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The following are consumer complaints filed about AT&T, using our online complaint department form. If you are looking for the 2014 AT&T complaint number, email address, or corporate hotline, feel free to browser through the various AT&T reviews below.

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2014 AT&T Customer Reviews

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AT&T – Your Commercials

For the love of god please I’m begging you AT&T stop using kids in your commercials It’s not cute or funny you are a phone company I’m so fucking sick and tired of seeing those idiotic kids and that is

AT&T – Poor custumer service

Hello My name is Randy Gray Accounts # 504 393-0832 475 and 504 361-4601 476 My complaint is about a few things. I have been with AT&T for over 15 years. My business was @ 1801 Hancock street Gretna Louisiana

AT&T – Installation and Internet Gateway box

I moved from Canton Ohio to Mt Pleasant S.C. I had wireless internet and phone I this wanted what I have in Canton,Ohio. I did not ask for a new equipment. I should not need to pay will $199.99. They

AT&T – Unacceptable service

I ordered my service over the phone (DSL Only)…That was a month ago…I still do not have DSL…. I have called for Help..Several times! Not one person has been able to help me… Plus everybody asks me for an account

AT&T A scam to get more money out of customers

I called in to AT&T on August 15 2013, to figure out why there was A charge on my one line for Internet use when it was suppose to be Blocked I got that fixed and made arrangements to pay

AT&T Fraud phone call from a firm that claimed to be Windows Tech. Dept.

ON 8/16/2013, around 7:30 PM, we received a call from Windows Tech Mgt. Dept. that stated our computed was filled with many viruses and was about to crash. We believe that the caller was engaging in fraud and did not

AT&T Advertising

KI use AOL and at least 5 times per day an AT&T Ad cascadees across the page I am working on and interrupts my work. I must stop what I am doing and individually close out each AT&T page. This

AT&T Unreliable network

I am in Rockland Maine for the summer. Our contract with AT&T originated in North Carolina where we live in the winter. I have little complaint about the service in North Carolina but the Rockland area is a totally different

AT&T Complaint: Major lawn damage

Late last fall the grassy area at our curb was dug up and seeded to repair a phone problem our neighbor had directly across the street from us. My grassy area damaged is approx. 5 foot x 40 foot which

AT&T Complaint: LTE network

I pay about 135 or more a month for one phone line, since I am a college student with no laptop I use my iphone for everything. I called maybe only twice to complain about the huge amount I am

AT&T Complaint: Sad

I called to get my e-mail unlocked…after several persons explaining I was sent a few text numbers, could not get any to work. I was told to go to the ATT store and they would unlock it….take a couple of

AT&T Complaint: Commercials

Whoever does your commercials is horrible at their job. Where did you get all the ugly kids? I work at a bar and my customers ask me to change the channel or mute when your commercials come on. Thats pretty

AT&T Complaint: incompetent and rude cutomer service

My daughter has had her email address for over 5 years. She is serving in the US army, stationed in Germany. Two days ago, she was able to access her emails. Today, her email account said it was inactive.

AT&T Support Complaint: Customer service non existant

Ordered U-Verse and schedule installation between 8 and 12 on April 4, 2013 the tech never showed or called. Contacted various ATT numbers and got someone from India the majority of the time. Called everyday and was shuttled around for

AT&T Complaint: turn my service back on please

Will not turn my service back on when I just cancleded it one day ago.I have talk to several person on they side.Was told it would be on by midnight one night,never happened.I have been talking to them for three

AT&T Billing Complaint: Double billing each month

I called AT&T in March to get long distance added to my home phone service. I was told by customer service that uverse was now available in my area and that all at&t customers where going to have to convert

AT&T Complaint: Cutting off my service after complaint

I complained bitterly about the crap that was pulled on me when they sold me a phone that was only supposed to be used for emergencies.Their response this morning was to cut off my phone service. I have been with

AT&T Complaint: Poor Customer Care Service

I have never had a worse experience with you. I ordered a cell phone last week. Ten days later I am getting a refund that I do not want because of the incompetence of some of your workers. I sent

AT&T Complaint: Incorrect billing constant problems with bill

I’m being billed for past due bill of $71.42 that has been paid before due…I’ve talked to teo representative who assureed me the bill would be corrected. The bill was paid from the huntington bank account so there are records

AT&T Complaint: customer service…false representation…no call back from mgr when requested from suprivisor

Had u-verse (internet and phone acct 125789596) installed 3/29/13 at 11am. Needed to install new wiring, apprx 700 feet, was told they will bury wire in 1 – 2 days. I was givin intaller and his mgrs telephone number in

AT&T Complaint: Bad customer service number

On March 28, 20213, I request to switch my home phone from U-verse to a regular home phone line due to U-verse not comply with the home security company ( order # 97001408). The technician was scheduled on April 2

AT&T Sales Complaint: Cannot hang up on sales calls

like everyone else I harassed by unwanted sales phone calls. Now we also cannot easily hang up. As you know you have introduced a new feature that prevents a hang up until the call is completed by the calling machine.

AT&T Harassment Complaint: Billing Minutes Are Outrageous

When AT&T took over US Cellular in 2006, I woke up in the morning and my service had been switched. This was done without me signing any contracts with you or any notice. Then, you stated that I would have

AT&T Billing Complaint Hotline: incorrect billing problems

On Friday March 22, 2013 I called AT&T to discuss my current bill which I just received. In Oct we started the bundled billing I was advised my bill would be $124.00 for 2 years my first bill and subsequent

AT&T Billing Complaint: ATT Deceptive Billing & Consumer Fraud

I signed up for an ATT UVERSE 200 / High speed internet bundle advertised at $90.00 per month with free HBO and Cinemax for 3 months. After 3 months ATT has billed me for a total of $497.99. They also

AT&T Billing Complaint: My bill not correct

Since October of 2012 when I added internet to my land line service they never can get my bill right. I called on 3-11-13 to try to get something straighten out went thought three people and then on the fourth

AT&T Complaint: Hurricane Sandy International Calls

After Hurricane Sandy, ATT claimed my husband was Internationally calling/texting, however he never left the states. ATT would not show us proof of these claims and billed us for over $300 charges. I continued to fight with ATT over our

AT&T U-Verse Complaint: Improper Set Up of Uverse Equipment

I would call and talk to AT&T about this but I was but on hold forever and could never get through. Two weeks ago I had U-Verse internet and cable installed in my apartment. The man who installed the equipment

AT&T Complaint: Being harassment from an AT&T employee

I contacted At&t towards the end of June last year (2012) about an employee saying she was and could access my account. So I called and filed a complaint and had At&t put a passcode on my account so she

AT&T Sales Complaint: A rude sales consultant

I went ATT to ask about my bill, one of the sales consultants had bad manners and he looked impatient. I am very dissatisfied with his assist. His name is: Derek , Job title: Sales consultant Date: 02/25/2013, about 6:15

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