Century Link Complaint: Promised a $100 Gift Card

I signed up with century link for there prism tv and internet and I was promised a $100.00 gift card, I have bee on the internet on their web site just like I was told but there is no link to sign up to get the gift card, I have spoken with century links customer service several times and they have no answers on what to do, I just want what was promised to me.

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2 Customer Complaints about “Century Link Complaint: Promised a $100 Gift Card
  1. helene agenor says:

    I request the gift card for 100 dollars that I was promised by Century Link!

  2. Beverly Taylor says:

    I also was promise 100.00 visa gift card to arrive witin 12 weeks,never re.ced as of 1/18/13. Someone please respond by sending me my visa gift card. Thank you.

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