Fake Facebook Accounts with my Photographs

hello my name is asra dada..i live in bangkok,actullay i want to tell u that someone has made my fake account with my photographs..he/she is using bad words and language on the bias of me..it is really very intolerable..how ever i have told many of my friends to report abuse that account but facebook didn’t block the person yet.why you guy let others to make fake profile with the same name and same photograph,as it is quit evidential that second id with same name and same same identity is a fake one.

i mean there should be a rule..if there is already a genuine profile with the same name,you shouldn’t be allowing other naive people to make such fake profiles..kindly do some thing i am really worried about that profile,even he/she is writing on the wall that somebody has tried to rape me and stuff,,it is really very insane..thanksĀ profile is (asra dada) new delhi..u can judge yourself whether it is a fake one or not,,mine one is having all my relatives and friends added while as that one has got 30-40 friends i guess..plz do sumthing..

A few days ago a friend of mine told me someone had tried to log into his account from Edinborough and he knows no one there and his facebook account was locked but it’s active again as he posted a complaint. Today when I tried to log into facebook, I found that mine’s been hacked as well although it didn’t say where it’s been hacked from. Why and how are accounts being hacked into? Shouldn’t our accounts be protected? I’m positive my password is unknown to anyone so how would this be possible? And how soon can I have my account activated?

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8 Customer Complaints about “Fake Facebook Accounts with my Photographs
  1. Shreedhar Dabgar says:

    I am also victim of Fake profile , it caused me lots of Problem. tell me the procedure to close fake profile which i didnt created.

  2. mahima mahajan says:

    please delete this account from facebook this is my fake account using my pics!

  3. bano says:

    Please delete this account permanently, this is fake account i am not in this account i dont have any idea who is adding people in this please delete it as soon as possible some one is missusing my pictures and name

  4. anita patel says:

    Hey this is anita sumbody had made a fake account in My name n my picture is also uploded plz do help Me I want to delete th account whoever has made it this is 2nd I’d made by someone

  5. Nadir says:

    My ex open afake account on fase book for me and have my family friend name account is nadir khwaja I would like to close that account thank you.

  6. sharif says:

    Hello … My name is sharif i have to inform you that someone made a fake account On my friend name also use her picture i have to know how to close that accounts One be half of Her ! Basically she is afraid of that blade hell accounts because there is some bad post is there so she is ware about it. Please i need solution on it . Thank you !!!


    it’s my real account and all other are fake please delete it

  8. rimmy khasria says:

    Hi im also hving same problam some using my photos to insult me in public coz odis im suffring from mentle strees again someone make id on my name nd insulting me.pls take step against that person

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