Century Link Scam With $150 Gift Card Lies

I signed up with Century Link bundle package in August of 2011. Was promised a $150.00 gift card. After waiting a month, I called was told I wold have to wait 2 billing cycles. I did in November I called again was told I was supposed to have gone on line to register and request the card, I did. After doing so the form stated I wold receive this card by December 1, 2011. Today is Dec. 19th nothing yet. I just had a lovely on line chat with an agent who claims I was never offered this card and that there is no record of me every requesting it. Are they serious how do they just blatantly lie like this.

After doing some research on line, I’m just another of thousands this has happened to. Guess I’m switching to someone, anyone else.!! I am currently a CenturyLink customer, for 5 years. When I moved I was being billed at my old address and new address, someone forgot to change it in there computer? I was not aware of this till I got my first bill at my new address. I was scheduled for tv service, which just this year was available in my area, I waited 4 hours, no show. I call CenturyLink only to be told no order excisted. Funny how there are no week-end office hours, for me to call and ask where is the tech.

And I am being over charged, more than once, sounds like crooked employees. Wonder if they do back ground checks?

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9 Customer Complaints about “Century Link Scam With $150 Gift Card Lies
  1. Maybelle says:

    I spoke with a cenytury link rep. was told that no one had even sent in a application for my gift card! Not only THAT my bill is so inconsistent. Never the same, which should not be as nothing changes on my end. There is also a charge for long distance which was promised to be free. WOW what a deal. Would like to know where my card is???

  2. mary helm says:

    I need to apply for my gift card, can you please e mail me a form mhelm

    • Pat says:

      You need to apply for your gift card ASAP, because they say you have to wait up to 12 weeks for some reason. I just checked on mine, should be getting it on 7/29/12 but am being told 8/5/12…they better. These guys are expensive, worse than regular cable. The link is: CenturyLink.com/getmygiftcard. I’ll be contacting the BBB if I dont get it. Good Luck!

  3. Chanel says:

    I signed up w/ centurylink in Dec 2011, was told I would recieve a 150$ gift card, and today I recieved a $100 prepaid american express card. Believe me I’m happy that I at least am having better luck than some of their other customers. So, I called centurylink and this csr named Tia said that she would check, put me on hold.. then comes back to the line & says well I can’t send you out a $50 gift card but I can credit your account $50 dollars, then as I am about to say something she says hold on a minute, and hangs up on me!!! All I can say is horrible, horrible customer service. Even when I was signing up for service and called in I got hung up on multiple times, and had to be put on hold for 20-30 mins.. It’s ridiculous.

  4. rosemary yoder says:

    As per Bobby on 2/24/12 I am signing up to be on the list for a $150.00 gift card (as promised to me from Eric Cerezo on 11/2/11).
    You may contact Bobby at 407.535.6683 for verification. As this goes back to early Nov 2011 please respond immediately. Thank you.

  5. William Molenda says:

    Dec.28,2011 I went to the Century Link store in the Villages, Fl and had my phone service, internet service, and Prism tv service bundled thru Century Link phone bill. I was told at that time I should go to centurylink.com/get my gift card and get a $100.00 gift card. To date I have received nothing. Please send the gift card as soon as possible or explain why not.

  6. Jennifer says:

    You can only apply for the card after your service is turned on.. go to http://www.centurylink/getmygiftcard.com then after you apply for it you you must maintain your level of non deliquient service for x number of months then they will send out card.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s still continuing into 2013! After being promised a card in Jan of 2013 and jumping through all of the hoops and multiple phone calls, I finally got my card 9 months later! Centurylink there is no excuse for this!

  7. Anonymous says:

    SAME THING HERE! I have called time and time and have checked status for the stupid $150 gift card. I was given a credit of $50 for “inconvenience” fee and kept checking every month for status (which was PENDING). I was promised the card by no later than 02/10/2014 (we signed up in January 2013!). I called and was told that they can only do $100 because they credited my account the $50, which I contended was for INCONVENIENCE! I have filed a complain with the BBB. I suggest you, who have no received yours within the 12 weeks, should do the same! Luckily I saved a copy of the contract that does have the $150 on there!

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