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2014 Taco Bell Customer Reviews

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Taco Bell – The service and food is terrible

On Dec 6 2013 at 4:00pm Me and friend visited Taco Bell in Sulphur La at 215 S. Cities Service Hwy, The cashier was not friendly at all, not a smile,can i help you, thank you, are a come back,,,

Taco Bell 24705 West 12 mile Southfield Mi 48034 – Long hair in Doritos Locos Taco

Called Taco bell to complain, because it made my son sick after biting into a taco with hair in it, she asked if we wanted some additional food, and of course we didnt, we wanted our money back, she said

Taco Bell Alamosa Store # 023155 – Messy Order

I have been to taco bell many time and this one takes it to a new level. I ordered a mexican pizza no pizza sauce add sour cream and my pizza was horribly mishandled! It looked like it was taken

Taco Bell – My quesadilla

My husband & I eat Taco Bell almost every weekend. I never complain about asking for more red sauce and no onions in my bean burrito which they screw up constantly. I let it go. I am a server/waitress. I

Taco Bell Liberal Ks – Service is horrible

I have had several issues with this location, multiple times while working we would send one person from shift to go get the food for the crew. This time we returned to work with half the food and one less

Taco Bell – 12:40 pm

I went to Taco Bell on my lunch hour. I had company over and I was bringing the food. I ordered 20 tacos, 10 hard shell and 10 soft shell. I received my order and asked the clerk TWICE if

Taco Bell Got food poisoning

Went to Taco Bell on Sat. Aug. 17th approx. time 1:00. Address 102 Franks Drive, Madison, Indiana. I ordered a taco salad w/ no rice. I was at work. Approx. 3:30 started pucking. Then came home and had the runs

Taco Bell Where is the rest of my taco?

A couple days ago in Anchorage, Ak, i ordered some Doritos locos tacos. When I got home i opened them up and every one was literally only 1/2 full! I have a picture of it too! I was pissed. So,

Taco Bell terribly made food

Went through drive-thru Taco Bell, store #024972. We ordered a #5 and a #7. We asked for sauce, none was given, and there were no straws for our drinks. When I opened the Nachos Bellgrande container, The filling, mostly beans,

Taco Bell Pure Incompetence

Not once, not twice, but three times your Fort Mill, SC location has managed to screw up my order. The first time I was inside of the store and had decided to eat in due to the long drive-thru wait.

Taco Bell Poor Service

I went to Taco Bell tonight, tried to order a smothered Burrito. They said they were out of beans. I asked her what they were going to substitute, says said nothing was going to be substituted, I asked her what

Taco Bell Are you serious?

I don’t go to Taco Bell on my location except on rare occasions due to consistently reoccurring incidents. Tonight was the first time I’ve gone in about roughly a year and a half. Needless to say I will never eat

Taco Bell Complaint: Disgusting location

The Metropolis, Illinois Taco Bell has serious issues in cleanliness. There is food all over the place (everywhere on the floor behind the counter), in plain view of customers. (This location was not busy and the staff had plenty of

Taco Bell Complaint: store manager

Robert Bates at Taco Bell store 305 has been treating coworkers unfairly. There has also been several accounts where he makes up and excuse and has some one else deal with upset customers. He will not come talk to customers

Taco Bell Complaint: Order wrong

Went to taco bell004583, montgomery ,Al. 5/3/2013. .. Order# 109169 & 109170…ordered 2 bean burritos with xtra cheese no onion..& mex 2 bean burritos hardley any chees but got charged for 2 xtra cheese…also ordered burrito supreme w xtra

Taco Bell Complaint: multiple times giving me the wrong ingredients

On mulitiple occasions now taco bell has failed to satisfy my needs.because Everytime I oreder two of the same taco but with different ingridients.For example I order one with sour crem and one without and everytime I get my tacos

Taco Bell Complaint: Taco Bell burritos

For the last month or so, every single time I’ve ordered a bean burrito with extra onions, I have had my order messed up. Either I get a burrito with no onions, a burrito with sour cream, or a burrito

Taco Bell Complaint: Filthy store and rude employees

Taco Bell in Tappahannock VA is a disgrace. The dining room walls have food splatters on them as do the seats. Floor is nasty. Employees today 05/04/30213 at the counter were very rude. No greeting, lots of eye rolling and

Taco Bell Complaint: Not satisfied. Deserve compensation.

We were driving through Brigham city. Had a long day and hadn’t ate all day so we were starving. The girl at the drive thru charged my card the wrong amount at first so she had to run my card

Taco Bell Complaint: Horrible experience!!!!!!!!!

We recently visited store 004012 in Paducah ky. They acted like they had no time to wait on us. They were loud and obnoxious. One girl was on the phone with apparently her boyfriend screaming and cursing. Then are order

Taco Bell Complaint: Are you kidding me?!

Tonight, my husband & I wanted our regular Taco Bell dinner. We go there at least once a week & this visit has changed our minds about ever going back! The location was Chicago Drive, in Grandville/Jenison, Michigan. When ordering,

Taco Bell Complaint: Machines not working

I don’t understand the point of having happy hour drinks, when the machines are never working. Why advertise something that costumers can’t buy? I’ve been to a few locations and their frozen drinks machines aren’t working. For a week straight

Taco Bell Complaint: Disgruntled employees

I ordered 2 Doritos tacos from # 028965 in Kingston PA @ 1:31am. When I arrived home to eat, I opened the first one a d it was badly broken without the cardboard sleeve around it but I just dealt

Taco Bell Complaint: Vehicle damage while at restaurant

Hello. I am writing this letter because I was recently unsatisfied with a particular location. Two weeks ago, I visited the Taco Bell on Clairemont Ave in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As I pulled into the drive thru, I had to

Taco Bell Complaint: being termanated without a good cause

mellisa one of the manegers termanated me without a good cause. I feel like i was treated wrong an unfairly.The only thing i asked mellisa was why is she study taken me off the schedule and she said that i

Taco Bell Complaint: bad service that needs improvement

I was at the west mifflin Taco Bell tonight and I had a big order. they forgot to give us our 2 cheesy gordita crunches so we went back to get them. the guy told us he didn’t charge us

Taco Bell Complaint: Unsatisified with Customer Service

On Tuesday 4/30 at 8:52pm my family and I stopped at your location on Eureka rd in Southgate store number 005095. I was so unhappy with this visit. I ordered $25 dollars worth the food and definately felt ripped off.

Taco Bell Complaint: the slowest service ever recieved

I went to Tace Bell tonight on heckle Blvd. in rock hill sc. i was in line for 25 mins. i asked the person at the window did’nt they they have a time limit to serve the customer’s and she

Taco Bell Complaint: customer service and product

I went to the taco bell on linton blvd in delray beach. First I guess customer service is going the way of the dodo, but when employees are speaking a different language infront of customers is probally the most rude

Taco Bell Complaint: so rude to me the customer

I went through the drive thru at taco bell north shore slidell la. And my cashier was very very rude it was my turn to order but since there was a line the car in front of me was Still

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