Facebook SMS Splash Promo: Scam or True?

I received a message in my inbox saying that I have been chosen as the number 6th winner of the Facebook International Splash Promotion on its annual draw this year 2011. I have been given confidential security codes, winning ticket number etc. To claim my Prize, I have to send 172 US dollars to a mailing Company, United Parcel Services Courier World Wide. They promise to send me my check as soon as the payment is made and the reason for the payment was to help send my cheque over. Is that a Scheme or is the facebook sms splash promo true?

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7 Customer Complaints about “Facebook SMS Splash Promo: Scam or True?
  1. Michelle says:

    So I got a text today telling me that I’m the 8th winner in a random SMS splash promo lottery. The name they gave me was David Buckley gave me codes and all. Asked for my name address country nationality age and sex. Said they were doing a compition between 3 different country’s is this a scam?

    • muneer km says:

      Hay michelle I have also got it that message dont worry that was a fake information. dont follow us brother. Arnt follow that. you murst lock. So you care full ok.

  2. Rahul says:

    Hi this is rahul from delhi I have also got same message from them and I reply to them also and now they are saying that my parcel is comming with a person called Mr freedom william
    I think it is fake so tell m what to do right now???????

  3. Chelle S says:

    It might interest you to know that all arrangements has already been concluded in regards to the immediate disbursement of your FACEBOOK Lottery Winning to you accordingly. Without wasting much of time,Through an (ATM CARD DELIVERY to your door-step and the delivery fee if a sum of $420 and you are send the payment via Money Gram to the payment officer.view scan copy of your winning certificate.
    This is part of the letter I received in the email and the guy called me yesterday and wants me to send 420.00 dolars to pay for the deliverey of a million dollar winning splash lottey but said I couldn tell my husband who have to pay the mney for us to receive the winningas I m disabled.Is this a scam or it iot really from you all at face book why would I have to pay such a large amount to receive winnings and through money gram.

  4. Chelle S says:


    Receiver’s Location: NORTH CYPRUS

    Test Question: URGENT

    Test Answer:DELIVERY

    Amount required: $420
    Heres more of the email I received the rest and the other thing I thought was weird was if I had to send money to receive winnings why wouldn it be to the organization face book not a person or persons or the ceo of facebook.Is this a scam or legit

  5. Bev says:

    I got the same email saying I won Samsung splash promotion.
    It’s a scam

  6. deepak says:

    hi iam deepak from chennai.. i also received the same mail and i sent my basic information and address to us.. is there is a problem.

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