Cold Stale French Fries at McDonald’s

I stopped at McDonalds on singing hills with my grandkids the three of us odered meals that had fries. I took them up to the counter and asked for fresh fries because what we got were cold and not even warm. The person that apeared to be a mgr wearing a black shirt tbe rest wore red shirts. I was told it would be 3 min. Then I saw the mgr dump are fries back in tne warmer then scooped them back up to reserve and stuffed them back in fry containers. he saw me watching so he threw all them away after he refilled and set the old back on the fry holder. Then deep fried more. not friendly at all just got a rude look and no apoligy.

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One Customer Complaint about “Cold Stale French Fries at McDonald’s
  1. Tired of cold food says:

    I eat at a Mcdonald’s in Boca Raton Florida on the corner of Glades road and 441, and I can’t believe how often the french fries are ice cold. I have brought them back many times this year and asked if I could have them hot, that these were laying out too long and they served them to me cold? Sometimes I get a dirty look from them, when they were training at Hamburger U you mean to tell me they were told by management that it is OK to serve cold fries to the customers?

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