Complaint Letter to AT&T President and CEO

I have had it with AT&T. Never in my life have I had so many problems with one company. I have internet, phone or billing problems nearly every month; and, I spend hours (amounting to days) trying to fix them. Why is it, AT&T, do your representatives need to disconnect my calls after I just spent 15-30 minutes on the phone with them, then to have to start all over again?! By the way, I try to be patient and as pleasant as possible and only get uptight after several tries.
I just don’t know what to do. Actually, I do.

As soon as my contract is up (if not sooner), I will definitely go elsewhere. It will be worth spending the money to get out of a contract to get out from under them. If anything, they are costing me a lot of money because I’m losing productive work time trying to get problems fixed.┬áThere, I feel better now. I would have liked to have explained how I feel to an AT&T representative; but, they would hang up on me like they usually do.

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4 Customer Complaints about “Complaint Letter to AT&T President and CEO
  1. JOE says:

    Can not call out on att phone. Got an att moron on internet that gives me numbers to call to report problem. Had to email friend. He called to peport my phone. So long, ATT.

  2. Janet Witmer says:

    I have a problem with my billing. Your customer service dept.said they would take of it. To date nothing. Janet Witmer 618 357 1242

  3. Anonymous says:

    Reference – Acct # 2283961993 As of today I want someone from Management that has a clue as to what the hell is going on with our service to contact me or my spouse at 228-547-2427. this has gone on for over 3 months of a continious run around of several #’s and contacts trying to remedy the problem with our Internet & phone service. I am requesting someone to come out and retreive the modem and any other equipment that your company owns. My wife has spoken to several reps with your company who has apologized and promised to take care of the problem and credit our bill. We still have NO Internet and/or Phone Service.

    Keith Wilding

  4. Sergio Rosas says:

    I have tried to reach Nathan Smith from your office at: 501-862-6772 and I have left several messages but he is ignoring and careless for my messages. I have been over billing and I have sent several emails and it seems that ATT loves to ignore me.
    Please provide e an email address for Mr. Randall Stephenson ASAP. Otherwise I could contact Public Utilities Commission for better resolution to my case.

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