Problem with Eye Glasses at JC Pennys

I purchased new glasses at JC Pennys about 4 months ago. I started noticing slight scratches on the lenses. It started to get worse so I took my glasses back to the JC Penney Optical Dept. at the Canton Center Mall in Canton OH whre I purchased them. I was told that I had scratched the anti-glare coating on my lenses by using a cloth instead of a micro cloth. The last 3 pairs of glases I have purchased were at Wal-Mart and I’ve NEVER used anything but a cloth to clean my glasses with and I have NEVER had a single scratch on any of my glasses!

JC Pennys wanted to see my glases at the corporate office so they were sent in. I got the SAME response from them…..I SCRATCHED THE GLASSSES by using a cloth. They wanted me to pay for new lenses I said NO WAY. I told them to send my glasses back and forget it. I will never buy glasses from JC Penny again. I am going back to Wal-Mart like I should have done in the first place. Those two for one deals for JC Pennys are a scam. Their lenses are cheap and low grade and the ant-glare coating they use is the same.

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