Bovada Scam is Cheating Honest People out of Money

Bovada has set itself up w huge laundering abilities. They have superusers who quietly suckout huge hands fr their opponents. Bovada did away w player avatars to make it easier for them to cheat and scam, and harder for them to be detected and caught. Anyone will tell you once you cashout Bovada brings more “bad beats” down on you. Those bad beats are planned. When a bovada superuser places in a tourney that allows Bovada to keep that $ as more profit instead of paying it out.

Ever MTT tourney has bovada users who are simply going to win. These superusers are very obvious. They do not reply to responses. Easiest way to pick them out is by noticing them being in situations where poker players simply wouldn’t be. Calling random hands w very low pot odds knowing they are getting paid. The Bovada superuser (bot) The only way to survive this is by noting them when you find one in a tourney. Stay away fr them.

The more you complain on bovada, the more they target you. Bovada is stealing so much money from honest people trying to play a real card game, but how can they be stopped? Bovada will tell you nobody can see the cards ahead of time because of its “encrypted decks”. Well when they say nobody… they mean nobody fr the public. Their own superusers absolutely have no way to be beat and they know it.

Bovada also knows how hard it is for people to prove that they are cheating. Bovada blatantly cheats people with no regard. As if they are fearless. At times its as if they don’t care at all to hide that they are cheating. Why would they? Nobody can stop them from cheating and scamming. Bovada must be forced to reimburse people who they’ve scammed.

Players put a lot of hrs in to improve their poker game along with money. Bovada makes enough money. They should be able to clean up their act and run a FAIR site. No gimmicks. Give the money you’ve stolen back to the players. That’s just bovada cheating on the tables. That’s not even touching on the cashout problems. Fake checks No checks Changing peoples winning bets. It is blasphemy.

I have argued numerous times w bovada reps who can hardly defend bovada. Listening to them justify how it is better to have anonymous tables. etc. There is no logic there or evidence to support that. Poker isn’t anonymous. Texas hold em is not an anonymous form of poker. Hello. It simply made it easier for Bovada to scam. It’s no longer “harryaces” that you can follow and watch closely to see if they are cheating as you suspect.

Now its just your buyin #. So Harrryaces can’t be found cheating day to day in tournaments. It’s just a number sliding around under the radar stealing and scamming now. It’s very apparent. VERY.

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2 Customer Complaints about “Bovada Scam is Cheating Honest People out of Money
  1. swann2001 says:

    I am not sure about Poker but one of the complaints by one person was his deposits were being used to purchase jewelry and other items as shown on his credit card. If I read this right, are you kidding me. Those charges have to be posted that way in order for your bank to approve your online gambling which is supposed to be illegal, is it not? That is why legitimate sites such as the Microgaming sites where forced to leave the US markets leaving the Chinese to fleece it’s customers with RTG games and other lower quality games. I play at sites in EU still because I was grandfathered in, otherwise I probably would no longer be playing online. Until Microgaming gets back in the US market (After we rid ourselves of Obama) then we will have some integrity back in the online gaming industry.

  2. c rocc says:

    Bovada is 100% rigged. Bots calling all the way down with garbage just to hit an inside straight draw to wipe you out of all of your money. Where is the FBI, BBB, Gaming Commission, etc.? Bovada blatantly stole my hard earned money.I’ve played for 20 years now in casino’s, home games, tournaments and all. I consider myself to be a successful and winning player. I have never seen the crap that I saw on Bovada. What they do from the back end is place you in situations where you flop a set or top two pair or something really good. Next your anonymous opponent puts you all in and sucks out an inside straight draw, or runner runner to bust you seems to be right after you cash out, collect bonus money or are close to collecting a bonus. They will get their money back from you…. Fuck those thieves, they know that they will be shut down soon enough so they are out to steal as much as they can before they are closed for business. Watch out scam scam scam.

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