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The following are consumer complaints filed about Kohl’s, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 Kohl’s complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various Kohl’s reviews below.

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2014 Kohl’s Customer Reviews

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Kohl’s – no shoes for school

I purchased some shoes for my son for school and I never recieved them nor had i recieved an email or phone call that thery were not shipped and there was a problem . But the money was taken off

Kohl’s False/Confusing Advertising

I received an Ad for Kohls in the mail, informing me that the Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewer was on sale for $99.99. The Ad said, ” reg. $124.99. Receive a 27 K-Cup carousel with purchase, a $ 29.99 value!

Kohl’s Complaint: Wedding/Bridal Registry

Hi my name is Shannon and my sister Marilyn Fleming registered with you for her Bridal shower the registry # is 1856094.The reason i am writing to u is to let you know that I have had to call kohls

Kohl’s Complaint: Manager And Clerk Not Knowledgeable Of E-Card

I recieved a e-Gift Card. Card Number- 6393052735539919127 Pin 2016 For My birthday. Paid for by my Mother Kimberly Fernandez. For the ammount of $200.oo . Here is my Story… I was stainding in line waiting to purshase

Kohl’s Complaint: Fun Cash Return

This is a complaint. I purchased 5 Hanes shirts at the store in Menomonee Falls on May 5, 2013. When I got home, I looked at the receipt and noticed it wasn’t the price on the sign. At this purchase,

Kohl’s Complaint: charged my account to my credit card for payment twice

I made my Kohl’s payment by my credit card and the clerk charged my credit twice for the same sum of approximately $450. I spoke with several managers more than one dozen times over the past three weeks requesting a

Kohl’s Employee Complaint: Humiliated by cashier “Charlie”

On 4/13/13 as I was on my way home, I decided to stop at Kohl’s in Groton, CT. I realized I forgot my 20% coupon as I went to check out. There was a young man in front of me

800-837-0302 – Kohl’s Refund Number to Corporate

First I need to explain the reason for the delay of my complaint. My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Therefore I’m sure you can understand our lives have not been the same since then. On the

Kohl’s Complaint: Never received a bill for my Kohl’s account

I received a call from a collection agency for Tina L. Williams, my maiden name They stated that I owed Kohl’s $263.00 for an outstanding balance on a credit card account. This was a shock since I am and have

Kohl’s Coupon Complaint: Was not allowed to use coupon

I shop at Kohl’s because I find great deals and receive $10 off coupons and on Saturday 3-30-13. I went in to use my coupon. It was for 10 off a 40 purchase including women’s dress & casual shoes, handbags

Kohl’s Complaint: Rude, inefficient jewlery dept. Oceanside CA 4-1-2013

I called to enquire the status of my engagement ring bought through kohls by my fiance. He is part of the military and we are being relocated. As soon as I called I was greeted very unfriendly, the girl wouldn’t

Kohl’s Management Complaint: manager at Kohls very rude

I was shopping at Kohls on the eve of 3/30. The manager kept going around the store reminding the associated to get moving to avoid overtime. Then he kept announcing over the speaker to hurry and get in line. There

Kohl’s Exchange Complaint: Problem with an Item Return

I purchased a mattress topper from Kohls (via about two months ago. In that short period of time it started to sag and lose its shape even though I am a “lightweight,” so to speak. I had charged the

Kohl’s Exchange Complaints: Returning Clothing to Store

I purchased a pack of 6 Nike socks, 3 to 4 days after I had purchased the socks I opened the pack and realized they were not the socks I wanted . They had the arch support, which I do

Kohl’s Customer Complaint: Poor Customer Service

I do not have a questions but need to make a complaint on the Customer Service that I received a few minutes ago. I am pretty new to your store charge practices. My daughter added me to her account and

Hanes Clothing at Kohls Extremely Overpriced

Tonight I went to Kohls to use some merchandise credit from a returned item. They were about to close and I needed to grab some boxer briefs and socks for my boyfriend. Conveniently, there was a deal for mens socks

Kohl’s Complaint: credit card late fees

I sent my februarys payment early and kohls received it on Jan 28 and now they are saying I never payed my February bill and they put a late fee on my acct. I didn’t know I was going to

Kohl’s Complaint: Customer Service really doesn’t live up to their name

Last year I purchased a pair of sandles which I really liked. After I wore them for a few days the piece that connects the sandle to the sole of the shoe tore right out. I still had the box

Kohl’s Complaint: Attendant at customer service was very rude

We were returning some items at the customer service and the person attending us was very rude. Her name was Jenny. We were not satisfied with her attitude at all.

Kohl’s Complaint: Sent my debt to collection and still harassing me

I am at my wits end. Im pursuing taking kohls to court for harassment. I had a debt of a little over $400. Didn’t pay on it for a while, so they sent the debt to collections. I have paid

Complaint Against Kohl’s: harassment

I just went shopping with my boyfriend at the local kohls and the whole time we were in the store we were followed around by the sales associates, even when we weren’t walking around together. When I even went to

Kohl’s Plainville Complaint: Horrible check out service

I just visited the Kohls in Plainville, CT and waited at least 10 minutes in a check out line with one customer because the cashier was slow and chatty with the other customer only to have her then misring my

Kohl’s Blender Complaint: faulty food network blender

I am not upset with Koh l’s but I am upset with the Food network blender #18018 that i bought there in early December. i only used it 1-2 times a week. This past week the plastic collar broke. I

Kohl’s Complaint: Harassing Collection Calls

Cancel my card cause I will never shop your store again. Just the way you handle your credit card customers when it concerns late payments is absurd. I made the biggest mistake in getting a credit card thru you. The

File Complaint Against Kohl’s: rude managers at Kohl’s

I had a question about something that was ringing wrong than what it was marked. I told the cashier that it wasnt 59.99 marked back there that it was 34.99 and she said shell check she said it is marked

Kohl’s Shipping Complaint: registries shipping policy

Kohls makes it difficult for people to buy gifts for a registry online and have them shipped to them. Kohls makes whoever is registering fill out a shipping address when they register and this is where all the gifts go.

Kohl’s Complaint: Refund amount incorrectly charged

I had purchased an item for $ 64.46 incl 8.37% tax. I had received $15 kohls cash since the item price was more than $50. I was told when I return the item, the kohls cash will b deducted from

Kohl’s Online Order Complaint: Christmas Day Sales Incident

I purchased an online order on Christmas Day, to take advantage of the sale. I also had $50 in kohls cash for the purchase. When my order didn’t arrive, I contacted customer service. They told me that Fed Ex had

Kohl’s Complaint: Lee Jeans that were not cut to size

I purchased a pair of Lee Jeans at your store in Auburn, Al. I wore them a couple of times but they seemed to be extra large for the size I purchased. Now I have purchased several Lee Jeans and

Kohl’s Corporate Complaint: buy one get one for $1 scam

I picked out a pillow that had no price on it, I took it to a price check scanner,it came up as 13.99, that day this pillow was buy one get one for a dollar, when I went to check

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