Complaints about Comcast Everyday Triple Play Package

Contacted comcast rep to get the HD triple play. The comcast rep told me I would have to buy a wireless router, as their modem doesn’t have one built in. Understand that I have already ready many complaints about comcast everyday triple play package online. He proceeded to sell me a router for $70.00. He then explained how far superior their HD was than everyone elses.

I fell for it. Turns out, the router isn’t a comcast router, and therefore not supported by comcast. Customer service knows nothing about it. They said they offer free routers. First scam. Also, it turns out comcast HD isn’t true HD but 1080i not 1080p. Second scam.

I was sucked in by a $250.00 rebate, which also doesn’t exist. Third scam. The internet is constantly kicking. The TV is always blinking in and out. And the HD isn’t HD. Sounds like there are some serious honesty issues with comcast/xfinity. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Fortunately, I am within my first 30 days. Hopefully they will honor their 30 day money back guarantee.

Stick a fork in me I am done with this company. I’ve been on the phone for 6 days trying to resolve a billing issue with these people and guess what NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE! I contacted the corporate office advised the representative of the situation, she looks into the system and tell me the I had another account and I owe $838.00 WHAT!

If that’s the case then why hasn’t Comcast turned this over to an collection agency? Why hasn’t this amount showed up on my credit report that I request on a yearly basis.

This is straight up BS, f#$@ Comcast I’d rather have Dish network.

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2 Customer Complaints about “Complaints about Comcast Everyday Triple Play Package
  1. Howie says:

    If you have the Everyday Triple Play and you noticed that your rate went up $7 instead of $5 like everyone else please call Comcast and complain..The Everyday Triple Play package was NOT included in the July billing announcement as being scheduled for a rate increase. All other packages were listed and they were all increased $5 per month. The Everyday Triple Play package rate went up $7 and nobody at Comcast can explain why..Next step for me is filing with small claims court. It is only $2 a month more but because we asked for the cheapest package they are trying to pull a fast one and hope nobody notices..

  2. Howie says:

    So I finally got a supervisor from Comcast to admit that the Everyday Triple Play is not really a Triple Play package and what you are charged is for Limited Basic and Digital Economy combined.Thats what they consider as the Everyday Triple Play package.That accounts for the $7 extra charge..Thats OK..At least I found somebody who knows what they are talking about and it doesn’t matter that much..uVerse will be in our area in the summer of 2014..I can’t wait.

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