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Apple – Apple cant fix anything

2nd apple iphone 4 with faulty power off button. Apple store couldnt fix but offered refurbished phone with only 90 days warranty for £126. Store not interested that this is a common and known product defect. Goods not of merchandisable

Apple service procedure

I received an Apple I phone 4s black phone last summer as a gift. The on-off button doesn’t respond since mid of June. I was trying to find out about the procedure and if it is in the guarantee period

Apple Complaint: Not repaing my MacBook pro which is in warranty (case id 434686327)

I am Dr R K Mishra, from India, repair case id 434686327. Even after taking extended warranty, Apple unable to repair my MacBook Pro for last 4-month. Instead wasted my precious time, mental harrasment & agony, now the apple serbice

Apple Complaint: iCloud

I woke up to my phone this morning completely wiped out! I had to set up everything again, and on top of if I thought no big deal ill back it up using my cloud, but come to find out

Apple Complaint: Order Mountain Lion

My last two computers are iMacs. I like them much better than windows and do not plan to switch back. I need to up grade my OSX to Mountain Lion. Unlike when I upgraded to lion I got it via

Apple Complaint: Repair center/Apple policy

Hi, I’m very disappointed with you customer service and your apple repair. I had an issue with the ipod since few weeks, so I went to the apple store to get it repaired. Once your genius apple specialist Jesse Usher

Apple Complaint: Faulty game downloads !

Hi there!- just want to let you know that a lot if games in your App Store have a lot of problems downloading ! I have no idea why when my device is more than compatible for most games I

Apple Complaint: Mackbook Air screen broke and they said I did it.

I powered up my Apple Macbook Air 13″ and the screen had lines on it. I took it to the Apple store and they told me too bad. The man said I broke it by “possibly leaving a pen on

Apple Complaint: Missing chips

I had around 318,000,000 i was playing on a table and i had the high full House i bought all my money in on a table i went all in the other player calls it and it completly froze finaly

Apple Complaint: Ipod under warranty replacement not delivered

My apple ipod had some problem on account of which I had contacted Authorized Apple service centre in Lucknow-India [Redington (India) Ltd; 18, Madan Mohan Malaviya Marg, Lucknow 226001] on 04.04.2013. They took my ipod to be sent to Banglore

Apple Complaint: Software Support – $100, Not worth it!!

So my iPhone was stolen, I called my provider and locked the number/phone. I had insurance so I filed a claim and received the new phone in 2 days. Started to do the initial setup – I asked to back

Apple Complaint: Refuse of iMac Recall Repair

I have a Late 2006 iMac (intel) and I had it in for a screen replacement repair in September 2007 when the computer was only 6 months old… I left my computer at the apple authorized repair shop for 3

Apple Complaint: Apple Care Corporate Number

To Whom It May Concern, On (roughly) March 1 I reported that the right arrow key on my Apple MacBookPro had fallen off. I spoke with a representative who passed me on to his manager named CJ (?). CJ assured

Apple Hotline: Apple ignored my service visit

I spent $1700. on a Mac Book Pro. With that I could have bought 5 windows laptops. But Apple products are suppose to be such great quality. So I got a Mac. I had been having issues with there being

Apple Store Complaint: Problems encountered at Willow Grove Pa. Apple Store

Charge for a replacement charging wall plug unit after tech determined my old one “might” have been a problem with Ipod not recharging. “Old” plug not throughly test on store equipment to isolate the problem. Second, given an invoice reflecting

Apple Online Complaint: Wrong product delivery to customer

Order Number: W470218011 | Order Date 20/03/2013 Hello Sir, I am very happy to say That I got my Apple product today on 21/03/2013 at around 10:45 AM. Goal I am very disappointment by the technical specification Which I actually

Apple Complaint: not a member but was charged $ 21.00 for apple itunes

I, had to get my bank to freeze my account, because apple iTunes charged my account, how and why I do not know, I do not have any accounts with apple and never have. I called and spoke mark in

Apple iPhone Scam from appleiphonestorehk Website

Please people beware of the site. It’s just a pity I didn’t read the reviews first because then I would have not become a victim . These people mark Tina , they went back and fourth with me, so patientwith

Apple Complaint: Purchase from app store

Hi I purchased tithe app I Sail a while back thinking would be great to use when boating , when I tried to use this App and down load a map for my area Australia , it said only get

Apple Store Complaint: Won’t give me my hard drive

My daughter took her MacBook Pro to apple store today to be checked after getting gray screen with flashing folder. They said they didn’t have time to look at it and that she would need to leave it. She left

Apple iPhone 5 China Complaint: 90 Days Under Warranty

Dear Sir/Madam, I have bought I phone 5 from china. And using it since past 10 days. I have got a problem of tremendous call drops. I took my phone to RGS InfoTech – Tardeo, were Mr. Nitin did a

Apple Complaint: Not backed up

Hi. I recently lost the sound on my ipad. I called the customer support and we did some trouble shooting. Anthony was a nice person and tried everything however there was still no sound. He had me hook my ipad

Apple Complaint: my iphoto book

Hello, my name is stuart keshen and I recently purchased my second photo book through i-photo. I was quite satisfied with the first one and it was comparable to the shutterfly books i have made in the past. I just

Apple iPhoto Complaint: my iphoto book quality not good

Hello, my name is stuart keshen and I recently purchased my second photo book through i-photo. I was quite satisfied with the first one and it was comparable to the shutterfly books i have made in the past. I just

Apple Complaint: Faulty fourth replacement

Hi, I have been having issues with my now forth replaced with the iPhone. Each time going to the Sydney apple repair centre I have walked away feeling that apple employees do not care about the customer experience in not

Apple iPhone 4S Complaint: Lost iPhone Need a New One

I contacted apple some time ago and was told to return my iPhone 4S. Back for repair so I done that and contacted apple and they said they can’t find a record for it !! So I am £400 +

Apple iPhone 4S Complaint: Problems with Install Updates

I had two appointments today January 14, 20013 to take care of my iphone problems (my voicemail gives me double messages from every person who calles me.) and my mac computer. ( it was a sync issue, ) He kept

Apple iPod Complaint: Defective iPod Buttons – Volume Stuck

I bought an Ipod 6th genertion 2 years ago after 18 months the volume button got stuck, since it’s not part of warranty I got a new Ipod paying 70 euros. Now six months later the on/off button got stuck,

Apple iPhone App Complaint: Cannot Download 3G Apps

I have an I phone 3G I have been wanting to download apps but now i can only download them if I have a 4g or higher, I dish out enough money to be able to use this phone. I

Apple Computer Complaint: Faulty MacBook Pro Computer Repairs

I have had my MacBook Pro for 6 months. In that time, I have already had to send t in for repairs TWICE. Both problems were hardware problems, and were not caused my any misuse of the product on my

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