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The following are consumer complaints filed about Ford, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 Ford complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various Ford reviews below.

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Ford Complaint: negligency of ford dealer in insurance claim

i have a car ford feista no. HR60 D 0621 which met accident on 10 april. 2013. i file insurance claim with khushi ford, panipat. i show the damage to car which is visible to me to ashok kumar insurance

Ford Complaint: 2005 grand marquis car complaint

I purchased my marquis new in 2006 as a 2005 leftover the car ran great until the warranty exspired then my air conditioner compressor went at 65k miles my transmission went both costly repairs now my headlights don’t function properly

Ford Complaint: Ford Fiesta Trend 1011 Model, steering wheel column have a hammering noise when turning steering

When turning the steering of my Ford Fiesta,there is a hammering sound and feeling on the steering wheel, i already took the car in 3times for the same problem and they just grease it but after a week a the

Fort Taurus Synk Complaint: Verizon Phone Not Working

I had a problem with my Verizon phone not working on my new Ford Taurus Synk. The person that said he was the assistance manager told us it was the car that was bad not the phone after Ford already

Problems with 2010 Ford Fusion Engine Light

I am so disappointed with the way Ford has handled the most recent problem we have come across with our Fusion. We were proud to purchase an American car because we believed in Ford and my husband’s grand father once

Do Not Buy from Ford Motor Company

I gave the Ford Motor Company five (5) chances to get me out of my overpriced iconic Mustang into the car I really wanted, the Ford Focus, and on four of those occasions the dealerships lied to me: we had

2012 Ford Focus Radio Broken

I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus in July 2011. I am unable to get the radio station that I usually listen to which is FM 87.7 mind you I can get the radio station on my $20.00 radio I keep

2007 Ford Fusion Lease Brake Problems

in 2007 i leased a 2007 ford fusion new with 125 miles on it the brake sensor went out the themostat went out pocaro ford in racine replaced that and the next day the cars engine and transmission were junk

2006 Ford Explorer Extended Warranty has Problems

I THOUGHT FORD BACK UP THEIR PRODUCT. I bought a new 2006 Explorer from Future Ford of Sacramento thinking that Ford backup their product and we are in good hands. • In January of 2007, our vehicle had a major computer

2008 Ford F250 Repairs and Recall Defects

As of six months ago I purchased my first Ford F250 truck. To be honest I have to say I have never been more dissatisfied with the performance of this vehicle or quality of your customer service. This is a

2004 Ford Mustang is a Poor Quality Car

I bought a 2004 mustang in Toms River. I test drove the car and all was great. i came back at the end of the week to get the car and as i pulled away i noticed the brakes going

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