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T-Mobile is a mobile and wireless cell phone company whose website can be found online at Although many people use T-mobile, there are hundreds of complaints filed every single year.

In fact on our website we currently have 402 customer complaints submitted using our free online form. most of the issues consumers have with T-mobile revolve around billing problems, contract extensions, and wireless signal coverage. Dropped calls don’t seem to be as big of an issue unlike networks like AT&T and Vodacom.

If you are looking for contact information for T-Mobile, from your T-Mobile phone dial 611 or from any other phone call 1-877-453-1304. Although there is no official complaint hotline number for customers, 611 from your cell should help connect you with the right person for your complaint.

The following are consumer complaints filed about T Mobile, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 T Mobile complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various T Mobile reviews below.

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2014 T Mobile Customer Reviews

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T-Mobile – 2 years contract with no permission

Last year I called to add another service to my phone, when told that I would have to add another 2 year contract I said that I rather cancel my account, why another 2 years contract when all I want

T Mobile – big con

this is what I put on fb, as im so angry, im only on income support which I told the man who rang me and has conned me ……..T MOBILE IS A CON !!!!!!!! set me up with a 10

T Mobile – 50 dollar plan yeah right

First of all when i try to turn on my web my phone automatic shuts off so i have not had web for almost two months still paying 50 dollar i call every one i could nothing i have trouble

T Mobile over billed

Almost 1 year ago they offered me a better plan at $45 a month for my plan and they have over charged me for all this time by $45. My bill has not dropped and I never check it. I

T Mobile Complaint: wrongful information

I was so dissapointed at T mobiles uncaring and very unfrofessional behavior. After many attempts i made to get someone to help me with my issue regarding my Galaxy II PHONE locking up and freezing on me. After speaking to

T Mobile Complaint: malfunction family mobile phone. my phone

I sent my family mobile phone to the return Cntr , at 500 Lee rd Rochester New york on feb 26 2013 and was told I would have a new phone in two weeks. I was forced to buy another

T Mobile Complaint: Cancel contract

I have been with T-mobile for may years. My phone # is (404) 409-0454 and contract # is 657021051. I relocated to Jacksonville over a year ago. I reported to the T-mobile store in my area that I was not

T Mobile Complaint: Misleading!!

I was told at Wal-mart that the bill will be month to monthI used it for the first month and had the number changed to another provider.My phone was shut off,I paid for the phone and a card for the

T Mobile Complaint: ripped off

had a past due bill that i had payed the last amount of 39.73 along with my payment of 26.34 for my new number 740-407-8591 on march 1st on march 14 i called and let them now that my phone

T Mobile Complaint: unfairly charges

My name is Janika Padio I have started services with T-Mobile less then a year ago. Since then I have several problems with my phone after several calls and going into an authorized store a warranty exchange had been put

T Mobile Complaint: no signal or drops without ability to reset

the tmob store on 144th ave and i 25 said my area in Lochbuie would be good to excellent. In this belief i have obtained the service – however the service keeps dropping the signal its 2 g not 4

T Mobile Complaint: Re:Service

Whom may concern T-Mobile,we have had your service for years and years,we having no good connection in our area nor going from work to home;our services drops us everywhere.At home we have one bar if that,if you hold your head

T Mobile Complaint: Appeal against T-Mobile New Price plans was not applied to the system In March 2013

Subject: Appeal against T-Mobile New Price plans was not applied to the system In March 2013. New Price Plans from March 2013: T-mobile Contract: 07572432335 Calls: Unlimited (08 numbers not included). Unlimited Landlines calls, Unlimited Text etc. I have T-mobile

T Mobile Complaint: Phone contract

I have three lines and two of my lines were not on contract only one was on contract. However, I was charged a $204 charge for number 3134146066. That has not been used or on contract and the company is

T Mobile Complaint: Highly Agrivating

On March 8th I purchased a Mobile web stick which sadly was not compatible with Windows 8, so I used the buyers remorse and sent it back. T-mobile refunded me the 90.00. In the process, I called T-Mobile and ordered

T Mobile Website Complaint: misleading information online

Ordered new phone today on an account with 5 phones. In the past have ordered numerous phones directly through the company. It was to be delivered overnight, I gave the email to use in sending me the tracking information. Instead

T Mobile Account Complaint: Security Breach of my Account

My name is Perry Connor and my phone # is (407)929-8945. On Apr. 8th,2013 ,The phone # (407)929-2804 on my account called T- Mobile and took their # off my account without my knowledge and without my security code. I

T Mobile Billing Complaint: Unfair charges to my bill

I have a pay as you go t-mobile phone. Last year my tariff included contacting my voicemail free. I had £9 credit and when I was trying to make an urgent call when my husband was dying, it stated that

T Mobile Complaint: unhappy with service and treatment

i have 4 lines and paying over 300.00 a month. All four people on this plan hates the phones, and service. I was with sprint for 4 years and never had a dropped call. I have had T-mobile and can

T Mobile Complaint: Taking undue advantage of customer

Below is a letter I posted to your complaints department on 25/03/2013 which you have so far failed to confirm receipt. I strongly believe that its lack of curtecy to your customers and you need to attach great importance to

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Complaint: service over the pass few weeks

First of was when i had to upgrade one of my phones to the iphone 5 the lady couldnt understand me and it was hard to know what she was saying anyway i upgraded thinking nothing would change in my

T Mobile Complaint: Extended contract without my knowledge

I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 10 years. About two years ago their service and customer support started going downhill. I recently called and asked if I could change to a less expensive plan and whether my contract

Formal Complaint Letter to T Mobile Executives

I am thoroughly disgusted at the poor customer service given by T mobile . I spent more than an 50 minutes just trying to get someone on your 150 number on 4/04/2013 . 1) I was calling to query a

T Mobile Complaint: Out of allowance charges for mobile

During the month of March I spoke to a Lisa in your collections department regarding my March bill. I was concerned that I had been charged £50 outside allowance of which I was very surprised as I do not go

T Mobile Complaint: changed my contract without my consent

I took a contract in January 2012 for 24 months and T-Mobile said that I can make calls to any UK number within my allowance. 3 months after joining i got a bill for calling Lycamobile and they told me

T Mobile Contract Complaint: Contract without permission

I was a T-mobile costumer for 5 years. I recently switched to be on my husbands plan and to get an iphone. I payed my final bill and was then sent another bill for over $300! There was a $200

T Mobile Dispute Complaint: misrepresentation of $700 monthly bill

Will this do any good? I don’t understand how a company can operate with so many complaints. There has to be a way to resolve disputes. I’m disputing a huge $700. Bill and discovered the extra I’ve paid for 2

T Mobile Complaint: Unethical Business practices and overbilling

I recently found out that the bill I had paid off completely became a $1,500 bill in the matter or one billing cycle. They lied to me about how much they were charging me for a device which i was

Need T-Mobile Complaint Dept: money taken from my account

T mobile have taken £450 from my account. It was a mistake on there part. I phoned there customer service only to be told it would take 14 days to have the money put back into my account. The advise

Change my T-mobile to Family Mobile Problems

I change my T-mobile -to Family mobile on March 4th 2013.When the staff ask me about the line I told her again and again i need only one line plus i need my old phone number and she say OK.After

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