CenturyLink Complaint: where’s my gift card?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Several month ago i bundled my centurylink account with Direct TV.
It almost didnt happen because the several CSR at Direct TV were so incompetent that I almost cancelled my 15 year old relationship with Centurylink.
However, due to some amazing CSR in Missouri, for Centurylink, every thing got handled properly.
At that time thr rep aske me if there was anything else, I said, Direct TV was supposed to give me a $250 visa card- se said that I didnt qualify for that amount , but I would be receieving one for $100 because of my internet and Direct TV bundle.
Since then I have tried to track it on line, without success. I have called Century to confirm it was coming and beem given several different dates.
Today I added another service to my monthly bill(Rescue Me), and asked about my Visa card which was sopposed to arrive in Feb. 14th.
The CSR had no clue how to handle my question, and transferred me to a lady at the reward card company-who could even find my name and said I needed to go back to Centurylink.! Does anyone take pride and responsibility in their jobs anymore??? I called again and spoke to Lyla in NC, very nice, who said she was creating a ticket about my complaint. Did you guys take Mgmt 101 from the Obama administration??
Joe Spradlin

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