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I grew up around many country musicians. A couple friends of mine were in bands that opened up for big acts in smaller towns. I have met a lot of famous musicians. A couple of years ago my buddy asks me to go to Fanfest in Nashville with him and his uncle. His uncle was some big shot and introduced us to everyone. Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, the list goes on and on.

My friend kept asking everyone we met if him and I could send them friend requests on Facebook. At the time I didn’t even Know what he was talking about. I managed a big printing company and had no spare time. Since then from the stress from management I came down with acute anxiety syndrome and extreme depression. It’s like I couldn’t do all the things that I loved to do in the past like play the guitar.

I am getting help but basically all I do right now is watch TV, play CDs, or go on the computer. That’s when I remembered the Facebook thing. The first day I sent friend requests to the guys I grew up with. Then I remembered the country stars giving permission to send them friend requests. I wrote them little messages telling them my story and sent a lot of them out. Then Facebook steps in and puts a hold on my doing friend requests and blocks the ones I sent.

For two days I have been trying to get this cleared up but their customer support is a joke. Isn’t it illegal to block my personal messages to people without looking into if I know them more? It’s just ridiculous that I have their permission and am being blocked for two days now. What can I do?

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2 Customer Complaints about “Facebook Blocked from Sending Friend Requests
  1. shannon gross says:

    Today I received a noticed that I was “blocked from sending friend requests” !! I have NOT sent a request for a friend in over a month ! and it was ONE person that I knew well and he responded yes within 30 sec. other than that person I HAVE NOT sent requests and certainly not to anyone that I don’t personally know !! I don’t know who reported this information but it isn’t true and I would like a list of the people that supposedly I am requesting as a friend ! this is ridiculous !

  2. Steven Nicol says:

    I am now thoroughly steamed by your company. It appears that it blocks me from complaining….you guys a good. I received complaints re friend requests. First of all I didn’t send any to anyone I don’t know, nor to anyone who didn’t send me one while I was away from Facebook for an extreme length of time (year plus). I was in an accident which made facebook too hard to use. I try to come back and change my name back to the English version of my name (see fields above), because I no longer had to deal with former patients trying to contact me, and your security didn’t keep my employers out of my life at home, and you wouldn’t let me change the name on my account.

    I was not using a false, or fraudulent name, just the “old country” way of spelling it. I suspect the complainants have forgotten who I am (I was away for well over a year) and I tried to contact them and it didn’t work because you wouldn’t let me change my name to what I use daily.

    You have, without a doubt, the best buraucracy for keeping people from talking to you and it’s not even people, just the cyber run-around. I am having trouble being civil and am only doing so because you have sucked so many companies, I need to deal with, into making facebook their way of contact. If it wasn’t that I need you, I assure you, I would not be bothered with you and your non answers to questions, poor and illogical site navigation and your sites constant roadblocks.

    I would like to maintain my account, and contacts, but under a more recognised name, please. Is this possible? Answer in English and not computer nerd-ese please. I am tired of your site’s run around and roadblocks. Thank you and I hope that next time I deal with Facebook, I can be genuinely civil.

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