CenturyLink Gift Card: $150 Visa GC Survey Scam

I would like to tell CenturyLink customers be aware of century links deal for new customers to receive a $150 visa gift card using the website www.centurylink.com/getmygiftcard. I ordered new service and I was told by the representative to sent in a survey and my second bill and I would receive my card.

When I called after I received my second bill to make sure I was sending in everything I need to receive the card, the representative told me I could not receive the gift card because the agent that placed my order was not authorized to give me that deal. They did not honor what was online nor what their representative told me.

How are we as consumers know who is authorized to give there deals or not. Online it said call with the special code and you can receive the deal and when I called the representative confirmed it. Be aware of CenturyLink deals they do not keep their word.

I was told I would recieve the $150 gift card. I sent in the information on 6/22/2011. I had not received it by the begining of September so I rechecked the web site and it stated they received the information 8/17/2011, the fine print in the orginal requested states, “Please allow 10-12 weeks from submission of request for shipment of the CenturyLink Gift Card.”

Ok so I recheck today to see if the information had been updated as I have not received my card and it says,”Expected Delivery Date: 08-27-2011″. It did not say this when I checked in September. I called Centurylink and they gave me and number to call 877-227-0956 . After calling that number they have no record of a gift card being issued to my name and that they will esclate the claim and see what they can find out. NICE !!

Does anyone know if they print the names on the giftcards?

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82 Customer Complaints about “CenturyLink Gift Card: $150 Visa GC Survey Scam
  1. B. J. Gifford says:

    I was also told that i would receive $150.00 gift card after signing up for the century link bundle.They gave me a site to go to, and it does not exist. I need this gift card.

    • B. J. Gifford says:

      I still have not received the gift cards as promised. I will let facebook people know this is a scam.The site that was given to me does not exist.I give ya’ll 3 days for a reply.

    • Angie says:

      I can’t believe all these false statements I. Hearing!!! I just signed up for century link a d was told to go to this web sight to redeem my 100.00 gift card.all that I’ve found is these same statements from all of you that were also scammed! Our t.v’s freeze up, but we trusted them we’ve i

  2. Hello to both of you..

    I’d be happy to look into the gift card issue. Please email us your information so we can access the account and then contact you about it.

    Looking forward to helping out!


    • B. J. Gifford says:

      Betty Gifford
      4355 s.e. 150 th st.
      Summerfield, Florida 34491

      352 245 8997.
      Please let me know when to expect our gift cards.

    • greg laplatney says:

      We sighed up gift card back in 9/21/2011 website said would be delivered by nov.26 2011 still have not received. If I don’t receive soon goning to report this scam to the news 352-726-6370

    • michelle says:

      yes i am inquiring about my 150.00 reward card…i was told i would receive one after 2months payments and i would like to follow up on that but the site i originally registered on is not existing now. how may i find out the status of my gift card and where it is? i did register for it on nov. 30th and have not heard anything since…please contact me asap on this matter…

  3. Gerald Haley says:

    There is a web site for the centurylink gift card ….I applied for my gift card and on follow-up I seen where it was accepted on 9/13/2011. Now I can not access this web site?????? I was promised a $150.00 gift card. Please help me! I was also promised the bundle for $149.00 per month. My first 3 months average is $207.00….prior to Centurylink my average monthly cost for phone, dish-tv and internet was $193.00…..Am I saving money?


    Gerald Haley

  4. I as well was told I would get a $100 gift card for an error on a new service connection at a new address which was suppose to be a simply transfer from one address to another on the same property with an upgrade to PRISM service. But when the tech never showed up on 11/10/11 between 8-12 to install my new service I was promised. I made a call and was then told that a tech that hooked up my phone on 11/04/11 reported I canceled the order for the upgrade to PRISM which I never canceld. And I was then advised after all that, that I had to pay a $150 deposit to get the PRISM service.

    1. why did your CenturyLink Representative that advised me of the PRISM UPGRADE price of $35.99 a month & date of delivery for the PRISM service tech. person to install it not tell me that there was going to be a $150 deposit.
    2. Will we ever get this mystery gift card we were expecting before Christmas so I could buy my 7 yr old and 11 yr old Christmas present.


  5. Jasmine says:

    You have to have the service for atleast 4-8 weeks, thent he VENDOR [that actually is notified that you had the service from the actual install date [not the date you called in to order the service] they ship it out,then it takes another 4-10 weeks before you can recieve it in the mail. So basically it took about 4weeks of me having service, me submitting my information on the CLink.Com then waiting another month and a half to recieve it, so estimatedly about 5 months.. I got my Giftcard with no worries, I had no complaints, I gave my email address as was told, this is not Century Link’s fault honestly, they do not control the PRISMtv Reward Cards because another vendor/department does. The only complaint I have it that I cannot purchase Gas with the card, in which in these economic times, thats what I really need it for. So I have my $150 card right on time for Black Friday! …So stop bickering people, the card isnt going to arrive in under 2 weeks, a month or even 2 months.

    • john andrus says:

      how about 5 months so people have a right to voice their opinion.you just voiced yours didn’t you!

  6. Samantha says:

    They do print your name on the gift cards, and I think I am the only person I have ever heard of that actually received a gift card. I signed up and 3-4 weeks later I did get the gift card. I never believe that gift cards ever come but this was a pleasant surprise! Keep calling CenturyLink and they will credit you eventually or give you something I am sure!

  7. iucy montero says:

    I have tried to get to where i get to receive my gift card and tried centurylink.com/get my free card and didn’t find anywhere to apply except comments & complaints, please tell me what to do to get it. Thank you, lucy montero

  8. Maryon Edwards says:

    Please tell me how to get the promised gift card from century link. I was told to go to this website: centurylink.com/getmygiftcard NO GO! Please tell me what to do to get the gift card…..thank you.

  9. Bonnie Cain says:

    i am highly disappointed in century link, i was at a different address, before, had to transfer to another home, direct tv, charged me 100.00 for a reconnection. and it took two months to get my internet up and working. today dec. 22,2011.i would like to know if , i will be getting the 100.00 plus my friend that signed me up.

    • Dorothy Paynter says:

      Hello to anyone,

      Just see the info on the computer about my $100.refund from Centurylink.com. I am very disappointed about this news. Always thought this was a little more than to expect. This really is a bummer considering that the picture, channels, and installation service are so clear, I just this just goes to say that you can’t trust your clossest friend or anyone, when money is involved. What a rotten shame.

  10. Delores Nilges says:

    Where is my gift card? I can’t fine the right place to sign up for it

  11. Lenora L Sommers says:

    i was told to request for my gift card and can’t find the website to collect this card.. I have read all the bad comments and only three good, WOW how can century link get away with this?? Oh and now I must dial a 1 with every call. Did not have to do this with other provider..I will give this 60 days and if nothing happens I will go back to my previous provider.

  12. Terri L Wilson says:

    Please let me know where to get the gift card mail it to my e-mail address i am having trouble trying to access the information. I hope this is not a ploy to get people to sign-up.

  13. Angelina says:

    I am a door to door rep. for CenturyLink selling the new Prism TV, Internet & Phone to new customers WITH the gift card & referral promo and have had ALL my customers receiving their gift card and the $ 50.00 referral off their bill (give me possible new customers address and if they sign up you get the $50.00 off your bill for each person—up to 12 people in a years time = $600.00 dollars). So the complaints here shows me that YOU ARE doing something wrong getting to the website and that is why you are not happy. Get real and stop the complaining, for you are the one messing up NOT CENTURYLINK.

    I have had 1 customer call me back and stated they couldn’t get on the site for the gift card AND it was because they did not put the / in the search! If it doesn’t work for you all you do is call customer service and they will get the card to you. STOP bad mouthing CenturyLink——we are the # 1 provider, our prices are cheaper, all TV quality is MUCH BETTER than other providers, our Internet is the fastest and you won’t have a problem in hurricane season FOR IT’S underground fiber optic! Get HAPPY people no one else comes even close to us !

    Contact me if you’d like FOR OUR GREAT SERVICES OR if you have a referral and YOU WILL GET YOUR $50.00 OFF YOUR BILL PER PERSON and they will get the $100.00 gift card . I PROMISE YOU THAT!

    • Robert says:

      Angelina, if you are a Century Link rep, and want to help people get there gift cards, you should have given us your contact info, so as you promised, you would be sure we got what we were promised. You can publish the info or email me.

    • Stephanie says:

      Angelina, Please give us the correct website in order to receive our gift cards. The one written on my receipt, centurylink/getmygiftcard.com, does not work. I also tried centurylink.net/getmygiftcard, and the one posted on here earlier as the site that works, https://selfservice.centurylink.com/ctlgcpromo, and that one doesn’t work either. I have a college degree, it is not that I am putting the address wrong or leaving out a /. All of these links go nowhere.

    • dee says:

      will u contact me back i would like to know if u r the real thing or just sales rep trying to get save face

    • Jurusha says:

      You are incorrect,the personcomplainingis correct and youare just making excuses for the company you work for. I am going through the exact same thing. I’ve waited over six months for my gift card, they told me to sign up for it on line -I did over 4 months ago, still havent recieved it. YOU guys suck and are liers, you lie to get us to join then you ignore and make excuses for your actions. I regret getting service with Century link!!

    • Thea says:

      If your company is so great, then why not listen to the customers that are doing the complaining. I did everything that iam suppose to do and I am going through the same situation as most of these other customers. They took me off of the installation schedule because they said I cancelled, I never did cancel. Called customers service like 5 times to set up my services then after setting up my cable again same thing dealt with that for the next 2 weeks, argued with customer service reps like you that are not willing to help out the customer and down talk to customers. Just viewed my status and stated that Iam ineligible, while I did get verification that I was getting my card and was eligible last week, go figure that out… I am tired of them, but refuse now to give up, because it sure sounds like they just don’t want to pay for the cards but enjoy giving you the run around and now cant cancel services for the next 2 years… WTH!!!! Take this back to your headquarters and tell them they are the problem and not the customers, they should just say were not gonna give you the cards but well gladly take your money every month… We just enjoyed taking you for a ride… Come back when they screw you over….

  14. janeth nickerson says:

    I was told that i would recieve a 100.00 gift card and whom refer me to will also recieve a 100.00 giftcard as well centurylink , now i can’t pull up the page time is hard it’t bad to be lie to this day and time.now it’s time to call action 13 r a lawer for false resp.

  15. Renee West says:

    yes I was wondering about my gift card from century Link, if there is one I would like one.

  16. Izedin Hamid says:

    I am wondering about my gift card from century link, if there is one I would like one.

  17. dee says:

    i had signed up sept and was promised 150.00 called so many different phone #’s so i will call again monday. sorry they r putting so much false stuff out there. i will eventually go back to comcast never had a problem with them.

  18. john andrus says:

    I was promised a American Express 200.00 gift card for bundling with Centurylink.I was going to use that gift card for the cancellation of Directv who charged us 120.00 fee.Thanks Centurylink you screwed us!!!!!!!

  19. Mark Schlechta says:

    Please let us know what is going on with a promised gift card. Called the 877 number and they had no record of us at all!!! We have been with Centurylink since 2004 and just got prism in Dec, 2011. We love the service, phone,internet,and now the TV service,but I do not understand when a gift card is promised and talking to a rep. on the the phone is like talking to a wall!!!!!!

  20. kim says:

    I to am still waiting the first time I called I found out nobody even signed me up for my visa card after being told I would have it by Christmas!!! Well its almost March & still no card but here is the CORRECT web site to track your card or the status if it!!! Centurylinkrewardoffers.com!!! If I don’t receive mine sooni will report them to the media,Attorney General & the Better Business Bureau!!!

  21. Thomas J Norton says:

    I signed up for the service in October 2011 when I was told I would receive a $100 American Express card. I still have not received the card. Please verify.

  22. Shannon says:

    I signed up for Prism TV in October and was told I would receive a gift card in eight weeks. I then called in December asking about my gift card. The rep gave me the https://selfservice.centurylink.com/CTLGCPromo/ website. I registered and printed my confirmation. The confirmation said six to eight weeks. It is now March and I have still not received my gift card. When I check my status on the above website, it says ACCEPTED. WTF? I want what was promised to me. If centurylink is not held accountable for what they promise, then why should my contract with them be any different?

  23. sherilla says:

    It appears that we have all been scammed.I am still waiting on the gift card from November. I keep calling every month and was told today that I need to visit the website. Surprise, it is non existent. I guess that should let me cool my heels. The joke is on me, they solicited me. I did not answer my phone for weeks and when I did, they made me an offer I could not refuse. My bill was slashed but what about the gift card? scammed

  24. Kelly Lynn Cassidy says:

    I am a new customer with century Link. I can not find a direct place that in which I was told by the sales rep. that I must go to centurylink.com/get my giftcard before 30 days of my service began. Service of march 3, 2012

  25. odlaw says:

    I want to know where is my giftcard from century link. They have increased the cost from the original contract. They should not be allowed to get away for lying and promising to give gift cards out. I want to do away there service.

  26. james Mcneil says:

    I also was told that i would receive 150.gift card went to website and wasnt able to retreive those gift cards. i also got the bundle package.ned some feedback on this issue.

  27. andreina says:

    thank u for the gift card

  28. Ricki Grimm says:

    I to was told about a 100. Amex card and told to go to this site to claim my card this site does not tell me whant action to take?????? thank you for your response

  29. I want to get my 50 dollar gift card for first time costumars

  30. Cheryl champion says:

    I am requesting my 100 gift card for being a new member. I feel this is a scam, I was told to go on line to sign up for the gift card and it no where to sign up. I thinking about going back to direct TV, at least they did not lie to me. I don’t like being lied to and this is very bad business.

  31. Ann says:

    I was told I was going to get a giftcard, but I never recieved that giftcard. I need to know what’s going on. I gave you guys enough time… I have been waiting for a while now.

  32. Albert H. Place, Jr says:

    Where do I fill in the information to receive my gift card? Nowhere is there any link to filling out the information to receive a gift card. Pleaase look into this problem. Thank you

  33. Joy Weir says:

    I have called and been put on hold and then transferred numerous times and this is ridiculous. I have to pay out of a contract and was promised a gift card for the contract buy out and am still waiting on it. What is going on? Maybe we should put this scam on the news. All I want is my card. It was promised to me and I am signed up for it and am still waiting.

  34. Duane Westerdale says:

    This is deferent I hope Im not out line. I would like to talk about the leader of our country. He is no good for our county or the people. We need someone who will bring our companys back home to give our people will have jobs. we the people should have more say on what goes on in our goverment. Bring back our troops, all our troops around the world. Line our borders with our troops. There is so much more I would like to say, not enough time. Please do not vote for”Obama”! If you vote for him, GOD help us ALL.

    • JAMES JOHNSON says:


  35. Mary Moore says:

    I did not receive my 100.00 gift card. I called today and they said that I did not order the card on time. They told me to do within 30 days after I started Centurylink and I did within the month and when I called today they said it was to late and would not be gettng my card. This is a scam for sure. They just did not want anyone to get a card. Will not trust Centurylink ever. When my time is up with them I am getting a different carrier. Lie, Lie Lie. Just want to give excuses.

  36. junior manning says:

    i wont my gift card

  37. richard baldwin says:

    I want my $250.00 giftcard, as I was told to go centurylink.com\getmygiftcard, I just keep getting more BS on line please contact me by e-mail

  38. ann says:

    We are dealing with the samething here! So, now that I have found this site I will be calling the news station!

  39. alan cruz says:

    I subscribed for centurylink service and was promised a rewardcard by 10-17-12. Never received it. I called and they said it was glitch and that I would receive the card in another 4-6 weeks. I still haven’t received the reward card. I believe that Centurylink is fraudulently promising this card to customers hoping that no one will follow up. I am filing several complaints. One to the BBB website and another to the State attorney.

  40. Karen Sieben says:

    I was told I would recieve a $100.00 gift card if I switched my tv service to Prizm I did that on 11,21,2012 and was told I would get an e-mail of how to recieve this within 48 hours. I didnot recieve any such e-mail so I called they told me to go to centurylink.comforward/getmygiftcard I went to this website and all that was there was all these complaints that people did not recieve there reward cards I also need this gift card I would not of switched my service if I would of known I was not going to get the gift card

  41. Charles Berardo says:

    This is the biggest joke, maybe time to change compines

  42. Chrissy Jamie says:

    I have been trying for months to get my $100.00 gift card that was promised to me for signing up with century link prism, I have talked to customer service and all they say is go to my gift card on the century link web site but it just does not work, I would appreciate a call or a letter from someone at century link or just simply send me the $100.00 gift card that was promised to me. This is my second complaint with on answer from century link.

  43. Tommie says:

    Never got my CenturyLink gift card for either $150.00 or $250.00 for switching…

  44. kelvin mcdowell says:

    never received my gas gift card

  45. norma sauers says:

    I talked to one of the sales reps. last week her supervisor. was to call me at the middle of week. did not say what week. i have waiting for my gift card since nov. was supposed to be here nov. 29th. then it was supposed to come dec.29th. still waiting. what a company . they are full of lies.. i even talked to sales rep that signed me up .she was surprised i have not received it. what a joke. i hope you have better luck than me. they are all liars

  46. Dawn Bowers says:

    im been tying my very best to get , me and my daughters the gift card i was suppose to be getting for 170.00 it is not very fair at all that any of us have to have a problem finding 321 216 0174

  47. J. Rigler says:

    CenturyLink lied about the gift card and the price of the service. We will NEVER go with them ever again.

  48. Brenda J Hardwick says:

    This Century Link has good service when talking about the satelite T.V. and home telephone;as well as the internet. The Prism service is wonderful to watch. But when going through any problems with service or trying to get their promised Free $250.00 Visa Gift Card: I believe you will get the WORSE CUSTOMER EVER!!!! And you will talk to 100 people trying to achieve very little satisfactory knowledge for your particular problems. It’s been since November 2012 and I still have not received a gift card…. Not even one for $1.00. Terrible and a waste of everyone’s time. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  49. Brenda J Hardwick says:

    I left out a Crucial word in one sentence. It was meant to read “the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE, EVER!!!!!!!!!

  50. lajuan blockett says:

    what is the problem u at centrylink need to get this thing together i want my gift card also and theirs nowhere to applied for it poor buisness

  51. Donna Morgan says:

    I receieved my $150.00 American Express Card in about 6 weeks. Actually I was told I would get $250.00 but when I called thet said there was no just offer. How ever I was pleased with the card as it came right before Christmas
    Now I am trying to sign up for $50.00 promotion for Auto pay. so was I have not found the proper site. Donna Morgan

  52. linda conway says:

    Just another scam for the consumer, can find no place to register for the $250.00 gift card. Wish I had read all these complaints before switching to Century Link. Will be going back to Bright House soon. Thanks for nothing.

  53. Betty Hood says:

    I am a new customer also that was promised a $100 gift card that never materialized. Next received a card via us mail that said to sign up on a website that does not exist that I am able to find and enter the provided code within 60 days to redeem.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I, too, am waiting for the promised $150.00 gift card. Why the delay?

  55. Mr. Robert C. says:

    I am on the phone once again trying to find out what happened to my $150.00 gift card. First told the beginning of May, then beginning of July, then middle of August then 1st week of September. Again I hear “I don’t know. You met all the requirements. Let me do some research. Can you call back Monday?”

  56. dawn says:

    will never recommend this company to anyone. when you first sign up they dont tell you about all the hidden charges at all. like surcharges that are on every bill. serious i pay out like 25.00 per bill in taxes, surcharges and other charges they put on your bill. after they tell you your bill for phone and internet is 54.95 plus tax. yeah right try my first bill was 194.00 and the second one was 90.00 will never see the 54.95. cant wait to get rid of them. believe do not do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus they will charge you to cancel.

  57. GERALDINE D. JONES says:

    I pray that this Directv will work for me. Pray I get my bundle discount. Iwill be calling you all.

  58. bonnie says:

    you just have to keep calling them, it does say in fine print that it does take quite a few weeks! the number is under “contact us”

  59. Paul says:

    Well, I actually got the $150 gift card and I’m still unhappy. I signed up early when gigabit internet and prism offered in our area, but now the offer is for a $300 gift card. Shouldn’t those of us who signed up early get the same bonus???
    Not according to Century Link!

  60. Richard sampson says:

    What a scam something needs to be done about this centurylink scam

  61. Anonymous says:

    Same thing here no gift card after 3 months. Told me they were sorry last week and I would have card in 48 hours. Guess what !!! No card. Don’t offer it if they are not going to follow through. Bad customer service.

  62. Ronald Andrews says:

    i got a bundle deal about5 or 6 weeks ago and was told i would get a 100.00 visa card but after seeing all the complaints and saying they were scammed in order to sign up for direct tv and century link phone and internet then we would get a visa card makes me wonder if we will get 1

  63. Jolene says:

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe this. …I too must have gotten scammed. ..I switched to century link because of the good Deal and the $150 visa gift card they said i would get wHich I would before my first..Bill.. still nothing so I caLled they said oh the two never submiTted it. .let me do that now. ..he still did I would get one. … still nothing. . Fckn liars

  64. Heather says:

    This is a 3 yr scam. I want us to ban together and submit a LAWSUIT. I have waited 3 months and I get the run around on the phone (2 hours of waisting my time) and STILL nothing. I am sick and tired of companies screwing with people and getting away with it. There are hundreds of complaints here, on other websites as well, not to mention you tube. THEY NEED TO PAY. I will be telling EVERYONE I know NOT to do business with them EVER. They are crap. Their customer service is crap. Their lies are crap. If Century Link is reading this, you better get on the phone and make this right before I make a phone call to my attorney. I’m done with this.

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