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2014 Disney Channel Customer Reviews

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Disney Channel New Mickey Mouse Shorts

I have recently watched the new Mickey Mouse movie shorts and have found them to be absolutely despicably awful! How can you change Mickey Mouse and his demeanor?!!! He is now pouring ice cream down his pants?! What is that!

Disney Channel Complaint: why isnt thats so raven on any more

thats so raven was one of the best shows ever and we used to watch it all the time and now all the great shows have been taken off to be replaced with absolutley rubbish shows called jessie dog with

Television Complaint: Scary movies on cartoon channels

I am a concerned Mother of 3 children, ages 15, 13, and 2. While watching cartoons on channels such as Disney, Abc family, etc we saw previews to PG13 scary movies such as Mama and The Last Exorcism. I myself

Disney Channel Complaint: Cancelled and eliminated favorite TV shows

I have loved Disney shows as far back as I can remember. Now my little ones do too. Unfortunately, the channels have recently become geared toward older children. While this is worthwhile for evening viewing, most daytime viewing is by

Disney Channel Network Complaint: Laugh Track

As a child I enjoyed watching the show Phil of the Future because it contained amusing content. Recently, I came across the show ANT Farm , I enjoyed the characters, however I find the laugh track very distracting, even annoying.

Bring back the old disney channels back

Hi, I am CJ Joseph a kid who lives in Boston Ma, I am 14 years old and I am filing a complaint to the Disney channel people to bring back the old shows. Now Disney channel has gone downhill

Disney Channel Complaint: Inappropriate show for children

Hello. I am a mother of a 4 year old who loves to watch Disney Jr. She watches it every night before bed. In the past, I have not felt the need to watch over her shoulder to approve of

Disney Channel Complaint: Remarks against obese people

To whom it may conceren , I am making this complaint because of the remarks made towards obese people. Some of the shows such as good luck Charlie and Jessie are worse than others. I personally am not obese but

Parents Disney Channel Complaint: Disney channel shows

To whom it may consern, I am going to be a mother in less then 3 weeks and my husband and I grew up watching Disney channel in the 90s now that I am home I went back to watch

Disney Channel Complaint: TV Shows on the Disney Channel

Dear Disney Channel, I have been a lifelong Disney fan, but what I have heard or rather NOT heard on a Disney Channel movie recently absolutely offends. Shame on you. On Halloween I was watching the movie The Little Vampire

Disney Channel Complaint: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my 1, 2, 3, 6, and 9 year old nephews, when Mickey took an extraordinarily long candy cane in Toodles’s whatever the hell that thing is. First of all, a motherfucking robot mouse

Ant Farm: Why does angus use a wheelchair?

I am writing this for my daughter who is 8 1/2 and is in a power chair because she has an unknown muscular dystrophy. She is in a gen ed classroom and on standards so is not cognitively effected. This

Disney Channel Complaint about Aladdin movie

My 11 yr old was watching the disney channel last night, I didn’t know Aladdin was on til I walked into the room and heared the subliminal messege. I know if I could hear it as I’m walking into the

Disney’s Lady & The Tramp Re-Release

Lady & The Tramp Re-Release. Ok, so I know this may sound trivial to some people and I definitely have worse problems in life than what I am about to make a complaint of, but I feel that it is necessary

Hocus Pocus Making Fun of Being a Virgin

I remember it was frowned upon to have sex at such a young age but even Disney seems to impose it on children! I thought I was protecting my children and filtering what they watch by enforcing Disney but my

Good Luck Chuck Sending a Bad Message

On Saturday afternoon I switched over to the Disney channel for some easy watching. I was horrified while watching an episode of good luck Charlie (sun down part 2). The mother was wearing a fat suit and was under a

Disney Channel Shows are Getting Trashy

I bet you, you all know about the Disney Channel “hit” show, “Shake It Up”. I was watching it with my daughter, Alexa, and then “Shake It Up” was on. As a parent, I say that I have never seen

Disney Channel TV Shows not for Children

I think it’s actually sad that today my cousin grows up watching shows like Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up, and ANT Farm. The shows are absolutely messed up! On “Good Luck Charlie”, the show’s not as bad as certain

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