Complaints Against Comcast Triple Play Offers

Seymour Indiana Comcast Xfinity Service, I have complaints against comcast triple play offers. I signed up for the triple play package of TV, phone and internet. The first appointment, they were to arrive between 2pm and 4pm. The technician called at around 3:00pm and said he would be there in about 10 minutes.

By 3:45pm, I tried the number of the triple play offers technician that called to see what happened, but there was no answer and by the third time of me redialing, the phone went straight to voicemail…so I called comcast. They said that he looked to still be at the previous site. They said they would check it out and call me back.

By around 5:30pm and still not hearing anything, I called comcast again. He apologized, said they never know how long the job might take, took $20 off my bill and told me that I would just have to be patient and wait. So I waited until 6pm when I called comcast triple play and rescheduled the appointment because I had to go to work.

The second appointment they gave was 12:30pm to 2pm were there arrival times. At 2pm, and not hearing anything from a comcast offers technician, I called to find out what was going on. They said that I was on the route, that they didn’t know why they werent there and would call me back. By 3pm, I called and rescheduled again.

The third appointment, the comcast technician called at exactly 2pm, said that he was at my apartment complex at around 10am in the morning to check everything out first. He said that there was a comcast tower there, but that the wires were cut and therefore no one in that apartment complex should have complaints against comcast triple play offers.

He said that they never should have allowed for me to get setup, sorry for the inconvenience and that he would have to cancel it and call it in the comcast to drop services, including xfinity.

I called today, to make sure that I no longer had an account, and it was STILL open…either the people installing are very lazy or they need to work on their communication between departments…and work on their customer service skills (I should never have been told that I have to wait and be patient when they set the times that the technician should be there).

I can understand if something happens, but an hour or later past the time is completely ridiculous…or at least have the common curtesy to call. Our apartment complex is new…but the owner said we could call anyone.

I asked the comcast person setting up my account that my apartment number didn’t show up…others did, but not mine. She told me not to worry about it, being that it was a new complex, not every apartment has had comcast service. I swear that this was the biggest waste of my time and I will never use comcast service.

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