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2014 Comcast Customer Reviews

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Comcast – Comcast customer service sucks

Ordered comcast bought a bundle package with promo package extra chanels. I left Comcast 2yrs ago and got Direct TV because Comcast took away chanels that I was paying for that was on my bill and they said I never

Comcast Complaint: Stop MSNBC Racial lies and liberal bias

It is absolutely disgusting to hear or watch any so-called news on MSNBC. I want to watch the news without being called a racist, woman hater, homophobic, children killing, idiot christian right wing nut! Just because I dont agree with

Comcast Cable Complaint: worst customer experience so far

I own several residential businesses and specifically called today becuase I am getting charged double on my business internet at one of my locations. I had a static IP added to the business site and comcast has failed repeatedly to

Comcast Service Complaint: the worst service ever

I have been a comcast customer for about two years now for all my services phone internet and dec 2012 i was unable to pay my bill so my service was interrupted. as soon as i was able i

Comcast Xfinity Error: Log in Safari error code 34384

I started Xfinity internet service. It is good, but when I try to log into my comcast account I get error code 34384. I did the on-line chat thing with four Comcast analysts. They all had me do the same

Comcast Safari Complaint: Error Code 34384 – Fixed

My MAC with Safari always got Error Code 34384 when I tried to log into my Comcast account. Comcast was no help despite several tries with different analysts. My Firefox and Google Chrome had no trouble logging in. In an

Comcast Service Complaint: You must be kidding

If I ran my business the way these Comcast people run theirs I would be out of business within a month. Half the time I can’t reach anybody in their help Comcast system other than in the Philippines and the

Comcast Complaint: Customer service, plan and equipment issue

I’ve been completely disappointed with Comcast in the last two weeks. The customer service reps aren’t helpful, informed, and can’t solve problems with the services. I’ve had to call in 5-6 times and still no resolution. Problem: In the last

Latest Comcast xfinity Reviews for 2013

I am moving into a new state next month for work and cannot take Verizon FIOS with me. I must now choose between the latest Comcast xfinity package and ATT Uverse for internet. You find many reviews from 2010 and

Comcast Billing Complaint: billing department issues with over payment

I sent this letter to Brian Roberts/CEO Hi, Brian This is in ref. to the above subject. I received a bill for $179.87 saying and charging me for a returned check. First, I paid the bill online and as you

Comcast Complaint: Poor Service – No refund check –

On 12/18/12 I cancelled my Comcast Service due to the continual increase in the cost of my cable. I went to FIOS and am very happy with them and wish I had dropped you sooner – I am a 23+

Comcast Complaint: Poor Service – No refund check –

On 12/18/12 I cancelled my Comcast Service due to the continual increase in the cost of my cable. I went to FIOS and am very happy with them and wish I had dropped you sooner – I am a 23+

Comcast Complaint: Over Billing Monthly

Every month I get a bill and it is significantly higher. After filing to the BBB, twice, the Executive Office calls me and drops the bill down. Then, after that it starts all over again. I guess I need to

Comcast Complaint: nothing ever works … internet…cable…phone!

We have been customers for years and we actually wanted comcast intill all these promblems begain. We cant even use gsevelowour landline phone. This is extreme. I finally got online and im trying to hurry brfore it cuts off. please

Comcast Complaint: $300 gift card never received

on 8-17-2012 i signed up for comcast bundle deal with a $300 gift its been 6 months now and 40 or more phone calls and all i get is a run a round about the gift card, what to do

Comcast Complaint: Auto payment – not working

Hi Comcast, I just want to file a complaint about our account (8155100091154264)…I have enrolled it under automatic payment starting January but to my dismay upon checking tonight that my bill for January was not paid. What made it worst

Complaint Against Comcast: xfinity commercial middle of day

I am writing to complain about the comcast xfinity commercial that I just watched. Its on your NIK channel was during the middle of the day and shows violence and inappropriate material for my small children. It was an advertisement

Complaint Against Comcast: Over charges and empty promises

Dear all, The past few months have been pretty frustrating dealing with comcast. I had no issues when my bill payment option was set to autopay and did not know about how much I was being charged. I got a

Complaint Against Comcast: Lack of service by Comcast

I had a tech come to my house last Thursday to install a transfer service order. He was so focus on getting to the next job that he left me with no Phone or internet connection. I then had an error #34384: How Can I Fix?

I keep getting the following error when I sign in to my account, error #34384. How can I fix this? Tried contacting Comcast customer support specialist and waited on hold for awhile to no avail. I want to watch

Comcast Packages for Unhappy Current Customers

Where are the Comcast bundle packages for upset and unhappy current customers? It seems to me that when I am angry about my monthly bill I will call the Comcast customer service hotline and yell at them, guess what? They

Comcast Complaint: Very Unsatisfied First Time Customer


Comcast Service Complaint: Below the line performance by Comcast

I had a service apointment on Wednesday 01/09/2013 between 1pm and 3 pm. No show, I called and I was told that they see no appointment scheduled. I set up another apointment for 01/12/2013 between 1 pm and 3 pm

Comcast Florida Complaint: Sign Up Online and Wouldn’t Work

I recently signed up for comcast for our florida home. First I tried to set it up online and it refused to work so I had to call. When I called they told me the online price was no longer

Comcast Review: customer service reps lied to me

I have had horrible customer service experience with your company and judging from the reviews I have read online, I am not alone by a long shot. Let me begin with today’s issue. I contacted customer service on Nov 30,

Comcast Complaint: Letter of Very Poor Customer Service

We have been in our new house since July of this year. As of date we have had your service people out at least six times. I am livid as my husband works 6 days a week and on Nov

Comcast Complaint Letter: Scam $250.00 Gift Card

I was lured into changing from dish network to Comcast with a $250.00 gift card in Jan 2012. To date, they have given me the run-a-round for this gift card. After a month of service I called their office and

Comcast Complaint Letter: Non active phone line not working

Account #8155600680040378 December 04, 2012 9:37pm Had to cancel Comcast Phone only because I rarely had service the Month of Nov, 2012. I am 90 years old and depend on my telephone. My daughter who is my care giver, Pamela

Comcast Complaint Letter: Comcast wireless and iphone 4

We purchased 3 iphone 4 devices about 2 months ago and had comcast install a wireless router shortly after. Our computers and wii work with this Arris router, but our iphones only work intermittently, and rarely. We have had data

Comcast Complaint: Service was shut off without authorization

I had recently placed a call with comcast about a quote to move to a different adress. The person I had spoke with went ahead and had the service shut off without my approval. I had told her I was

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