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Hate to write this kind of thing, but just a warning if you are thinking about subscribing to DirecTV. Check out internet sites by Googling with phrases like DirecTV complaints, reviews, lawsuits, problems, etc. It’ll open your eyes, My experience includes lousy service and the worst telephone consumer experience ever, I think – its advertising aimed at slamming cable is ironic. Cable isn’t a lot better, but this is really the pot calling the kettle out.

My latest experience is, after I canceled, returned receivers and cards, and paid my final bill, they sent me a bill for two movies I supposedly orderd on PPV five or six months ago. I did not order the movies, and rather than sit on telephone ‘service’ for 45 minutes, I’m just going to pay the bill and do what I can to warn others. Better Business Bureau ratings for these guys are among the lowest – check it out. Just not worth the hassle.

I’m not putting my name down because I suspect they will send more bogus bills.I wonder what kind of financial straits they must be in to treat customers the way they do. Shame on them.

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2 Customer Complaints about “DirecTV Complaints, Reviews, Lawsuits, and Problems
  1. Judie Young says:

    I have had nothing but lousy service. My billing process has been different every month. I could talk with 15 people in one day and get a different answer. Today, I had a bill of $137. I called, and these calls are every month due to change in my contracted price and I am told something different each month. I now have a rate increase of $4.00. I ask about this and was told that you had a rate increase and passed it on to me. I contracted at $78 dollars and now it is up to $90. This scam will not go unreported. I will go to every site I can an report how your company takes advantage of us unsuspecting customers. A contract is legal and binding.

    If you have a rate increase after I sign on the dotted line, those costs are not going to be mine, this is your problem and if I am going to be charged I want to know in advance to see if I want to continue on with the contract. To get out of this would cost me right now $400. I will not pay this. I could talk to 15 people in your company and they all have a different story. They sound like they are just pulling at straws with no idea why they are saying what they are saying and are constantly misquoting what they say to me over the phone. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company in my life. I am 70 years old and I still work for a living, I don’t scam people as this company has scammed me.

    If I had had someone to tell my how bad this company was before I signed I can assure you you would not have my business. I am passing the word to others to NEVER sign up with DIRECT TV since you are not direct on anything except for ripping us off.

  2. Patricia Chavez says:

    dont know why i pay through the automative phone service there one big Crock of S***. They tell you to pay through the automative phone service because it’s free of charge and if you pay your past due amount there will be no interruption on your service well people thats a bunch of BULL. I paid through the auto service and it told me to pay past due amount to avoid interruption of service , well guess what people they interrupted my service anyways and then here i am calling customer service to tell them why was my service cut off and they told me that if i pay the amount due they will put it back on. But that wasnt the point they shouldnt have turn it off in the first place, now i have to wait 2 days to pay the amount due for them to turn it back on, not only that i couldnt even watch my local channels within those 2 days, now tell me why am i paying for local channels that are suppose to be free. all i can say about Direct T.V. is WOW! REALLY REALLY….Well i guess i will be looking into another cable company and if they give me the same BULL, Then i will just stick to my locals and buy a converter box anyways they show the same movies all the time….SHAME ON DIRECT T.V.

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