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Walmart is one of the largest companies in the United States, but at times have some of the most frustrated customers I have ever seen. If you are upset or need to let Walmart know about a bad experience in one of their stores, then the best place to do so is by filing a complaint against the specific Walmart store on their website, or by using the complaints hotline by calling from your phone the number 1-800-WALMART.

Either way should be sufficient to get your problem across, but in reality their is no guarantee that anything will actually be done about your customer complaint. That’s why it’s important to share your story online, and make sure others hear what happened to you. Currently we have more than 383 complaints on our website, some of the more popular problems customers have at Walmart include problems with individual stores, issues with management, inaccurate pricing, and poor quality merchandise.

Another major problem shoppers to Walmart have is when the corporation discontinues certain products and merchandise without alerting shoppers. It is often the case that one week you may find yourself buying a product, and the next week you find yourself looking for it lost in the store. Since Walmart is a billion dollar company, they can afford to piss off many customers and still stay in business.

The following are consumer complaints filed about Walmart, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 Walmart complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various Walmart reviews below.

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2014 Walmart Customer Reviews

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Walmart refused refund or store credit for appliance which no longer works

I purchased a Rival food sealer Feb 2013 This is an appliance used maybe once a month at most.Because of your 90 return policy I was refused refund.Since I am a retiree on fixed income the dollar amount spent on

T-mobile at Walmart – getting a voucher for a new phone

We bought a phone from Wal-mart and bought the replacement plan. We mailed the phone back UPS Reference number 72172623. We got a response that they would be mailng a voucher to get a new phone within 24 to 48

Walmart – incompetence at store and at 1-800 walmart

Went to wal mart on sept.8th purchased steaks at 12.83$ were left out of bag .called when i got home spoke to a woman about said situation ,and was told to come bring my receipt and it would be replaced.Was

Walmart – slipped on water and hurt my back

while my daughter was checking out at the register on sept 5th as I took a step to walk away and throw away a sunday cup I slipped on some water and almost did the splits while waiting the manager

Wal-mart supercenters – scanners and gro divider

why do you not have any scanners in your stores so that customers can scan and find what the price of the product before checking out? so why do you not something so that customers can put between they goods

Walmart – kingsford 24 inch charcoal grill – paint/finishing came off

On Sept 2 {Labor Day} we purchased a new Kingsford 24 inch grill for $98.00 from Walmart in Red Oak, TX for a cookout we were having that day. We put the charcoal on, which did not require any lighter

Walmart – battery checked ruined my altinator

i am beyond pissed i had takin my car in for an oil changed and fo some reson they decided to check my battery and once they did that they didnt use the right equipment and ruined my altinator. my

Walmart – Live crawling bugs in apple pie.

I bought a large dutch apple pie to serve to some guests, and when sliced, put on plates, handed out and some guests had already taken bites, others started noticing movement on their plates. Little black beetles were emerging from

Walmart – Bad customer Service

I was in the Walmart store at Gessner and W. Bellfort last night. All the self check out lights were blinking red and the lines were horrible. Not one Walmart associate was trying to help move the lines along. Then

Walmart – Filthy store & unstocked shelves

The store and bathrooms are filthy. The clerks never wipe the counters off by the registers. I hate to lay my groceries down so end up holding the items until they are checked and put in bag. Secondly, the store

Walmart – Big Spring Texas WM charges more than other walmarts

The Big Spring Texas WalMart charges more for everything than other WalMarts and is always out of products. They told us they sold all the distilled water to the local Prison because they could make more money. They could order

Walmart – Unacceptable customer service

I called a walmart store (#2215 – Darien IL. ) and asked to be transfer to the furniture department and the person that answered the phone left me on hold for more than 5 min. After that I hung up

Walmart – Refund of money pending for two months!!!!.

I had purchased a Bed spread and a swim wear costume on from Walmart , Darien , Connecticut store. I had returned these articles on It has been over two months and I have not received refund of the 57.13$

Walmart – Return not allowed

I asked a Walmart clerk to help me find a prepaid Mastercard for $100.00. He said, ” this one here, you call an 800 number to activate.” It looked like a credit card under wrap, so I bought it. I

Walmart – tire service area

So on 8/27/2013 at 6.38 I found a screw in my tire I went to the service area where a young man husky built. blonde hair was walking out texting on his phone I asked are you closed he said

Walmart – My account

I was given an increase on my account and encouraged to use my Walmart Master Card. I started to use my Walmart Mastercard more frequently along with making bigger payments. Not too long after I was given an increase, I

Walmart – Store in Troy Al.

We shop at W.M and spend 2-3 hundred a week. My husband says no more! The store is so dirty that most of the time we won’t use the bath rooms there at all. There is never enough check outs

Walmart – Your buyer for plus women suck

I don’t know who decides what plus women like…but their doing a very bad job of it.Let me just tell you they don’t like shirts that come up to their waist….or big horizontal stripes…or sleeveless everything.This is what has been

Walmart managers, employee with paint

I am writing this complaint on the behalf of my mother, Anitha Westbrook. We had bought some paint at the Temple Location and was truly done wrong we were accused of things that were not true by the employee also,

Walmart i hate everything about it

Hello I shop at Walmart on 650 Trooper Rd. Norristown Pa. We are so upset on how the store looks any more. I fresh vegetable or not fresh. We were there 8/18/2013 to buy food NO vegetable the ones that

Walmart Missing order

On the 27 of July I ordered two Twin Mate’s Beds and a Mattress. I got the mattress that has shipped to my home. For the two twin beds I was waiting for the email that tell me the order

Walmart Poor Customer service

This store is not clean, the doors coming into the store are dirty, they don’t have sanitize wipes to clean carts. The parking lot is always full of carts in parking area. They don’t have a slicer to get bread

Walmart unstocked shelves&no cashiers

the past 3 times I went to my toccoa,ga walmart a lot of shelves were unstocked and no one around stocking them or to ask about it and only cashier for the whole store they have the self check out

Walmart Loitering and Smoking

My wife and I shop at the walmart in Lovejoy, Ga. two to three times a week and every time we go there are people outside in front of the Entrance Smoking, Begging for Money, Harassing Shoppers and just down

Walmart Complaint: UNSTOCKED SHELVES

Every damn time that I go to Walmart this store is out of approximately three out of every five items that I need. And, I go on different days! I went on Sunday before noon and my brand of dog

Walmart Complaint: Rudiness

My daughter -in-law and I went to the Pharmcy in Cleveland Texas Walmart, on April 30,2013. We went to pick her infant childs medication. Cahier didn’t have it, so she told us to go to the drop off window. The

Walmart Complaint: Unsatisfactory Auto Service

On 5/1/13 I talked to a service rep at the walmart auto center inquiring about getting an oil change. He informed me “We’re not busy, bring your car in and we’ll take care of ya.” I handed over my keys

Walmart Complaint: Spoiled Milk

We need to make a complaint about the Great Value Milk. We have bought this milk in the past, but in the last 4 months or so the milk has gone bad before the date on the gallon. the first

Walmart Complaint: Defective product

May 2,2013, I had an appointment in Toronto. Before leaving for the day we stopped into the Supercentre @3600 Major Macenzie Drive, Vaughan, At this store I purchased 2 bottle of Scrub Free With Bleach(upc#06533349503),amoung other items.At this point I

Walmart Complaint: Store price labels wrong

Went to purchase an item on the shelf said 13.50. I got to the register it came up 48.00 they sent someone to check she saw And called manager he said they could not honor that price Because it was

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