spelling and I right like someone with no education but at the end of this letter you will understand why I’m doing it. It is matter of falls adverting and fraudulent promotional competitions. For the last couple of years I have binge taking part in test and keep plus competition that you people put on Facebook and other places on the net. For example Picture number one iphone5 test and keep, and this is where it starts. you must click on the like icon to go on.

First it is a promotion and then it is a competition. From there on it moves to example Picture number three. So you take part in all these things hoping you are going to have some luck. A week go by and you get good news by Email you have won. So you follow all the steps to collected your prize. And then you get to this page. To take part in this promotion you must complete one survey ok so you do that

You will not believe me how many times I was taken for an ASS, I so-called have won so many notebooks, Ipads, Iphones and still have not seen any of it. Then my friends ask me why do I take part in these things and I all ways replied (maybe I will be lucky this time) But no more I have spent too much money and time on these things I’m really tired of being scammed like a ideate. False advertising is not legal nowhere in the world neither is illegal or false competitions I will being handing this over to the proper authorities as well the news papers, face book, blogs you name it, it will be there I will really make sure of that.

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