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2014 Microsoft Customer Reviews

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Microsoft – Assuming I speak the language which IP address is from

I was trying to BUY something from Microsoft. My trial offer expired on Word Office. I was following instructions to order and buy product which was all in English. Then when I press order it is in Serbo Croatian because

Microsoft I Have Removed Your Online Backgammon

Because of the rampant hacking an cheating of your online game and your companies failure to fix this problem. I did something that I should never had to do on my part. I REMOVED your game from my computer. And

Microsoft Waste of time

I pulled my old computer out of storage and turned it on only to have it say i need to reactivate my windows xp home. i call in and deal with the automated system and it tells me my id

Microsoft Fix or Patching Microsoft online games

I have played several of your online games. Most are playable. But your online backgammon game has major problem that need to fixed. I have experienced many problem, from other player manipulating not only their own dice rolls but mine

Microsoft Scam being perpetrated in Microsoft’s name

On August 8, 2013, I received a phone call from a man who identified himself as a representative of “windows”. He had an Indian accent and stated that “they” had become aware that my computer had been breached by a

Microsoft Customer service

My hard drive crashed and i no longer had access to the recovery partition on the computer which is apparently required for a reinstall of windows 8. I was able to pull the Windows 8 serial number off the BIOS

Microsoft Complaint: Office 365

I purchased Microsoft Office 365, paying £79.99 from Microsoft. I bought a new Acer Laptop Aspire V3 – 771 and downloaded the 365 Office onto it. WHAT A DISASTER!!!!!!!! I could not open Word 2013, Excel etc and have had

Microsoft Complaint: defender security and office home and student 2013

Got a new Pc 2/5/2013. Compaq CQ2000pc. Two Problems with Microsoft Windows 8. a) Supposed to have Defender Security,but doesn’t and cant download Defender off on line.Won’t validate. b) Bought Microsoft Office, home and student 2013. The product key is

Microsoft Complaint: Paid trouble shooter completely hosed my computer

I paid $99 for a tech to fix my windows 7 over the internet. My problem was that security updates for IE9 would always fail (error 9C48). Also was unable to install IE10. The tech worked on my computer and

Microsoft Complaint: My Email Taken over

My email account was taken over by someone in Nigeria on Thursday 5/2/2013. My email address was This was my initials, last name, 4 in my family. I have had this account for 10+ years. Microsoft Support says I

Microsoft Complaint: hotmail doesn’t recognize my password

This is the second time that Hotmail has not recognized my password. A few weeks ago I spent most of a Sunday changing the password over and over and none of them were recognized. Finally, after letting it “rest” for

Microsoft Windows Complaint: Windows 8 Operating System

Paid to upgrade to Windows 8 RT and did not know that several software programs would be deleted including Microsoft Office 2010. I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and like most people don’t read the legal jargon

Microsoft Security Complaint: Representant of Microsoft Security Center phoning customer

On apr-09-2013 Somebody pretending working for Microfot call me telling that there was a big hazard to y computer and that Microsoft has been alerted in theirv office ( they had all my personal infos) so I beliebved him. This

Microsoft Complaint: dirty tricks to sell new software versionns

from one day to the other my laptop generates a message that my software is not genuine, like to happened with my previous one. all software is original and no weird software installed. as this is the secound time happening

Microsoft IE10 Complaint: missing ‘property’ in ie10 browser

I use an adult chat room named eroprofile. it has a feature in which the user can check a box labeled ‘automatically view cams’. this opens up 3 web live cam feeds from other users. Ie10 is not allowing that.

MS Office Software Complaint: New Outlook hotmail

The new (but not improved!) Outlook Hotmail recently arrived and I find I cannot open emails all the time. Sometimes I am allowed one or two emails then everything freezes up. Additionally, I cannot access all of my contacts in

Microsoft Complaint: Office 2013 installation problem

Hi, I have purchased office 2013 for three users.When i am trying to activate the product,its get activated on two PCs.On the third PC also it gets activated but when i am trying to open a word document its gets

Microsoft Complaint: Have a Scam to report

To whom it may concern, I am fifteen years old and i received a phone call from the so-called ‘Microsoft Technicians’ a man with an Indian accent told me i had a virus and that he was to help me

Microsoft Customer Complaint: Please Stop the madness

Why can’t you people leave well enough alone. Get the outlook crap off your home page i don’t want to see it and i don’t want it to interupt what i am doing, and it dose. It moves my page

Microsoft Email Complaint: flaws in new email system

Your new outlook email has a couple of flaws or setbacks 1. When you send someone a URL now, it cannot just be clicked anymore too take you to the site/location as in the old version of Hotmail. You now

Microsoft Messenger Complaint: Killing Windows Live Messenger

WL Messenger has always been TOP DOG of the chatting vehicles. The chatting ability of SKYPE sucks the big-one and I am resentful that Microsoft would stoop so low as to suggest that for a replacement. SKYPE SUCKS!!! I will

Microsoft Complaint: Useless instructions and bad customer service

Dear Microsoft, I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that I have recently purchased a laptop with Microsoft applications to load. After following Microsoft’s instructions I found myself in a position having set up an account (as specified

Microsoft Customer Letter: Warranty guaranty not honored

A week ago, I paid for a 30-day Microsoft warranty on my computer. I was told at that time that if I subsequently needed to call back, the warranty would automatically be extended 30 days, and 30 more days for

Microsoft Complaint: Tryed to scam me out of money.

My email accout was changed from Hotmail to Outlook without me knowing it. I’m not a computer guru, but tried to find out why. No Luck. I was having trouble when I printed out copies of sent emails, the pages

Microsoft Outlook Complaint: Being “FORCED” to switch to Outlook

I am writing to express my confusion as to why Microsoft feels the need to “FORCE” it’s exsisting Hotmail customers to “SWITCH” to a NEW email service, “Outlook.” For months now, I have been “TORTURED” with “BLUE BOXES” appearing on

Microsoft Complaint: cancellation of the xbox live family gold pass

Microsoft cancelled the only good and affordable deal they have offered for their over priced online gaming (the xbox live family gold pass). In a world where PS3 has free online gaming I do not understand why they would decide

Microsoft Complaint: MSN dialup internet

we bundled out direct tv with a centurylink telephone.was supposed to be cheaper.well come to find out 1 year later we were being charged for dialup internet service from msn,2 days after we had ordered the telephone ect we got

Microsoft calling to tell me my computer was about to crash

Today I got a call from a person in NJ saying he was from Microsoft and had seen I was having problems with some programs on my computer. It has come up when there have been problems that Microsoft will

Microsoft Xbox Complaint: xbox wont work

I went on your website and had to regiaster my xbox product, and join the microsoft website just to learn that my xbox isn’t covered by your warrenty for “thjis type” of problem. Which just so happens to be a

Microsoft Complaint: New purchases – no satisfaction

After spending nearly $400 today on Wins upgrades / new installs . . . all I got is little/no service and my time “taken up” . . . having spoken with at least 6 (Bad english speaking) people who know

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