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2014 Jack in the Box Customer Reviews

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Jack in the Box – customer service

I went through the drive thru and ordered a 20 piece combo substituted the fries with wedges loaded with cheese n bacon a coke and an order of tacos. The lady at the window was very rude and my order

Jack in the Box Employee Harrassment & Hours cut

When I was hired on, May 22nd 2013 by Desire at the Jack in the Box in Richland Wa, I was asked what hours and days I could work. I told her Mon-Sat, anytime between 10am and 6 pm. I

Jack in the Box Horrible Customer Service

I visit there this morning and while placing my order the drive-thru cashier Natasha displayed much attitude w/ me. I placed my order she asked “what size drink would I like” when I advised her whatever size that comes w/

Jack in the Box California Complaint: most terrible customer service

Earlier this morning right around 6:00 a.m. I went to the jack in the box located at; 5016 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250 and the moment I walked in I was given an extremely unpleasant stare from a

Jack in the Box Corporate Complaint: manager being vindictive

I have a fiance who has put in alot of work,,and has been pretty much a top shift Jack in the Box team leader overall.. Never ever calls in for a day off..always stays late to wait for next shift

Jack in the Box Complaint: portion of food not even 1/2 cup of rice

I purchased a chicken teriyaki bowl. I paid $4.76 which is fine but the portion of food that was given to me was a joke. The bowl was not even 1/2 way full. Called them to let them know and

Jack in the Box Complaint: Bad customer service

My order was incorrect. I was missing part of my order when I went back in to the restaurant i went to the cashier and she refered me to another associate. The person I spoke to was kind of surprised

Jack in the Box Customer Complaint: worst service ever

I went to get a valu meal @ jack in box on Avondale Blvd and vanburen, Avondale Az 85323 @ 6:41 Emp marcelina Jb First of all it took more then five minutes to even notice I was waiting to

Jack in the Box Ugly trashy TV commercials

I’m tired of seeing ugly, trashy, disrespectful & non kid friendly commercials. What does a squirrel shooting the finger or a woman lifting up her shirt, have to do with a burger??? I have stopped eating at your restaurants because

Jack in the Box Complaint: Highly upset about the food I received!!!!!

I went thru the drive thru located on Buckner and Bruton, ordered a hot mess combo, jumbo jack combo and a chicken pita combo, drinks had NO ice in them but I excused that but once I made it home

Jack in the Box Complaint: Bad Service at Jack

I went to jack in the box today to get lunch, for One it took about 10 min. to get through the drive through anf they said that it was because they make thier food fresh when my grilled chicken

Jack in the Box Complaint: bad service

My family and I went to Jack in the box , Yesterday on Florida Blvd and Flannery Rd in Baton Rouge, La, yesterday Feb 3, 2012. We spent 45 min in the drive through line, if ther was a way

Jack in the Box Complaint: no receipt and missing items

when we went to park in jack-in-the-box this drive-thru frequently and have never had a problem if they needed to fix my order…very disturbing especially since i wasparking lot to eat,we opened bag and noticed the part of order was

Jack in the Box Tacos Complaint: Bad grease soaked tacos

I ordered 6 tacos to go and after a 10 minute drive to the house, I picked the sack up and there was so much grease in the the sack the tacos fill to the ground and there was so

Jack in the Box: Drive through unattended – Lobby doors locked

On 12/30/12 at 8:30 pm, no one would answer the outside speaker. Three other cars left, same problem. I drove to the front, walked up to the pick-up window and knocked several times on the window before someone came. I

Jack in the Box Complaint: No washrooms for customers 1636 Euclid Ave San Diego

San Diego County Department of Health Food and Housing Division Duty Specialist December 9, 2012 To whom it may concern: Re: No customer restrooms available Jack in the Box 1636 Euclid Ave San Diego CA 92105-5413 On this day December

Jack in the Box Complaint: idiot in drive thru window

First, this chick asked me my order 3 different times! i ordered two tacos no sauce, easy lettuce, add onions..everytime she repeated it at the window, she got it wrong..then got an attitude and slammed the window in my face..i

Jack in the Box Complaint: Wrong order

I ordered a jumbo jack no tomatoes they put tomatoes on my burger i drove back gave the burger back and told them it was suppose to be no tomatoes they just took the tomatoes off an gave the burger

Jack in the Box Complaint: rude manager and ordering food

i went to order in drive thru.. manager doesnt understand and speak english… we started to order and i wanted to no what the total of what i ordered.. she didnt tell me… we were not finished ordering and she

Jack in the Box Complaint: Denied a complimentary water for my 16 year old son

I am very disappointed that my sons have been denied water at lunch time when going to Jack in the Box. They always purchase food and are taking a medication that requires them to cut out there sugar intake. On

Jack in the Box Complaint: Houston Texas Location

I went to jack in the box (251 greens red, Houston, TX 77060) about approximately 2 almost 3 this morning (Oct. 27. 12) and received no service at all through the drive thru. When I first got there 3 cars

Jack in the Box Complaint: Stupid Shakes

I normally like ya’lls shakes but this time was a fail i went to Jack in the box and ordered a regular chocolate shake, well yall were out of chocolate of course so i take a cookies and cream well

Jack in the Box Complaint: rude drive thru employee

I went to jack in the box drive thru here in hickey/elcamino waiting for my turn to order, so finally the person taking the order at drive thru ask me if im ready so i started telling him the order

Jack in the Box Complaint: Missing food

Ordered about 24.00 worth of food to get home to find out am missing food, than I called back to the store and they don’t want to answer the phone. I called about 8 times let it ring until they

Jack in the Box Complaint: Horrible Cashier

Tonight my husband, daughter and I was assisted by Chesley of Jack in the Box. Location of this Jack in the Box is in Long Beach, Ca on PCH/Orange across the street from Long Beach City College and CVS Pharmacy.

Jack in the Box Complaint: unsatisfactory services

At drive thru #177. JIB#647. EMP Tiffany messed my order all up. This is the second time she has done. Now if I was to break out from eating Mayo and mustard, I would of filed a complaint with the

Jack in the Box Complaint: wrong food order

I went to jack n the crack at 1130 p.m in houston,texas shepard and donovan placed my order on the screen my order was correct I ordered a sd philly cheese steak combo lg root beer and a jumbo jack

Jack in the Box Complaint: Inappropriate remarks in the drive thru

On 11-6-12, at approximately 8:23 pm, I ordered a chocolate shake, and a chocolate overload cake. Not that it makes a difference, but they weren’t for me, nor am I overweight. When I reached the window, Daniel, the employee on

Jack in the Box Complaint: Received cold food at drive up window

We visited the Jack In The Box in Mira Loma Ca 91752 on the corner of Limonite and Etiwnada avenues this evening 10/5/2012 @ 7:36 pm ticket number #185 JIB# 3223. Ordered 1 bacon club and 1 sourdgh jack and

Jack in the Box Complaint: Sloppy order/incompitance

I order a breakfast sandwich and hashbrowns in the drive through. When I got home to eat I noticed that my hashbrowns looked half eaten and squished and they gave me a burrito instead of a sandwich. I also order

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