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As of september 2011 i have canceled my t mobile contract using The reasons for this outcome could be summed up in one word, but i think its more appropriate to give some details. Flat out T mobile insulted me several times and ill type how below because i hope others will avoid this company as a provider.

I had two lines on my account, one was my cell phone & the other was my internet connection, beware mt4g internet not unlimited. Overall the phone service was ok even with the excessive static in spots however the internet coverage was terribad.

As many can verify im a reasonable guy, i wasn’t expecting anything from t mobile besides good service for the good payments on my account. Anyway i tried to get options from the customer service rep so i didn’t have to cancel, and so here are the highlights…

First it was suggested after reviewing my internet usage, that i pay for a higher plan to add only another week of fast connection (and still have two slow weeks a month) uh, no ty. I still used the email address.

Second, i was told that i could buy some kind of home device to slit time with my wireless for the cost of this home device & extra $20 service fee i would receive the exact same slow service i had before. (lol@urideas) So After i made it clear this doesn’t help me, now come the insults.

I was told by this agent (robert) the fact that i had a slow connection didnt stop me from using the internet, as in why am i complaining if im still signing in? Again I say, beware mt4g internet not unlimited!

I ask is a joke? uhhh how about because im still required to pay for the service anyway! plus its a big difference between enjoy it & deal with it. Still more insults, i was next told that a connection card isn’t meant to be my main source of internet service (no joke) well im not buying both a desktop & laptop, plus pay 2 monthly connection fees!

Last before i hung up i was told (appreciate the honesty) that the equipment on tmobile towers are not fully operational. So tmobile i ask if my car wasn’t fully operational and i couldn’t get to a store to pay my bill, are we even?

If you need to use it, then try Otherwise I suggest you avoid this company people and enjoy life more…Scott B

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51 Customer Complaints about “contractreview@t-mobile: Cancelled T Mobile Contract
  1. Disappointed customer of over 10 years! says:

    I had the same problem with tmobile. They charge all my 3 lines and it was over $200. They say you guys did use it and have to pay for it. I argue with them for over 2 hours and they finally cut down on the charge but, I still end up having to pay $20 for something I did not use. I felt like I was taken advantage of. They need to check with their network to see why people are getting charge for “Data Charges” although we are not using it! We use only WiFi and pix message thru mms. Inwhich it is included in the plan so there should be no additional charge to receive or send. I really felt like i was rape by tmobile with the fee that I did not agree on. I am thinking of cutting off my service as soon as my contract are up. This is total BS and it is making me very upset because I have to cough up money that can feed my family. It can feed us for a whole week! Total disappointed with tmobile and I have been with tmobile for over 10 years since they been in business.

  2. Data plan charges without consent? says:

    Tmobile is charging ppls for usuage of data plan although they did not use it. I’ve not use any data plan and even have the wifi and internet off and yet i was surprise that they have charge me for data charges even though i did not use the connection. they tmobile rep say that even if you use your wifi and you are downloading data via your wifi and if you forget to turn off the DL tmobile will pick it up and connect you automatically. I was like wtf, even if you lost your connection via wifi what give tmobile the right to auto connect me to their network and charge me 1.99 per usuage! wtf is that. I told them no that never happen and usually if i lost my signal via wifi it just stop downloading and if anything there would be a pop up screen if you try to use tmobile internet connection and you have to press the “accept” button in order for them to connect you. Inwhich, I would never ever do because I am not stupid enough to do such thing!

    I have wifi at home internet and other device that connect for free wtf, do i need to get bill for my internet connection when i already got them for free! Tmobile is playing dirty and is doing whatever to rip you off with extra fee and unauthorized charge. I think this is against the law and if anyone is getting charge for “data usuage” should speak up and we should hire an attorney to sue tmobile for charges that the customer did not authorized them to charge. Please speak up I am a victim and I am very upset because I work really hard just to keep food on the table. a additional charge of any kind will put less food on my table and it isn’t right in anyway!!!!! SO PLEASE SPEAK UP IF YOU ARE BEING CHARGE “$1.99 PER MB DATA USUAGE” AND DID NOT AUTHORIZED IT IN ANYWAY! AND OR IF YOU DIDN’T EVEN USE IT LIKE I DID!

    • irfan says:

      Hi victim

      I hope u r all right with ur good health.
      I read ur critical comments about t-mobile services.
      I have the same problem.
      Plz let me knw how can we cancel our contract with it. Because I visited t-mobile shape from whr I did the contract and they said to me pay the whole period of contract price. After listen this I returned back to hm.

      If there is any legal way to cancel the contract free of cost kindly let me.
      I will be thankful for u.

  3. delroy smith says:

    i didn’t authorize renewal on my contract some went and did that. i don’t want to renew my contract. but you can cancel my plan please thanks.

  4. Primotivo garcia says:

    I want to cancel my contract please im having problems with my phone. Please send me a email. Thank you

  5. julio says:

    These pricks turned my phone off 3 times in 3 weeks I have had it and I am never looking back, I have seen their “piss poor” attitude and with ethic and horrible customer service go completely downhill!…

  6. Marilou Pagcalibangan says:

    Disputing this contract because I never agreed .

  7. hady ghods says:

    your coustomer service is very bad . some of your emply have bad commincation with your coustomer .they give one $ when we call the number ($) is chang .My understanding your eployee dose not have good kowlage about your bess. I like to see they dollars amont the offer me fist time incase you can mach please let me go out of my contract .I know all inf. you need in your system .I have 2 numbers .today i call your ofice they made me relly angery they are thinging evry one is stoped dosen’t keow anything .I asked last month i like to chang my plane to perpaid plane thay did tell me they will charging me one month extra evan only i’am changing dpt. when i get my bill i called what happan they are tilling me we do not need to explane it is back of your cotract i toold them only i chang to perpaid 2 of my nmber’s one thay chang .over all i find too many false inf. they toold me .if you can respact your owne word please let me get out cantract i like to go back to perpaid plane they way i have control my $’s i work for my money i can not give away for some one enjoyment thank you hady ghods my cell phone

  8. tj says:

    I hav several problems with tmobiles service mainly the setup and and there New policy rights granting not only google to All ur personal info but nw because we signed there contract we hav to give these jerks our permission to read All ur data including All messages and contacts. What? When we signed the contract this is not what we umderstood or agreed to nor where we ever told we had to agree to let google spy on our every move n sell our info to make money off us for Free. Did u knw that piece of ‘bloated spyware’ optimus t most thngs want even work correct if u refuse google account? They even block u frm setting privacy engines n privacy homepages becuz hw will they track ur every move then huh? This is just the tip of the problems with tmobile optimus t. RUN…BEWARE!

  9. Sharon says:

    I too am a VERY unhappy T-Mobil customer. A sales person called me last fall asking me to sign a 2-year contract to save me $$ on my monthly bill. NO ONE told me it would cost me $800.00 to discontinue the service when we got such poor service. I am getting ready to retire and cannot afford to continue with this service. They connected me to their LOYALTY department. Right. Loyalty means nothing to these jerks. After being a good customer for nearly five years and never late on a payment, they treat me as so much garbage. STAY AWAY FROM T-MOBIL!!!

  10. Tony Hendry says:

    The reason I’am sending you this information is. When a sales person call me about my upgrade.and to change my contarct, This person (DID NOT) say to me anything about a additional year to my contract. I didn’t under any way sign up for another year. Ihave been you t-mobile for some years now. And I’am not happy at the way this was handle. I do not want another year contract and I will not pay for something I didn’t sign up for.

    • Melody says:

      OMG, I am hacing the same issue with them. I have 3 phones and have been waiting for 2 out of the 3 to be out of contract. As a result I have been calling and talking to them, making sure what date the last one is to be out of contract and shut off that line. Only to be told after 4 times (different) customer service people, that back in Jan. I changed my plan which put all 3 lines back into contract. NOT!!!!!!!!! I would have never agreed to that, and how they pass the buck is to write a letter to CONTRACT REVIEW…What the hell is that? No one (a real person) to talk to? I have been with T-Mobile for 15 years, and this is unacceptable. I did not renew any contract, and no new phones. just this bs, and someone telling me to write a letter, so I can wait for a review, and she said they would review the conversation. Oh and who is going to listen to that? I know I did not ok anything! As well as they will get back to me via, e-mail. I DO NOT USE E MAIL, I HAVE ONE OF THEIR PHONES, THEY SHOULD CALL ME ON. Knowing they have my phone number as well. Attempting to do this to any of their customers is wrong, and this has to stop. Their customer service is the worst, and attempting to hide their latest rip off scheme by sending us to a contract review sight is proof of that. No, oh we are so sorry let us help fix that for you, in an attempt to keep us happy and with them. No new contract agreed by me, and trying to look at my account on line is blocked, use to be able to see all of that. They say call 611, OMG, they will hear from me until this is stopped.

  11. Frida Baylon says:

    lords of t-mobile I am writing this note to inform them about the abuse of comfianza to be committed on me is that the day December 31, 2011 I approached the store t-mobile located in 301main st spc 250 & 252 paterson, nj 07505-1812 Phone (973) 345-2187 and procedures to ask a young lady who works in that store with my account if I qualify for a phone that I wanted to give away but I did not want to make new contract so the Miss offered me a phone but I am sure to repeat many times I please contract and she assured me that there was no contract so that the type of plan does not qualify for a discount for being a client of more than 10 years that it could give me the phone at regular price and that he was paying occion in parts but will repeat one more time please senorita I do not represent a new contract and returned and told me not to worry that there was no contract procedure therefore to give a deposit of 267.09 dollars and the remaining enpezar it had to pay since March and that taxes be 15 dollars a month.

    I even asked if I had a little more they could pay and she explained I had to be in parts if you already had it all as you complete payment until there everything was fine a week ago I call t-mobile for a problem that had my phone a blackberry that I use on this account for that as I said the other cell was a gift and it turns out that when I help solve my problem by chance and asked the young man tells me I have new contract since December 31, 2011, 2013 31 I go to the store where you buy the phone for my luck I find the same young lady I bendio the phone and explained everything I asked for my phone number to check the account and enpieza me and tells me to check but I did not get contrat that she agreed that I was more I asked once and not be under contract asked me to 10 minutes and got to talk to t dis-tube mobileme waiting over 30 minutes and never came out to explain to someone else sent me that very unwillingly said that was my problem and I asked why not tell me herself to biene he never came out.

    I tell you one thing if you say they appreciate you as client and may be just that for an employee who did a job well have to pay if you checked my record on t-mobile I have over 10 years and over again and I extended my contract but decided that I will not with lies that almost forces it upon me to extend the contract so I I beseech you checked for what I’m explaining why I’d rather pay the 200 dollars and cancel the account to go with a company that miernte customers are so loyal.

  12. Ignacio Peralta says:

    The reason I’am sending you this information is regarding our 5 line that we have with t-mobile,we call a sales person to upgrade 2 line of 5 that we have, this 2 line was approved. This person (DID NOT) say to me anything about a additional year to all my phones. I didn’t under any circumstances sign up for another year. I have been using t-mobile for many years now, and I’am not happy at the way this was handle. I do not want another year contract because the other 2 lines we want it to be upgraded, but because this situation we can’t do it. Answer this matter as soon as possible.

  13. sarah pickerill says:

    This is second,time Ive written. You have the worst customer service of,any company ive had the bad luck to do business,with ,for many years. I have been thru my second mytouch 4g which really should,have been sold as my touch 2g. ,false,sale and being told at the sale I am licated clearly in 4g territory, i purchased this highly expensive phone. ,this phone has never gotten 4g now they say just because the phone sold as 4g,it doesnt necessarily mean that it is giving 4g service. Well that shiws clearly. Who would buy a 4g mytouch. Knowing a 2 sugnal was all I can get..,just this is false expectations given, when who would pay for something knowing it wouldnt work. I cannot get youtube, most dl take up to a minute to process inly to time out ,therefore never getting them. Fb is worst. ,I was not told until now i need a computer to do many things on this,phone.

    I need to go to the store and do there.,or the library. I am fed up and sick of paying your,rates never haven gotten seems like any thig fun out if it but emailing. That worked fine on my other phone. I ask u look at the notations over months dealing with customer Loyalty. Yea there loyal , not to customers ,but tmobile. They are rude,act like Im stupid. Im going to stop this but would rather do it the right way, please cancel my account immediately. I just made a pymt which is the last time I ll pay on this,phone. Contact me pls if there is any way to resolve this again second time ive,written since Jan 15. S.Pickerill

  14. mishelly says:

    I purchased a new T-mobile phone to replace my old phone which I didn’t end up liking, so i return it to da store, and switch to anotha device, which i didnt like as well, so i brought it back to the store again and paid a re-stocking fee, they had re-newd my contract for 2yrs when i brought the phone because it was cheaper then my original plan, so they did not cancel the contract when i return the device, so i was stuck with a new contract and no new phone. I was going back and forth with customer service, and t-mobile store, they say i could reverse the contract, if the device was documented that it was returned, which t-mobile store refused to tell customer service… I never been soooo frustrated with a phone company, just to reverse my contract within two days of renewing with a new device!

  15. Russ says:

    On 04/04/2012 i called customer service to ask when my daughters plan was coming to term. I talked to Sam. I asked him this question and told him I was thinking of dropping T-Mobile. He asked me why? I said because over the six years that I have been with them I have had a lot of frustrations with them. He asked me what they were and I told him that recently I was at Lake of the Woods, MN in the United States but I wwas charged international rates. And also my daughter was at Caribou Coffee on the free Wi-Fi and it was dropped. So they charged outstanding rates to reconnect her.

    I called customer service and complained and they said that there was nothing that they could do. And then Sam said there are things that we can do right now. I can give you $100. This instantly made me feel better and I said that is starting to sweeten the deal. But remember I was just calling to ask when my daughter’s phone contract would be coming to term.

    I told Sam that I was looking into getting 4G phones. He told me that we were both due for upgrades and that’s all we had to do was go to a TMobile store. He asked me if I wanted to renew my contract over the phone and I told him NO. He talked me into it. He explained the 200 megabyte plan he also told me to use Wi-Fi as much as I could and not to down load stuff off of YouTube or movies because I would use the 200 megabytes very quickly.

    He also said that when I upgrade the phones I would be able to get $50 back for each phone. But what he failed to tell was that on the $10 or the 200 megabyte plan that is not possible. TMobile doesn’t do that. I was transfixed by Sam he was good and he told me he was a Manager. This I believe isn’t true. I cannot remember the whole conversation.

    I do know and feel that I was taken advantage of. I did renew my contract over the phone. This will never happen again. At the TMobile store in Coon Rapids, MN, my bill went from $105.00 per month per Sam’s quote to $150.00 because Kelly explained the $10.00 per line plan better and informed me about that I was not going to get the $50.00 back per phone.

    She informed me that it wold be better to go to the $20.00 per line plan. There are also other things that Sam lied about. Please listen to the tape and contact me as soon as possible.

  16. Mae duque says:

    I suggest for u guys to not get tmobile, we tried to change our plan and the agent that helped us did not explain that doing so will renew our contract. After a couple of weeks I tried to cancell one of our account but they said that we have to pa the termination fee due to we had just upgraded all three phones, I was disappointed that he agent could not answer why and he just said hat when we change plan. It will automatically renew our contract… Dumbest thing ever!!!!!!

  17. Mayra Gonzalez says:

    I had two phones lines until dicember 26/2011. At this time the contract for one of this lines finished . I talked to customer service to closed the line, but I never accepted to renew the contract for the left line. I am asking you to review the recorded conversation with the representative who I told her I didn’t want a contract anymore. My contract is almost to end by June. Please, check it out, and contact me if you have any question. I hope to here from you soon.

  18. brian s smith says:

    ok i was told by a tmobile rep. to go to this site to cancel a contract i never agreeded to in the first place i had flex pay which was what i started with with t mobile and now im really tired of the dropped calls and really poor service they provided static and rude costomer service staff the out sourcing they do can never talk to anyone you can understand and with all that in mind they have thnerve to get smart over the phone with me ovev more money on my bill that i never did so i am letting t mobile no rite now i wanna cancel the contract that they say im in which im not that i never signed for rite now if there is anyone out there that can help me with this?

  19. Abraham says:

    I have been with t-mobile since 2002 always paid on time never had any issues until in sep, 2011 when There were some internet use charges appeared on my wife’s and daughter’s phone bill, so I called T-Mobile and complained about it they apologize and offer to switch me to a plan that offer more minutes for the same price but I would have to get in to the two year contract for the two lines and they will credit me for the internet use.

    I called them the next day offering to pay for the internet but not get in to two year contract but they said it is too late and the buyer’s remorse doesn’t apply. In the coming month they disconnect my service and send me a bill for $5000.00 demanding immediate payment so I called them again the apologize again and credit my account for $4900.00

    Since then I have been getting different bills every month so I called them again and they apologize again and promised to fix the issue giving me some credit and promise that this will not happen again they start charging me $15.00 instead of $10.00 for my home service and charged me $20.00 for the text message plan which I had for $10.00 on my previous plan.

    I called t mobile again to resolve this issue in March of 2011 they looked around apologize again gave me some credit and promise this will not happen again.
    Now I got my most recent bill same charges appeared I called again and ask them to disconnect my home service to my surprise they told me I would have to pay $200.00 for that because last month they gave me a $10.00 credit which got me in to a two year plan and there is nothing they can do to undo that.

    So now the question is all these changes they been making to my account so they can tighten the noose around my neck and not to help me out. I am locked in to two year contract s on all my five lines so if I cancel them I have to pay them $1000.00 please help me with these robbers this is the worst company I want

  20. Tabatha Holmes says:

    I have 5-lines with your company and have a ending 2 year contract time frame coming up on June 17, 2012. I talked to a representative today whom talked about all of these great up grades and deals that she could give me but when I asked about the free upgrades on phones she never stated that I wasn’t eligible for them, but what she did tell me was that the phones you choose you have an option to pay them over 20 months, so right there that’s where they are getting their money back on those great monthly plans through the phones. T-mobile is so full of it, but I told them they need to reverse my phone plans to my out of the contract date. I hate T-mobile…

  21. I too am done with the very poor service I have had right from the start with T-Mobile. Their a joke charging ne $117.00 a month and I can’t even get a signal to dial 911 which is what happen to me a month ago. I needed an ambulance for my son and lost the call and had to redial. I complained to their customer service and demnded a Signal Boostster and was told one would be shipped out to me. I even got a text stating so. Then when it didn’t arrive I called T-Mobile only to be told the order was cancelled because I lived in a condo and not a house and nobody called me to tell me my order had been cancelled so I’m done and I will not pay these scumbags the $200.00 early cancellation fee to hell with them take me to court.

  22. Tatyana says:

    I want to cancel my contract and due to misrepresentation, I was wrongfully misinformed into signing the 2 year contract with T-mobile therefore I should NOT have to pay the termination fee.

    When I first came into the store to dicsuss the contract on June 27 2012 before signing it, I was told by Sales Rep Johnathan Goode that my monthly bill with tax, insurance, and $3 payment of the phone I purchased the plan with would total to 61/month. No more than, not 67 or 68 and change I was told $61 with unlimited talk and text EVERYTHING included. Then He said once the phone was paid off it would only be 58/month with no additional charges or tax since it was included.

    Then Mr. Goode told me that my first bill will be $88 because of the activation fee, he said thats with tax and not to worry about the extra 28% tax surcharge since “they dont do that anymore” so it wont be higher than that. He also said that the payments will be due on the 22nd and that T-mobile will give me a total of 45 days to pay it since the first bill is higher.

    So with that being said I was prepared to pay $88 on the 22nd of July Until I got a text on the 21st telling me my bill was past due and that I must pay $112!! or my service will get cut off thats a $25 difference I didnt even pay that much for my phone so that is just rediculous. It doesnt even say when the first payment is due on my contract it only shows what the total would be and I was told it was not going to be anymore than $88.

    I went to the store to ask the Store manager Alonte Fuller about my bill and he told me I was lied to and that Mr. Goode was no longer working there because he has lied to many customers to get them to sign a contract. So now at this point my account balance is past due and I wont have the money to pay it until the 22nd and even then I will only have the $88 as of then. Since I did not know about the additional $25 that was thrown in there. Mr. fuller was rude and dismissive as if I was a pain because I was lied to about my contract?!!! Even thought I was politely asking him to help me because I didnt understand what was happening he continued to be dismissive and rude. He and other employees were not at all helpful and did not do anything to help me except continue stating that Mr. Goode was fired…How does that help my bill?!!! and the fact that I was lied to and signed the contract on misleading terms?!!! I then called and spoke to Customer service several times to try and work something out because I only had the $88 to pay them on the 22nd and they wouldnt accept that, they disregarded my situation after I told them what had happened and they told me that I had to pay the whole $112 or it will get cut off and I will have to pay an additional $20 to put it back on because this is my first payment. I asked them when is my buyers remorse over and I couldnt get a straight answer I kept getting different answers from every customer service rep. I got hung up on several times and when I got through to account services they were apologetic and told me they can help me by lowering my bill but then hung up on me.

    I am not a happy customer and I do not want to pay for services like this.

    None of this mess is my fault all I wanted was to have a nice cell phone service plan and it came down to this I have never had so much trouble with any cell phone company and it hasnt even been a month yet I am not staying on this contract and I plan to cancel ASAP there are too many loopholes and lies and I dont know what to believe with this company. If Id known that the bill was due on the 20th and it was that much with out an extension none of this would happen I was lied to and minipulated and scammed into signing a contract and that is not right that I would have to pay to leave this unjustice thrown upon me this is the worst experience I have ever had and I am appauled at how I have been treated and I fee scammed and I should not have to pay the termination fee.

  23. Debra M. Cohen says:

    RE: THIRD REQUEST #735278272 May 8th, 2012,when my plan was changed, I did not expect or accept a 2- year contract telephonically. I want my contract back to its original end date of 8/22/08. I have been a loyal customer for over six years, and because of your lack of concern about this matter, I have cancelled my service with T-Mobile. I expect this matter to be handled eventually appropriately, and I have no intention of being charged nor paying, the $200.00 early cancellation fee. As noted, this is my third request, so I will continue to expect a timely and favorable response to my request.

  24. jaime chevez says:

    yesterday i call customer services to upgrade my 2 lines and add 3 more and i ask them for a good plan and they told i could get a unlimited everything, voice txt and dates for $195.00 a month 2 the lines with 10 gigabytes high speed internet the other 3 with 2 gigabytes high speed internet. and they told me plus taxes will be like $210.00 or 215.00 so it was ok for me and i said yes, latter when i was buying the new phones he said he was having problems with system so he transfer me to another department, and the lady there told she could only help me with adding the 3 new lines and she said the monthly will be $25.00 for each line voice and txt unlimited and 2 gigabytes high speed internet, so i order the 3 new phones too. latter she sent me to another department to buy the other phones and the i was buying the last phone and i asked the guy what was my plan and how much i have to pay he said $99.98 classic plan unlimited voice and txt. and he said i have ultra internet 10 gigabytes high speed, for $65.00 each line and $25.00 for each line i added $500 minutes,500 txt, and 2 gigabytes internet so i add everything together will be $305.00 plus taxes now I’m trying to cancel my contract but nobody helps me it really sucks.

  25. jaime chevez says:

    if anybody know how to cancel the contract please let me know cuz i have sent like 3 email to contract review. i did yesterday and i haven’t recive anything yet. i have think about if i they can’t cancel my contract i can’t pay the monthly either, and not care about my credit. cause i have really good credit. if anyone know how to do it please let me know.

  26. Rosa Isais says:

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for a couple years and since the beginning of the contract I had issues with the service. I tried cancelling several times, complaining about the service, bought three new phones, and still with the same issues. Lately it got worst! I cannot even make phone calls the Network is busy. Imagine this for an emergency. I called T-Mobile and they told me that I can always dial 911. Who wants to pay over 159.00 a month to be able to call 911? This is the best part, they told me that I extended my contract with T-Mobile. Asked for a letter or e-mail to confirm my exteded contract over six months ago and still waiting… AVOID this company.

  27. Abdulrasak Akorede says:

    I call t-mobile on friday 01-11-2013 at 8.35pm,i spoke with Tkeyman one of ur rep.which gave me wrong information and sign me for wrong plan comletely different from what she told me, she sign me for unlimited value talk for all my three line which include unlimited TALK,TEST and WEB for all my three line at the rate of $132.49 monthly.after the deal she transfer me to ur phone section then the guy made me know that the plan they just sign me for does not covered unlimited talk for my third line,only i have to add more money to make it unlimited talk. Am not interested in sign for any contract if my rate is difference from the said $132.49 as said above,i spoke to ur supervisor Mr Will about an hour later that same friday and said that he have reverse my plan to my old plan but it will take 24hours before it come up on my account,i check my account on saturday and sunday is still remain the same value talk plan,i call again the Rep. told me it will change on monday,now its monday i just spoke with ur Rep. again and he gave me this web site to make my complain. please all i want is i dont want this plan and i want you to take me back to my old plan which is family royality and my contract expire this month so that i can sign for new coantract of my choice if i which to do so.Please kindly remove me from this value talk plan and take me back to my old plan, its because of wrong information from your Rep TYKEMAH.

  28. Gilbert Velez says:

    Recently I renewed my contract but it is not the way I wanted it; (Due ‘Xmas sales, your agents calling, ‘upgrading’ , new services even prepaid without a contract, etc… I gave in after 3 months of poor internet services to renew with an all aroudn upgade -change!? My objective was to upgrade, endorse the “Value-Plan” instead of the classic; and instead of the problematic stick- (++++) I talked with various reps: We concluded to get my upgrade, to have aGal.S-3 and to use it as a ‘Hot-Spot” eliminate the web-stick #:

    I went and upgraded as recomended to agree and get back to make my effect to work-as I was “given” a months’s trial with the Hot Spot and when I called; I come to find out the plan was not changed as we had communicated, It appears there is miscommunication or error to my endorcement. This has happened since the 9th of Jan,2013 11 days ago, (My own bitrthday present?) Can you please help me to correct this mess? I want to be on the value plan, & having the computer-stick and the Hot -Spot is of no value, defeating the same purpose.

    Let me keep the hot spot, with the Value-Plan; and eliminate the Mobil Bradband line(281) 678 7424 that is still now in endorsement extending my old agerement in error. I must confess I tought about going to Verizon, due all the problems I had in Sep-Nov + with the web-connect service (2-G) V/S (4-G) ? – even after comming into a new calender month. And now trying to hold my limited budget ,with my unempoyment history present with me….( today I went in to verify my account status by phone after not getting a response from my e-mail sent to T-Mobil one week ago after I upgraded to a Gal. S-3 from an Ht-7. The rep. had me to come back with more hassles with this services…. When I tought we had it all Ironed out? I am not angry, but irritated that you can deal out phone contacts to push your agreements, and yet find unresolve by the same means…to correct them?

  29. julie says:

    I recently upgraded my T-Mobile Account #707843461 after ordering Gallaxy note 11 over the phone with their representative, and I was supose to pay $74.78 per month. A week later, I received a bill of $520.62 after which I call there representative several times to explain the bill to me which I got different figures from each one of the representatives. Finally, I was asked to return the phone to T-Mobile so that my contract could be cancelled. The phone has been returned and confirm by UPS. All am asking for now is my refund and for the contract to be cancelled.

  30. frank says:

    I don’t have service with T-Mobile, how do I get it back?

  31. Terence Edgefield says:

    I recently got service with T-Mobile,Acct#871702980,on December 1,2012.I decided to cancel the account on December 3,2012, which was under the 14 Day Trial Period. I later decided to reinstate my account over the phone with a Representative on December 11,2012.During that time while on the phone with her, she said that my old numbers that I had,843-330-2467 and 843-330-2884 were suppoesd to be cancelled needed new numbers. I received my first T-Mobile bill for 529.56. I immediately opened it and saw that I’m being charged for the same two lines that were supposed to be cancelled,plus the numbers that we were using on the “Add a Line Plan”. Furious,I called T-Mobile about it. The Representative directed me here. Please straighten out!!!

  32. mysia barefield says:

    account # 392640092 I recently upgraded my T-Mobile Account 392640092 after ordering Gallaxy Blaze in May of 2012 on my line and was not aware it upgraded my second line which was only use for broadband internet service which I have been having alot problems with staying online becaues the service could not support my uses. I did not sign acount contract for this any changes made was just for the primary line. I would like to cancel. I called T-Mobile about this and the Representative directed me here.

  33. Jesse Haugen says:

    I’ve been a loyal t-mobile customer for almost two years. The reason i want to cancel contract is because the wireless service is not that good, I’ve been getting dead spot almost everywhere I go, and I’m looking at moving to another town where the signal is not very good and i wish to cancel my contract, T-Mobile told me about this site.

  34. Jesse Haugen says:

    sorry i forgot my acct# 812580455

  35. Jose Ortega says:

    After calling T-mobile to cancel a promotional broadband that was .01 cent a month for six months 2 months before the 6 month deal, they told me to keep it i still had 2 months. I called on the 6th month to cancel and telling them i couldn’t use it because it was slow the rep hustled me and said to keep it and they would give me a $100 credit. I thought this broadband was a service on my account. Somehow they restarted my 2 year contract on the broadband and my phone. I asked service rep ( ABBEY ) If I had been hustled and she said yes, clearly. She gave me this web site.

  36. Michelle says:

    My experience and solution with Tmobile. I have been struggling with tmobile since the first month of my service. I had purchased the Motorola Defy which was supposed to be this great phone but turned out it was a glorified brick. I never had service and it would crash 10 times in a row, not even exaggerating, and turn on and of randomly. It would send mass texts and make phone calls even while locked. I had absolutely no service where I lived and since I worked close to a port my phone occasionally would transfer to carnival towers therefore charging me 1.99 a minute until some one finally told me I needed to set my phone not to roam onto other towers besides tmobile. I had my phone replaced 5 times every time the same problem. Customer service was a joke I would spend 2 hours every time I called trying to reset my phone before they would replace it I got so fed up with the phone asked for them to do me a favor being a loyal on time paying customer to replace the phone with something that work since my job focuses on being able to be contacted by my customers and coworkers. There response you can pay full price, in the range of 400, ” if you go to a store buy a product get home and find out you are not satisfied with the product you can’t just take it back to replace it with some thing else.” I laughed thinking he was joking but he wasn’t. I was one the phone every month because they would always try and charge roaming and extra fees. To get these phantom charges dropped was like arguing to a wall. I finally got fed up when my phone completely died after 1 month of getting replaced and 30 days until my plan was up I decided to take the hit and cancel my plan. I called to cancel she said its $100 for ETF which I agreed to pay and she said it would be prorated through to the cancellation day I understood. Well about 2 weeks later I went to pay my final bill and it was 338 I was floored my normal bill was around 160 out the door. So if I had gone through a full cycle my total charges would be 260. There explanation was because I used the same number I must pay through the full cycle, ok stil should only be 260, but I am not eligible for the discount I have had on my plan since month 1. I explained that wasn’t in the terms and conditions they didn’t care. I contacted bbb and still nothing was resolved. I finally contact FTC and they referred me to the Attorney General. I finally received an email from the AG office and they said they contact tmobile and they should contact me with a resolution. Tmobile contacted me today it was the first time in 2 years that they gave me a solution they prorated the bill through to the cancellation day. This was the saddest company I have ever had the misfortune of being a part of the customer service I would rate 0 product 0 coverage 0 and price 0. Nothing good came from tmobile. But for future reference with any issues contact your AG office.

  37. Coffi Florent says:

    officialy my two years contract end in febrery this year 2013 I was surprise when I get to the store at Fair Oak mall they let me know I have extend my contract until December . I need to stop this contract now cause I lost my Job I can not be on contract with any company now . trying to get in a monthly payment. thank you my # is 703-939-2713

  38. Anonymous says:

    I cancelled my contract on 2/11/13 then i made my final payment of $256.41 . Today 3/8/13 i receive another bill of 36.65 because u have my account suspended not cancelled plus another 100.00 to cancell it again y ate you charging me again another cancelation fee please whats going on i’m not gonna pay another cancellation fee

  39. Jose R Castillo says:

    I cancelled my contract on 2/11/13 then i made my final payment of $256.41 . Today 3/8/13 i receive another bill of 36.65 because u have my account suspended not cancelled plus another 100.00 to cancell it again y ate you charging me again another cancelation fee please whats going on i’m not gonna pay another cancellation fee

  40. Thomas May says:

    I got my original phone in February 2011, then july 2011 I added another phone. Now I do not need the second phone due to personel problems. I called T-Mobile to cancel the second phone since my original 2 year contract should have run out in February 2013. Now they inform me that when I purchased the second line in july 2011 that my original contract was extended to july 2013. I was not told this when I purchased the second line. Now they tell me I have to pay an early cancellation fee and I don’t agree. I can only use one phone, why should I have to pay for 2.

  41. Jose Lazo says:

    I’ve been a loyal t-mobile for years now and t-mobile renewed my contract without asking me. I called t-mobile and asked about the situation and that I did not want another contract but they just directed me to this site.

  42. Linda Meister says:

    I hate them they are liars. They told me my contract was up on March 13 a guy named Gerald. Now they want to f me out of another 100 after fing me for years. with horrible service.


  43. Linda Meister says:

    They are lying assholes. The worst cell phone service In the world. The only way they can keep anybody is to have a cheating contract

  44. wiseman prak says:

    dear sir/madam please review my contract and I would like to cancelled my account is 830650856 thank you.

  45. Juanita Ceron says:

    Yo BERNARDO CERON tenia un contrato con ustedes a este No. (561) 396-3964 desde el año 2008 y se cancelo en el 2010 y mi esposa hizo contrato para internet en el 2012 y no le explicaron que se iba a activar la cuenta del celular y ahora estan cobrando por cancelar contrato y no estoy deacuerdo que esten cobrando sin ver avisado q iban a activar contrato de celular, que podemos areglar con este problema, quiero arreglar lo mejor que se pueda por que fui 4 años y medio clientes de ustedes y actualmente mi esposa continuara con ustedes por que tiene un contrato con ustedes de internet, espero respuesta de ustedes lo mas pronto posible GRACIAS.

  46. Melanie says:

    I think we should start a class action suit against them. I personally do not follow the news, politics, etc.. I had 2 lines my phone was really outdate and giving me many problems. My second line belonged to my child and it the SIM card froze up. I went to the store this on 03/15/13 to get another sim card and ended up buying 2 upgraded phones for a total of $290.00. I was told and it is in writting that I would pay a balance of $35.00 per month for 20 months. Long story short this week my child told me I had a balance on my phone of $7** dollars or so instead of paying the $35.00 per month they are forcing me to pay the cost by 04/12/13.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Fuck t mobile

  48. patricia d gonzalez says:

    I have lived at this address for two years now and do not get service on my phones, unless I go into town thirty miles away,which I did because I worked in town,(although my husband was not able to get service on his phone because he is retired and does not go to town) I am no longer working, so do not feel I should continue to pay for a service I cannot use.

  49. luis bracmonte says:

    I have the same problem with T Mobile .The changer all my 2 lines, i want two cancel my contrac please im having problems with my two phones Nokia lumia 810 de la line 4074378208 , second line Nokia Blaze 4074378279 .I purchased a new TMobile phone 4074378208 renew contract december 02/12/12 for 2 yrs Nokia Lumia 810 .The problen the line all 6 change is no risolve the problem I want to cancel my contract

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