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Walgreens – price not honored

I am a school teacher trying to save money. My students are low income. Many cannot afford school supplies. I went to the Walgreens #04678 in Katy. I purchased Wexford view carry all case zipper bags 04902270560 for .49 cents.

Walgreens Complaint: refusal to fill and order pain meds

Is it common practice for your Pharmacists to throw back a pain meds perscrption at a Cancer patient and tell them they don’t have the product and refuses to order/fill it?? Ihave had Cancer twice and currently dealing with Arthriris

Walgreens Complaint: Cleck would not accept my debit card as payment

The check out clerk said she could not accept my debit csrd as payment for y selected items. I have a straight debit card, but not a credit/ debit card. I am a frequent shopper a Walgreens and i have

Walgreens Complaint: waiting line

The miford walgreens two times now I have waited over an hour for my perscription and I had to go up to the window just to find out it was filled for 45min or better. I think that is so

Walgreens Employee Complaint: Rude Employees Won’t Help Me

In sept2012 I walked to Walgreens in 113 degree temp. I got there I passed out I went inside from the drive Thur to cool off. I walked around waiting on the script they were getting ready. I feel like

Walgreens Complaint: sloppy work ethics by pharmacist

On March 14 I transferred my mothers medication(a total of 9) from CVS to Walgreens in oxnard ca. because of price being lower. I took all her med bottles in and a young man wrote all the information down and

Walgreens Complaint: Discrimination by Pharmacist

I have been using Walgreens pharmacy for years in Las Cruces,NM. I recently moved to Austin,TX. Before I left, my doctor wrote perecriptions for my medications and for my husbands medications ( my husband is disabled and has seizures without

Walgreens Complaint: Walgreens Phone Cards

I bought 2 Walgreens phone cards and can hardly use them. I get hung up on by whoever is working at the company over and over. It comes across as a system to just take people’s money! I have used

Walgreens Complaint: clerk who ignored first in line

I just returned from shopping at Walgreens, which is a store I shop at quite a lot. When ready to check out I went to the first register, seeing a woman and man coming into the store as I began

Walgreens Corporate Complaint: Employee Lost My Prescription

On December 19, 2012 at 4:30 Pm at walgreens store in Fountain Mesa I gave Mrs. Sue my prescription and was told to return in one and a half hower to pick up my medication. Well I returned for my

Walgreens Complaint: treated very rudely at drive thru

i went to the drive thru last thursday dec.13th to pick up my pain medication i had called it in that morning and was told it would be ready in 30 mins. i didnt arrive there until late after noon

Walgreens Complaint: Wait time at drive thru for meds

Do you think it is unreasonable to wait 35 min. behind one car to pick up a prescription that had been dropped off earlier.There is only one window. I would gladly go in but I am handicapped.There has to be

Walgreens Complaint: never any meds in stock for customers

This Walgreens never has any meds. It always take 2-3 days to get any prescription filled. It never keeps any meds in stock for customers. I had 1 prescription they told me to go to another store to get cause

Walgreens Complaint: walgreens treating customers unfairly and unjustly

Walgreens is unbelievable. I reside in Saint Lucie county FL and my physician resides in Kissimmee Fl and because my residence is in a different county than my physician Walgreens will not fill my prescriptions. Unfortunently i am forced to

Walgreens Complaint: Poor Customer Service in Florence

At Walgreen’s located at 70 main st. Florence, i went to fill two prescription, i waited for about 40 mint., took my medication, and came home, i was in lots a pain, so when i got home i notice that

Walgreens Complaint: ridiculous waiting time at the store

My doctor called in pain medicine for me around 9am.. I went to the pharmacy at 10am and they said we dont have it and it may be on their voicemail, they told me to check back in 15 mins.

Walgreens Complaint: Unhappy Customer Review of Walgreens

My mother goes to the Walgreens on the corner of Schaumburg Rd and Springsguth Rd in Schaumburg IL for Accu Check test strips. We have gotten her test strips 4 times and 2 out of the 4 times she has

Walgreens Complaint: Problems with Refund of Coupon

I have visited your store on nemorus occasions and am very disappointed that I have already lost $5.50 rebatecopond that I was not able to use because they were only vaild for 1 day I would like you to refund

Walgreens Corporate Complaint: wrongfully accusing customers

I walk into walgreens to return 2 items and the managet was pretty much yelling at me in front of other customers saying that i stole the 2 items and that the cashier seen me so i ask mrs Heap

Walgreens Complaint: Says they can’t get my RX, but I have got it before

Today I called my Pharmacy (located on N Linder Rd in Meridian, ID 83646) and asked them to remember to order my RX because I cannot use the generic brand. I need the Fentanyl transdermal Patch 100 mcg/hr MYLAN brand.

Walgreens Complaint: discrimination against me and medicare

To whom it may concern , I’ve been a Walgreen customer for about 30 years , i was in your store one day located at 7685 S. Rainbow Blvd. in Las Vegas NV. I was asked if i wanted to

Walgreens Complaint: Poor customer care survice at checkout

When I got to the check out counter I was in obvious pain and using the store cart to hold me upright. The check out girl asked if I had rewards and when I said no she asked if I

Walgreens Complaint: no information

I had a prescription for Vicodin ES . they told me 20mins a whole hour went by and i was told nothing. then the people in the back started going on break. nothing the lady came to me and said

Walgreens Complaint: Atrocious customer service

I usually have my Rx filled at USA Drug and since Walgreens bought them out I was told to go to my ocal Walgreens, located on Bowman Road in Little Rock, AR. I use Tricare and told the pharmacist that

Walgreens Complaint: Why are the systems down?

My name is Donna Lucas I have been a loyal walgreens customer for many years. Today I visited the take care clinic in Aurora on N Randall Rd. My experience at the clinic was awesome. I am new to the

Walgreens Complaint: Problems with Pharmacy Tech

For the last three months straight, the pharmacy in Corpus Christi, Texas [located at Holly & Weber Road] has either ran out of one or both of my prescriptions when I go in –AFTER CALLING THEM IN with a response

Walgreens Complaint: unfair treatment to mental disabled customer

On tuesday October 16, my aunt disabled aunt went to shop at Walgreen 200 N Mesa El Paso, Tx 79902, after she remember she had forgotten her cell phone in the store, when she tried to go back and get

Walgreens Complaint: Walgreen’s charged twice for same prescription

Walgreen’s charged twice for same prescription. Bank returned one of the charges. Walgreen’s listed the return as a bad check. which has caused my reputation to be tarnished. This happened on July 17 and after a dozen e-mails they didn’t

Walgreens Complaint: Incompitent Pharmacy Employees

Thank you very much for closing the Drug Warehouse near our home and forcing me to use Walgreens. NOT!!!! I hand walked a precription into the Walgreens @ 701 W Houston, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, on 10/8/12 received a recording

Walgreens Complaint: Buy One Get One Free policy and selling outdated candy!

I was in your Ballentine SC store last thursday, October 4th 2012. I bought the Walgreens brand almonds. BOGO!! I only wanted 1 . The cashier charged me for the full price. $3.99. I expected the almond to ring up

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