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The following are consumer complaints filed about Farmville, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 Farmville complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various Farmville reviews below.

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2014 Farmville Customer Reviews

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Farmville 2 Game Complaint: farmville 2 not finishing task

on the last task that i have going right now the one with the pig wollering it says feed 4 adult rabbits i have done that several time i also in the past have lost things on task and when

Farmville Complaint: farmville2 requests

i am getting frustrated with farmville 2 because can’t get thge requests my friends send me the request evenlope will not load and appear. I have complain to Zynga and no respond and i’m not the only player having this

Complaint Against Farmville: game not providing me with level up xp’s, loss of money

This is the second time I have leveled up and my corps have not matured. I am currently in a contest with many people regarding playing this game. This has also happened to another player. we are getting ready to

Complaint Against Farmville: The New quest did not appear

I am playing farmville 2 and I knew that their is a new quest (Floral feast I think) but it did not appear on me. Why I don’t have quest like that. I’m already level 29. Please fix this because

Farmville 2 Game Complaint: Sick of farmville 2 problems

My newest complaint has to do with being less than 200 to level up, had to refresh, came back and had close to 20,000 to level up. What’s up? I spend lots of money on farmville bucks, obey the rules

Farmville Coins Complaint: Lost of Coin in Farmville 2

I had purchased Mango garden using 3,00,000 coin some days back, it seems my coins vanished but land is not vacant and asking me again for 3,00,000 coin. Kindly vacant the plot or back my 3,00,000 coin. Moreover everytime I

Farmville Game Complaint: Cant load page and Crops Ready to Harvest

Have been trying to get on my game page for over an hour now !! Have crops READY to harvest, and also earlier I had over $800,000 on my coins account, bought 1 item, a Cafe’ for $150,000 then all

Farmville 2 Complaint: My Post Never Post so People Can send things I request

I have been playing many of your games Farmville and Farmville 2 for many years fist off about 1 year ago I lost my whole farm and had to start a new one. Now that I have been working on

Farmville Complaint: Missing gold and can’t access my Zynga account

I have today been to my store on Farmvill 2 to sell items. I had chosen Lots of item including 200 milk, fruit, ect over 600,000 in gold, When I hit “sell” it did BUT i did not get the

Farmville game forced me to purchase free spin

while on my 5th day I attempted to use my free spin. once I clicked on “spin” it took me to a diff. screen and I was unable get out by clicking on the “x” so I refreshed my screen.

Farmville Complaint: Can’t load Farmville Game or Quests

I haven’t been able to load Farmville since about 5 PM on Nov.27th and it’s getting really frustrating.What are you doing to Farmville that we can’t get on?My farms are withering and I’m getting really upset and WILL quit if

Farmville Complaint: Zynga game farmville 2

I’ve been playing for some time now and today out of nowhere all the stuff I had accumulated disappeared and I was put right back to the start of the game. I already had my hen house and a full

Farmville Complaint: Missing my farm cash

Last week there was a problem with the bloom gardens and your FV cash. I had 14 FV dollars that disappeared. I’d like to know if we are going to get that back since its extremely hard to get unless

5 Problems with Farmville Game While Playing

1] my seedlings are not growing into exotic trees even though they are coming from orchards or groves full of mostly exotic trees. 2] i’m posting my requirements but they are not showing in others’ walls . then how am

Farmville Cash Just Disappears While Playing Online

While playing Farmville in February of 2012, I bought a dress for my avatar. The next day when I got on farmville, the dress was gone and so was the money. A Zynga representative was very helpful at first and

My Paddocks don’t Produce New Horses

I have always purchased your horses and bred them to be given away happily. Your new paddocks do not produce, mine have never bred any of the new horses!I could have kept them all in my stable and had fun

Sick and Tired of Farmville Inbox Not Working

I got a mail from Farmville in my email inbox saying that i will get 20 farm cash for free and also a hen on returning to my farm. But even after trying several times i still have not received

Farmville Problems – Unable to Post Any Quests

I have multiple problems going on. First I am unable to post anything. It flashes a white screen and that’s it. No post. Which means I can’t complete my quests, which is really frustrating. Also I have refresh my page

Farmville Problem Loading English Farm

I have been having a problem loading my English farm, it is really messing my computer up as it says that the flash player is not responding, it is only on that farm the other 2 load most of the

Farmville – Not Able to Ask Friends for Help

or the past few days I have been unable to ask friends for help with sending items for the quest since the box to share isnt out for me to share on my wall. Due to this problem I have

Not Able to Ask for Help on Quest

For the last few weeks I have been unable to ask friends for help with sending items for the quest. Due to this problem I have been unable to complete the quest and get the rewards. This seems like an

Farmville Is My Life Please Help Me

I am disabled and farmville has become my crutch for my depression. I have also got my five grandchildren,daughter in law and my son playing this. Here is the problem. When we breed our sheep and go to get our

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