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ESPN Commercial Offends Farmers with Fake Dating Website

Watching ESPN on Saturday night around 9 and 10 pm you had a commercial about a dating site for farmers. I was very upset the way you portrayed the American farmer. You portrayed them as being as being ignorant. Farmers

ESPN Complaint: How about giving the college marching bands a few minutes?

I am so disappointed that every bowl game on ESPN this year has not shown the marching band half time performances. They are an integral part of the college football experience and something I look forward to with each college

ESPN Texas Chainsaw commercials during college football

ESPN’s decision to run chainsaw movie commercials during college football games is really sad, low and sickening. I have been up with one of our children for the past two nights with nightmares and I have had several discussions with Complaint: ESPN deletes your account if you say anything bad about the Mavericks

I noticed several months ago that if you go to the ESPN Dallas site and say anything bad about Mark Cuban or the Dallas Mavericks that the ESPN police/monitors immediately bash you and delete your posts. As a die hard

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