CenturyLink Complaint: Prices keep going up

In the last 2 or 3 years my home phone bill has gone up from 26.00 to now 35.00. I recently added long distance to my home phone. They told me it would only be a minute charge whenever I called a long distance number. Then I got a bill with 2.99 to my bill, I called Century Link they said that when you first call a long distance number at the beginning of the month then it’s a minute charge thereafter. I was not told that when I talked to a rep. Then this month I had a 5.00 charge for long distance. I called Century Link, they said that now they are charging 5.00 if you call long distance or not. I’m so tired of my bill going up every time I turn around. I paid 26.00 for years not they are trying to gouge me in every way possible. Also, I get calls from Century Link almost every day wanting to sell me something else. I even had a guy come to my door from Century Link wanting me to add things to what I have. We even have an automatic gate and he just pushed the gate open and came up to the door. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot. I told him I didn’t want anything and he persisted, I had to be rude and tell him no I didn’t want anything.
Century Link must be desperate because of losing so many customers with their tactics and complaints (see on-line) poor service, etc.
I had changed my home phone service to Comcast (bundle). It might not be any better service but at least it’s cheaper and I get more for what I pay for. Century Link I’m paying 35.00 a month for just local and long distance. With comcast I’ll get free local and long distance, call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail for less than Century Link.
Century Link needs to get their act together and start serving the public with reliable products at a reasonable price instead of harassing people and overcharging them. I hope the Better Business Bureau gets ahold of them.

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