The Bodog/Bovada Poker Scam is 100% Rigged

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I’ve bet sports, mostly nfl, and played poker for many years on which is now owned by MMGG, Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, which is a complete scam, i’ll tell you why, but first let me say i have bet sports and played poker my whole life and love them both. Anyone who plays poker knows once you get good at playing you have a good chance at winning, well not on bovada, you have no chance as doing as good as you would in a real game, it is a 100% rigged.

Its just very hard to prove, same with its sportsbook, except that is well known, because you can prove it, a couple days ago I started on a winning streak, I was betting parlays, I was hitting a good amount of them, so after a great week I go to look at my money and it was down not up, I look at my bet history and they actually went and changed my bets, I call customer service to tell the lady that answered and she WASN’T Even surprised, and i lost a lot of hard earned money before this happened, they made it so even if you are good, you have no chance of succeeding.

THIS is a 100% true, I know it may be hard to believe. As far as poker i think, and this has been said by countless others that have play here, that they have bots or computer programs that act like regular players and take players’ money slowly so they won’t notice, think about it, no one is stopping them, theres no regulators, and think about this, even if they only have one bot at evry table that takes 5 dollars every our, thats 5 dollars lets say from a 100 tables, so $500 an hour which works out to be 12,000 every 24 hours and $84,000 a week.

My email me if you’ve had any similar problems with bodog, or with any other betting site for that matter, thanks for taking the time to read this, I needed to get it off my chest.

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180 Customer Complaints about “The Bodog/Bovada Poker Scam is 100% Rigged
  1. Jeff L says:

    I had the same experience with Bovada. I am a winning poker player and have a solid handle on the percentages involved, and they just do not add up on this site. Having bad beats is a normal part of playing poker, but I’ve played thousands of hours of live poker, and I have not seen the type of longshot events that I’ve seen in just a few hours of playing at Bovada (Bodog’s new name). It frustrates me, not because of the money (I only deposited $50), but because I am looking for a way to keep my game sharp, as I cannot get to a casino on a regular basis. I don’t think the issue is so much with bots as it is with superusers: users who can see other players cards, or even cards that are set to come from the deck.

    In a few hours of play, I had 2 straights lose to higher straights (both 2-card straights), which is something I’ve only seen every 100 hours or so playing live. In another hand, a player who was involved in a number of suspicious hands reraised me preflop, and then called my all-in 3bet pre-flop for 50 big blinds when he had 4-7. Of course there are poor players who make stpid decisions, but to anyone who plays poker, this is an unbelievably poor choice of a call – of course, his 4-7 hits for a straight. On the following hand, I pick up a strong ace, and this same player reraises, we get it in again and this time he has queens…the board comes out w all low cards, of course. Now any of these hands, taken in isolation is just a bummer, but to get repeatedly stacked like this over the course of a few hours – something is definitely going on.

    • Andrea says:

      All complaints about poker on line is just making themselves feel better about their bad play. I have been on Bovada over a month now and doing very well on it. As I have done very well on each site I have played on. If you are a losing poker player, keep your money in the bank and shut up about scams and bots hired by the online poker sites. Sure there has been cheating going on, but the site itself is making Millions of dollars on just the rake alone. Why would they want to hire ppl to scam ppl out of money??? It doesn’t make sense to do this, because if people start feeling uncomfortable about playing on the site than they lose money. Millions and millions of dollars a month, not the BS $84,000 that one guy was talking about. 5 dollars an hour???? What the fuck is the point of that

      • Rahul says:

        Andrea shut up you dumb f*****g b***h and suck your daddy off.

        • paul says:

          it’s easy to say youre so good when youre anonymous

        • david says:

          bovada cheats >>> i know for a fact …. the other day 12/01/12 … a player on the table in the chat box called me my my first name ?? how did this player know my nane ???? we play by numbers not names. if he knew my name , i am sure he knew a lot more about the hands everyone had too ! i called bovada , while i was still playing and ask the m how this is possible . i said who is # 29 >> they gave me no answer ….. because it was a house player or bot ! they cheat and you better believe it. to many good hands being beaten out. they know what the players cards are on the table at all times ….. open your eyes people !!!

      • Jeff says:

        U work for them bitch! The blovada poker site is a 100 percent scam

      • rik says:

        i agree, but yep it is rigged dont bet here

      • Bill says:

        Which site do you work for?

      • Andy3B says:

        Andrea, how are you doing in Bovada now?
        Do you still have money in your bank?
        I know good lawyers for foreclosures cases

        • JOHN says:


      • Mike says:

        Andrea must work at bovada, Its so rigged that they dont even hide it. I keep track of all records HH etc from each session and what i notice is im losing 80% of hands that im a 95% favorite. And im not talking bet down blah blah they catch a draw im talking getting the money in DOMINATING the other guy, I use to think that it was just people blowing steam, but if you arent blind and pay att. its just obv the site has something going on I would recommend trying any site other than bovada unless you are always expecting to get your money in bad then in that case bovada should be great for you.

      • chris says:

        Andrea def works for BOVADA.. i play poker on a daily and i will say BOvada is the worst scam site i ever played on.. There RNG does not exist.. the cards fall super funny.. WORST SITE EVER

      • Robert says:

        Andrea they don’t need to hire people or use bots. All they need is to tweak the software to give (temporary) advantages to crappy players. Looser players = more rake.

        Or let’s just break it down by the numbers. In the past month or so I’d say I’ve played roughly 60 or so tournaments. I would venture that in at least 75% of those tourneys I lost all/most of my chips to some donk sucking out with a REALLY crappy call with less than 10% odds of winning.

        In fact, I would be willing to venture that if I were to go back and statistically analyze every hand that I have played in, I would bet that the worst hand won approximately 60-75% of the time. Not only that, but I would venture that out of those bad beats, anywhere from 50-75% are people either hitting runner runner or catching on a 3 outter (such as AK vs. A3).

        The software is completely rigged to favor idiots. Anyone who can’t see that can be included in that group. As Jeff says bad beats happen in real life too, but nowhere near the percentage that it happens on a regular basis on bovada.

        • Dave says:

          Speaking of, I just had AKs vs A2 and the guy hits a straight with the deuce (all in preflop).

          Then I got all in on the flop with set over set. The guy rivers a quad.

          I shove AA all in preflop vs another AA, other guy hits a flush.

          I shove JJ into J10s, he flops a flush.

          This is either the worst swing I’ve ever experienced in a two day period, or a ridiculous site with the worst RnG I’ve ever seen (or maybe non-existent RnG)

      • Sinstar says:

        I am a 100k champion ,and I can tell you for sure they have the capability to rig it against you if they want to.Before I won the 100k I started with a 30 dollar deposit.I worked it up in the triple up sit n go’s starting at the $3+$.30 tables.I got to where I was bringing home over 400 a month from Bovada playing part time aft6er work.At one point I got my account over $700 then I had a bad night.I lost over $200 on a Friday night and decided to cash out.I left enough in to take my first ever crack at the 100 k.I played my ass off for 14 hours and with some luck and skill I managed to win 1st prize.Over 20 thousand big ones.I cashed out the 20 g and left the rest in to gamble and went on a bad beat streak.Hey that’s poker.I decide to be humble and start over with a $30 deposit and start at the bottom.The $3.30 triple up.All of a sudden I can’t beat a $3 table if my life depended on it.I’m lucky if I win 1 out of 10 now,and I have lost 18 games in a row at 1 point.One bad beat after another.5% hands hitting the river over and over and over and over again.It’s almost like they don’t care if I know it’s rigged.I know my win was not a fluke.I won a big pay out before on full tilt before by winning one of their re-buy tournaments.

        • Sinstar says:

          Now I play on a free site and I beat their sit n go games all the time but I can’t beat a $3 table at Bovada.

          • Sinstar says:

            All the sites the same too.After I took $2000 off of full tilt by tying for 1st place with 3 other players.(We agreed to chop)in their 1 dollar re-buy they wouldn’t let me win any more either.

    • Jeff says:

      Omg two straights lost to higher straights!@#!@ Impossible!!

      Honestly, welcome to poker. The fact is you play 10x the hands online than you do live. And I play live a lot, and see bad beats all the time. They have no reason to randomly select players to stuff bad-beats to. It’s called poker (or variance). Sometimes your hand holds up, sometimes it doesn’t.

      Google “online poker rigged” and you’ll find a million posts like this about every online poker site. Suck it up bro and stop crying.

      • Guy says:

        Jeff shut the fuck up. Yes more hands = more bad beats, but it works the other way around too. The more hands = more times your hands hold up. So then why is it, I lost all in > 80% fav 6 times in a row? Why is it, my AA get cracked 7/10 times. it held up 3 times just cuz everyone autofolded when i limped it, or i min raise, get 2 limpers, they both check flop i do a CB and they auto fold. Or my KK got cracked 9/10 times!!!! HOW IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE?? THESE R ALL IN PREFLOP WITH ONE OPPONENT WHO CALLS ME WITH WHAT???? 10 5 OFF SUIT??? HITS 10 AND 5 FOR TWO PAIR??? FUCK U AND UR FUCKING STUPID MORONIC ASS. ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED AS FUCK.

        • borg says:

          I experienced the same thing 90 percent of time i get my money in with the best cards and win 20 percent of the time i win it unbelievable 1 out 100 times do i win without the best hand preflop. Do you see any pros endorsing this site Huummm I wonder why.

        • Ryan says:

          I play a *lot* of poker on Bovada and I can tell you I have experienced what Guy experienced many times. I really wish I had the actual numbers to analyze and present to you. I had one weekend where literally something like 18/20 times when I shoved or called a shove with 85%+, I lost.

          I kept bitching online and saying that running this bad is “not fucking statistically possible”. (I know it is “technically”, but in reality, that shit just does not happen.)

          Some more stories for you —

          In one day, I lost with KK/AA 5 times in a row in series of high stakes ($150 triple-up) SNGs when (every single time) some dude would, out of the blue, open shove with A rag or JT or some bullshit and hit his straight, flush, or A. Literally every time. And every time, I was #1 and the guy doing that was #2 or #3.

          Let’s talk about MTTs. I’ve had many ridiculously bad beats that were border-line unbelievable. Like for instance in a $35K I was #2 and near the last table, and the gap between #2 and #3 was *huge*. I was playing with #1 and he tank shoved FOR NO REASON when I bet on the flop. It turned out he had TT and I had KhTh (top pair, flush draw) so I had him completely dominated. Of course another heart doesn’t come and he hits his 1 out on the river and probably ended up winning the tournament. And yes, this exact kind of scenario (losing with 95%+ near the last table) has happened to me _multiple_ times on Bovada.

          Okay, so you think it might just be really bad luck. Forget about variance and watch how some people play. I have experienced countless times when I shove and get called by somebody with absolutely nothing (and not even a decent draw), and they would runner runner a flush or quads or what-have-you. For instance like three days ago some guy joined the table (cash game) and started playing really aggressive. I had AA on the BB and he’s SB and he raises me. I re-raise, he 3-bets, I raise again (figure he will fold unless he has KK/QQ, in which case I am shoving if he re-bets), and he calls. Flop is Ac 7x 2c. I bet like 3/4 pot, he raises, I shove, he calls. He had 7cTh. Turn… club… river… club. Boom, -$300. After winning about $500 more from other players within a 10-15 minute period from other ridiculous shit, he leaves. Now tell me that’s not suspicious.

          I’m going to quit babbling, but in summary, I understand variance, and despite what I am saying here, I actually _am_ a winning player on Bovada. However, having played on PokerStars and FT in the past, I have never experienced anything even close to what happens on Bovada. (That said, I was “more” of a winner on those sites.) I would never say for sure whether or not Bovada is a scam without proof, however, I have had enough legitimately shady/questionable experiences to where I am highly suspicious of it.

      • Andy3B says:

        every time I see a moron write the word “variance”, remembers me the word “glamour”

        They use it, and don’t fcking have an idea what it means

        Bovada, is totally rigged. Period.

        Why do I know that, because before black Friday, I was a very successful poker player. Nobody were talking about variance then.

        How does Bovada does it?
        Easy: They distribute the Misery. Rake stays in the house anyways.

        At the end, whatever you win, you are gonna lose it with the same algorithm as you were playing slot machines.

        They will make you think you are close to the Jackpot all the time; and suddenly, a “donk” calls your all in, or big bet and beats you.

        Did I wrote “donk”, well, sorry, lets call it “The chosen one”.

        And that “Chosen one” will lose to another “chosen one”, and so on, until they get it all with the rakes.

        Not telling you that, with no names, only numbers, it is very easy they have several BOTS or paid players there.

        • JJ says:

          You guys are absolutely correct about Bovada. The number of bad beats I’ve seen in about 7 hours of play, is equivalent to 100 hours live. I didn’t experience this kind of rate at Full Tilt or Poker Stars when I was playing there. Yes, of course bad beats happen, but what is the rate at which they’re happening? Way too high with Bovada. I’m not a losing player in life, but I am at Bovfuck.

          Frankly, what I see there is equivalent to the play money poker apps on an iPhone. Those algorithms are juiced to induce action, with various starting hands and flops to be hands players won’t fold against, and such. This is what I believe is happening at Bovfuck, although not quite so heavy or obvious as the play money apps. For example: Down to 4-handed (in double-up turbo), player with AA raises, player with AcJc calls, flop is 3 rags with 2 clubs. Of course both players will be all-in on the flop.

          Does this happen in real life? Of course. But not every frickin’ sit n go is this kind of hand/flop gonna happen. And the timing is perfect, because with one player going out, the sit n go is over and Bovfuck can tee up the next one!

    • John says:

      That’s nothing Jeff, I’ve been playing on the site for about a month and after having big pairs cracked with the chips all in pre flop 3 straight times I started counting and I’m now up to 31 consecutive times when my big pair got cracked by a smaller pair with all the chips in pre flop. I can’t even get a sweat on that site, I have 10 10 vs 6 6 and I’m crushed on the flop.

      Aces don’t hold up, Kings don’t hold, Queens don’t hold, Jacks don’t hold, 10s don’t hold 9s don’t hold….not a single hand has held up. I watched the same guy flop Aces full of Kings against me 3 consecutive hands, I’ve flopped the nuts and been drawing dead on the river every time. My hand history says that the only pots I’ve won on that site were by inducing pre-flop folds. I final tabled 2 tournaments without ever even seeing the turn.

      It’s absolutely 100% rigged no question about it

    • shane says:

      Bovoda is a complete scam ! there programs are a sham. Do Not Play on this site unless you like getting beat by robots and bad beats they should be disconnected from the internet. – pissed off player

    • frankyB says:

      Everyone calm the fuk down there’s nothing wrong with bovada just need to adjust … I suffer for a while but I made adjusments n now I been freerolling for few months playing 50+ hr a week playing low stake tourneys n I been cashing .. checks come super fast… and heres my theory on bovada what makes bovada crazy is the fact the is anonymous so now you bunch chumps with disposable income going crazy ass hands because theres no name behind it if there was people would have more respect n want build up rep .. another factor is that is so easy to start account n deposit with a pre paid visa or gift card attracs the rich kids yes believe or not theres good amount on the field so when you add this factors rich kids + people with disposible income + rec players +anonymous= Donkey Fest this meens is a dangerous field for grinders when new to bovada but after idk various on players took me aleast 6 months before I was convinced that is not rigged is just there’s really really bad players … but now I been doing alright .keep in mind im a tourney player not a cash so idk really how it is in bovada cas games and ya I invite anybody come over my place check my cash history n pay outs .. n no I didn’t get lucky on a big tourney I work my ass off just playong 10 dollar tourneys

      • Andy3B says:

        Today is 23. Your post is from yesterday.
        Based on my theory of the “chosen one”, lets wait.

        Why do I know that, because before black Friday, I was a very successful poker player. Nobody were talking about variance then.

        How does Bovada does it?
        Easy: They distribute the Misery. Rake stays in the house anyways.

        At the end, whatever you win, you are gonna lose it with the same algorithm as you were playing slot machines.

        They will make you think you are close to the Jackpot all the time; and suddenly, a “donk” calls your all in, or big bet and beats you.

        Did I wrote “donk”, well, sorry, lets call it “The chosen one”.

        And that “Chosen one” will lose to another “chosen one”, and so on, until they get it all with the rakes.

        Not telling you that, with no names, only numbers, it is very easy they have several BOTS or paid players there.


      • Sam H says:

        Franky B, Sure bud, I only play small tourneys for fun. But come on they will let you hang in for a while mabe even win a few, but as soon as the #s get down within 30 minutes of cashing,, you should just sit out because they do not even give you hands to play. Ive played like 20 tourneys, 3 to 12 bucks. Its frustrating bullshit. Im convinced when you get switched tables they are just different programs to automatically make you loose. All online poker pulls some shit, but Bavada is horrible. Go find a cash game look at the name of the room, bounce around to a couple of other rooms, go back and the original room doesnt exist after 1 minute. They dont have many real players, most people figure this out on there own. You are just playing preset scripts with one or two spots open for real players even for pennies, they dont have any other software.

    • Anonymous says:

      Today I was in a 3k guaranteed rebuy and there was a player with the same number as I did and he wrote something and I took a picture of it and asked the customer service if it was possible to haw two players can have the same number they said no and I can still see the coverstation and he puts me on hold and I can’t see it anymore and he comes back and and tells me it was 220 was the one who said it and that 330 and 220 look similar COMEON like I’m not stupid like everyone types different and I know it was another 330 and I was 330 I the same tourney and what do you I make it long enough to make the money after I tell them if I lose I want my money back so they helped me get into the money

    • Stephen says:

      “Playing against rigtards is like playing chess against a pigeon. They always make noise, they knock over all the pieces, they crap all over the board, and after they lose they continue to strut around victoriously.”


  2. Bob L says:

    The first day my Bodog account was transferred to Bovada; my account was $80 less than what it was before the transfer. Complained to Bovada, of course they said it was right. Complained one more time and told them my fund was stolen and someone did a job on that. Of course they denied it. As expected, I lost almost every single all ins to bad beats after the complain. At least before you know who you are playing with and be able to recognize who are legitimate players. Now, with no names showing, they can do whatever they want. I used to win consistantly at Bodog. I just lost half of my money in my account in less than a week to bad beats almost every single time. Forget Bovada, I am going to play somewhere else. This is definitely a scam!

  3. Jake says:

    I don’t clam to be the best poker player but i know my winning % has went way down since the switch from Bodog. i have seen my nut flush beat by quads 4 times since the switch and that is astronomical odds that would happen even once in a month let alone have it happen 3 times in a night! also at every cash game table i have sat at there is always one person with an abnormal High win % playing crap card A3 K7 ect. and anyone who has played poker for any period of time knows people like that swing a lot in there chip stack but these people stay steady gaining chips! so for those who are checking if bovada is legit i would give it 2thumbs WAY DOWN. SCAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nick says:

    I’ve spent many hours playing both live and online poker. Every once in a while, I get my bad beats live. It happens.

    On Bovada, however, it’s just incredible!

    The following is a weekly occurrence for me: I’m playing with a pocket pair. I flop a set. I go all in and I get called. We turn over, and the other player has air. Jack-seven off-suit was the most recent one, to give an example. No pairs, no flush draws, nothing. The last two cards come out. Other guy sucks out a runner-runner straight.

    The chances of this happening are between 1% and 2%. Yet, I lose my sets this way about half the time. I’d blame a small sample size, but I’ve been playing for almost half a year on there, sometimes putting in about 25 hours a week, multitabling.

    Another frequent event is when I 3-bet or 4-bet preflop and end up all in. I tend to mostly just do this with pocket aces and pocket kings. We turn over, and the other player is sitting on something absurd. I mean really absurd. The worst I remember is five-deuce off-suit (as if it being suited would make it worthwhile). Sure enough, the board gives them a straight every time. Yes, literally EVERY time someone has called my aces with total garbage over the past few months, they have won.

    Now let me explain why I suspect superusers rather than the site just being rigged for action. The latter type of event, although less sick than the former, actually illustrates this better. If I’m shoving with A-A and someone calls with A-K, Q-Q, A-Q, or any hand like that with legitimate cause, I will win my aces as many times as probability dictates. But when someone is calling with absurd hands, the results are skewed very heavily in their favor. In other words, when a player does something a normal player would do, the results are also normal, whereas when someone does something that no reasonable player would ever do even while drunk and tilted, the results are abnormal.

    Here’s the kicker: Since Bovada switched to this new anonymous tables format, there really isn’t any way anyone can gather information to prove who the superusers are. And since they don’t even allow you to collect your OWN hand histories, you can’t really prove it to anyone else beyond giving your word.

    Very, very shady.

    • Nick says:

      UPDATE: After writing my review the other day, I looked back and thought to myself that perhaps I was being unfair to Bovada. Perhaps I just have rotten luck and the site has nothing to do with it.

      In order to be fair, I decided to log into my account and play a tourney today. 20 minutes into the game, I’m on the flop with a really good hand. I’m sure I’ve got my opponent beat so I go all in. He calls. We turn over. He has garbage. To be specific, he had exactly TWO outs to beat me. Guess what the river was.

      20 minutes and 4 hands is all it took me to prove my theory. You’d have to play for days, maybe even weeks, to recreate this scenario in a real casino. Bovada is not safe for good players.

      • Nick says:

        UPDATE #2: If anyone reading these complaints had their doubts, you aren’t alone. Even after the experiment done on Jan 2, I still thought that I may just have been justifying my losses by throwing accusations around and then using a one-time coincidence to “prove” it.

        So today, Jan 5, I logged on and registered for 4 tournaments.

        Tournament #1: I shoved with a high pocket pair, villain called with two undercards, flops a pair, turns a two pair, rivers a full house.

        Tournament #2: A legit, albeit unfortunate, beat.

        Tournament #3: Got crippled by a runner-runner straight, then eliminated by two undercards hitting trips against my high pocket pair.

        Tournament #4: Got taken out by a runner-runner flush. Full disclosure: villain had top pair when he called my shove (I had two pairs).

        Note: All of these beats happened AFTER we had gone all in, so it’s not a case of poor strategy on my part since there was no action as the community cards were coming out.

        That said, out of four tournaments with five shoves between them, there were 3 miracle beats, 1 justified call but with a miracle suckout, 1 legitimate beat. In other words:

        -I went all in with superior hands 80% of the time.
        -Of that 80% of the time I had superior hands, I lost 100% of the time.
        -75% of the time I had superior hands, I was called by hands that were VASTLY inferior and had no business calling.
        -25% of the time I had superior hands, I was called by hands that could be perceived as strong, but were weaker than mine when the call was made, only to become stronger than mine as the remaining community cards rolled out.

        Anyone will tell you this is a small sample size; I don’t dispute that. However, I would, once again, like to stress that these types of results are typical of Bovada.

        Final conclusion: Steer clear of Bovada!

      • enough already says:

        site is totally rigged,and not just by bots and schills.I think its set-up to have more than one or two good hands at the table to get a heavy rake.hopefully the u.s. will make it legal and more controlled by honest compaanies.

    • I will say the anonymous tables format for Bovada makes me question their motives. Are they doing this to hide and protect other poker players or to protect themselves? Isn’t Texas Holdem still illegal in the United States? I know they probably make quite a bit from American players, and want to keep it that way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok here’s the real story. All online poker sites want break even games. Some sites have to really cater to recreational players as they are the bread and butter of the site.
      Most people don’t know this but take is only a small percentage of a sites profits. Most damaging thing to any site is withdrawals. Winning players withdraw, losing players don’t. Bovada will tell u straight up they cater to net depositing players aka losing players. My question is most things I have checked on with bovada end up being different from what they tell me. So it makes me wonder. I too have experience many situations that are very very long shots. One example is within 25 hands I saw set over set 3 times with bottom set being 66 and all 3 times the 6’s hitting quads. Now to be fair I won 2 of these as I hit the quads and lost 1 but the odds of it happening 3 times in 25 hand with 1 out is like 2 million to 1. I think it’s just obv there is some type of code written into software that will even the game up on bovada. They admit they want even games. They dot what good players winning, and they don’t want people withdrawing. I have pulled all money off bovada after doing ok. I did much better on bodog. I think the unrandom deals, anonymous tables, no note taking really does accomplish their goals….good players win less money.

  5. Josh says:

    This website is definitely a scam. I have been playing all forms of poker for almostr 30 years now. I have never seen some of the things that I’ve seen on this site! There are definitely Bovada employees playing at the tables with infinite amounts of money to jack pots back and forth once the other players have invested a good portion. They also have to know what cards others have as well as what is coming. Plus, has anyone noticed that every time you fold it seems like your cards pop up?? This is a fixed program which makes you stay in on hands that you wouldn’t typically play. An experienced player will recognize these trends as well as the fact that employees are working as a team to jack pots and intiate folds. Definitely a scam!!

    The worst part of the site from my experience is the Blackjack table. I have had several hands where I hit 20 only to get beat out by 21 every time. This doesn’t happen in real life. This happened to me 6 hands in a row on Bovada! I doubled my bet each time thinking I’d inevitably have to eventually win, but they only drained my account. Don’t fall for it! Does anyone know of any legit sites to play poker?

  6. Bob L says:

    I agree with Nick 100%. I just played a few hours of cash games at Bovada. The border line hands I did not go in, I would have gotten impossible winners if I played the hands (I bet they want to tempt you to play more hands). Almost every big hand I was involved in, I lost to kickers, runner-runner, top pair beaten by two pairs, etc.

    Stay away from Bovada! They will take all your money by manipulating the outcome of the game. They are cheaters! That is why they don’t want to show the players name. They use computer programs to steal all your money!

    I am quitting Bovada for good!

    • says:

      Witnessed this multiple times as well, seems to be the unfortunate norm. “Modern” poker players are accusing us of playing “ABC” poker and that this style of play doesn’t work anymore. One of my last hands played, a villain pushed all in with a junk hand–not calling anybody mind you with an unsuited 2-7, just wanted to take their chances on the flop I suppose–I obliged them with pocket rockets and they hit trips on the river like usual. Basically, given the way current random card generators are working on these sites, we should play the exact opposite (folding A-A, A-K etc) of how we would play live or would have played pre-Black Friday…

  7. Chaz says:

    Totally agree. Bovada is scamming. I agree with all the above. Spread the word and kill this poker site.

  8. John says:

    You guys are just a bunch of whine asses. I have had no problem with this site at all. Just because you suck at poker don’t blame the site.

    • Nick says:

      John, how does shoving aces or kings, getting called by two obscenely low, unpaired, unsuited undercards, and losing to a miracle straight make someone a bad player? And how does this result being an hourly occurrence not hint at the site being shady?

    • Brad says:

      You must be one of the donkeys in there playing your garbage and floundering through the tables with a multitude of suck outs, to claim you are successful. You undoubtedly couldn’t play live poker with your self proclaimed success. Though I have made money as well on this site, I play an entirely different game than live poker. I, like everyone else here, knows that this site is rigged, but I have been able to calculate when I am being set up for a loss during tournament play. Many times it requires folding premium hands preflop, or limping in which I rarely do at the tables. Your comments lead me to conclude that either you are a Bovada employee guilty of unregulated theft, or you are just simply a horrible player with a legacy of suck outs.

  9. Andrew says:

    It just doesnt stop at there poker tables, THERE slots are just as big of a scam.. BOTTOMLINE nothing else to say but STAY AWAY from bovada.. Criminals

    • Jerry says:

      This is all a crock. I have done well on the poker tables, and their slot machines as I play those while I am folding bad hands. All online sites have suckouts which seem impossible and more frequent. You are seeing 6 times the hands you would in a brick and mortar casino. No I do not work for Brovada, and I used to be skeptical to years ago about online poker. The random number generator sucks, always has, so you see some sick beats. Knowing this though, all you can do is play your game. I have won 10 times my initial deposit and climbing, so I am having no problems. I have took beats like you discuss, and I say oh well, and move onto the next tournament. This site is soft and full of fish, so easy to make money and go deep in these tourneys. I bet I am averaging 50 percent cashes in tourneys which is high for tournament play. If you think they scam, you will just move to a new site and say the same damn thing. Dont play then. I see nothing fishy at all since I been there and have had no problems. And as far as bots, I am sure all sites have some, but I aint scared of no tight ass ABC bot. Quit whining and start winning. Maybe you just arent as good at poker as you think you are. Im sure that is the case.

  10. Tim W says:

    Bovada Poker is so rigged. Please don’t waste your money on this site. You would make more money playing BINGO then at this computer generated dealt hands. If you have any skill at playing Texas Hold’em don’t waste your time. Every golden hand dealt to you will be beat by some donk. Example I had 4 10’s got beat by 4 j’s. I have played poker for 30 years I have never been at a tournament that has ever happened. But this is hand after hand on this joke site. Almost every 3rd or 4th hand is a flush. I ask anyone to take a deck of cards sit and deal 5 players in one hour. You might have 1 or 2 flushes in that hour. So if you don’t mind tossing good money out of the car window on the freeway then you need to play on this rigged joke site.

  11. Aaron says:

    I have been making my living playing cards live and online for almost ten years now. I have not been attracted to Bovada before because the limits are low and the player base is scarce. Every site has their skeptics about being “legit” or not, and typically they are 100% wrong. So after researching the reviews on Bovada I decided to see if the rumors were true or just fiction as always.

    The first day I deposited $300 and started playing their $25 + $2.50 single table SnG’s (Triple Up). I played 2 tables at a time (as fast as they fill up) and things seemed normal as after a couple hours I cashed in 7/8 entered with a total winnings of $305. At that point I was thinking that Bovada was legit so I called it a day as it was my wifes and I date night.

    The next day I came back and started playing again, but after taking two bad beats back to back I became skeptic once again. I continued to play as I know bad beats happen and was more curious about the site than making money on it. So I kept track of my bad beats and their percentages. Throughout the day I continued to play a total of 17 games. I was amazed at the results as I cashed in only 2/17 with a net loss of 317.50 on the day. Three were legit losses and there was an astonishing 12 bad beats that took place. Bad beats are as follows: 1 @ less than 2%, 2 @ 2%-7%, 4 @ 7%-12%, 3 @ 12%-22%, 2 @ 22%-32%… I have never seen anything like it.

    Its like they recognize if you are a winning player and then as soon as they do action takes place to stop it. They do quote that they are “targeting net deposit and recreational players” for their site. It is just unfortunate that they are doing it unethically. The odds of hitting this many bad beats in one day are nearly that of winning the lotto. What they are doing (or letting happen) is unfair, unjust and down right terrible. The only good thing about this site is that it gives you practice on how to handle your bad beat TILTING abilities because they are a regular occurance.

    I cashed out down $12.50 (hoping i get the check) and with a very bad taste in my mouth. If you are a recreational player then you may have a chance to stay in the game a bit longer than usual. However, if you are winning player, then I highly suggest you stay away from this site.

    Side Note… The purpose of no names and being numbered is what exactly…


    • Thanks for the comment, and for the examples of Bovada poker!

      • Peter says:

        I am a professional poker player also. My specialty is Omaha. The nearest casino for me is about three hours away from my house. I go up Saturday morning really early and play until about 2:00AM.

        I have made good money doing this, but it has problems.

        1) I can only play on saturdays. Nobody is around on the other days to play omaha.

        2) Playing in the casino has given me head aches. All the bling, bling, bling from the slot machines and the casino lights get to me at the end of the night.

        3) I am a family man. Traveling is not really appealing to me.

        A friend of mine who I have played many hours with at our regular game told me that he just started to play online and was killing it.

        He talked me into it. I thought I could play from home every day and not feel like I had to go to the casino.

        When I first started, I killed it as well. I tripled my investment and the bonuses started to come in as well. After about two weeks, the crazy bad beats started to happen.

        I wish I can give you an example of a specific hand. Honestly, I try and forget them as soon as they are over with. The casino I play on uses electronic tables and I am used to the increased amount of hands. I have not seen anything like it when it comes to the bad beats on this site.

        I review every hand after a bad beat to try and understand what happened. Some of the times I shrug my shoulders and think, he made the right play. However, most of the time I can not figure out what he was thinking at any time in the hand.

        I am having a hard time calling anyone crooked, month of playing time seems to be filled with bad beats. I lost all those profits and bonuses. I am debating on whether to pull my cash and call the experiment a bust.

    • John says:

      Wow Aaron I had almost the exact same results. I tripled up in 6 straight triple up sit and gos and then it started to seem like every hand I played was scripted for me to get my chips in and lose to a miracle. I went 31 straight times getting my chips all in pre flop with a pair against a smaller pair and I lost all 31 of them. Couldn’t even get so much as a sweat.

  12. joshua says:

    I cant believe what has happened there site is bullshit , i won 420.00 on 7500 pts freeroll to lose it all I have over 30 pictures in the last two days 10 of them lost to quads with nut fullhouse, as well as I was just in 100k cheap seats , there was only one table and for some reason 7 hands into tourney they move me from seat 7 to seat 1 what do u know first hand i get flop set i have q,4 in bb and 4,4,j comes out 4 handed i check 4 all ins of course i call ……..I am just wondering why they would move me from seat 1 to 7 on same table? I have pictures of every hand thanks to snipping tool where do i go with the pics of 30 hands i want to save peoples money

  13. dallas says:

    I completely agree Bovada is a scam. I’ve been playing craps on Bovada for a week or two now. Playing as conservatively as possible with the aboslute best possible odds. The dice magically hit for the house every time. I’ve played this strategy on several online craps sites and always (at least) stay in the game. The second I switch to Bovada, I might as well burn the chips. There’s no way the dice algorithm is close to fair.

    • TB says:

      The casino is comical. I was hysterically laughing playing blackjack. At one point, the dealer had 8 blackjacks in 10 hands. I’ve lost about 10K playing low limit games. It is simply rigged. Poker seems fine though

  14. Will says:

    Bovada is NOT a scam. I’ve been playing on it for awhile and I have seen nothing out of the ordinary. These are whiners who are just bad at poker and blaming the site because of it.

  15. The Fool says:

    I’ve been winning there on the SNG’s. I don’t have hand records to really do the math but it is utterly uncanny how often I lose crucial all-ins where I am the 70%+ favorite. I think the average player there is not very good so I’ve still been making money but is incredible how often I will grind it out, have it come down to one crucial all-in play, make the great call and get it in with the other guy dominated and the other guy draws a freaky straight. That happens to me so often on Bovada it is very weird and really makes me wonder.

  16. Samuel Price says:

    We need to find a way to stop this and possibly file a long arm law-suit and put bovada out of business. It will truly be worth it

  17. Clay says:

    I’ve been playing on bodog for 8 yrs. I’ve won over $200k including winning the 100k twice and makind the 100k final table 14 times and winning numerous other tournys. I know I’m a damn good player. After they changed to Bovada all of the above situations continually happen. I to have come to believe that Bovada is rigged. I have dropped almost 2k without even making the money. Needless to say my account is being closed. As much as I hate to say it, I believe this site needs to be reported to our congressmen.

  18. mike says:

    first of all i guess i really thought i could play,when bovada took over bodog which is being seized by doj right now.bovada said nobody would know each other and i was arguing with aanother pot theif on the game 1 day and he called me by first name.hows that possible,i think bovada did that to hide their players,and i had these great days of poker won alot of tourneys ,requested payout and lost the rest of the month everything i had.couldnt win any games was ousted by close losses.i am not putting any more money in and its a shame i do like playing at this site but whats the chance of making any money.your paying for entertainment not to actually win any money.i believe its rigged to take and when u win to take that back.when will or government say heres a legal upright site we can tax and regulate i am still waiting

  19. Brett says:

    I’m also a winning poker player, and there has been a serious change from Bodog to Bovada. Bovada makes playing poker a joke. There’s no skill, no strategy. Since the changeover, I’ve become a losing poker player.. which is weird because I’ve been a winning poker player for over 9 years online. There are definitely setups that always screw over the better hands. And I’m sure you have all noticed the way you get two good hands in a row and ALWAYS lose with the second hand, no matter how good you are on the flop. I’ve experienced everything that has been mentioned in this forum, and I’m glad it’s not just me thinking it’s a conspiracy. Thanks Bovada for ruining the fun of playing poker..

  20. Ryan says:

    Hi Guys, I’ve been playing on Bovada for a couple months now and I have always thought to myself that something was up with this site. After reading what everyone has said, I’m quite convinced that something is going on here behind players’ backs. The number of suck-outs (especially for sit n’ gos) is far greater than the norm. I go to the casino fairly often, and I have never seen the things that I see on Bovada. It’s a bummer that there isn’t really anywhere for U.S. players to play anymore besides the casino. We need a poker site that is U.S owned and operated PERIOD. I’m tired of all this shady overseas bullshit. But until our government makes a change, I guess we’re stuck for now.

  21. Uninstalled This BS says:

    I am a winning poker player with a long history of steady income in live poker rooms. I experienced the same near impossible beats over and over as described in this comment section. I just uninstalled that garbage off of my computer. To those of you who think that the game plays fair…see if you cash out regularly as I do in the real world. I’ve though all along that there is no reason for any site to NOT be rigged for action and making sure players don’t cash out (good or lucky). I hope the feds arrest the bastards before they get a chance to spend any money, as they have shut down all the other sites.

  22. Johnny Wad says:

    So many hands are setups to keep you in and build large pots. Larger pots produce larger rakes. Yes, no rake in Tourney, but same software is used for Tourney and cash games.

    So many boards with 4 to a flush, 4 to a str8.

    Hands are definitely setup. I’ve played there long enough (free tables as well) that after a while you could predict what card was to come next based on what you had and what might be a miracle card for you; makes your str8 but at the same time makes a better hand for the next guy.

    Now that they made all logins anonymous, you never know who you are playing against; this just makes it more suspicious, you might be playing against bovada. Why would anybody play against unknowns??

  23. Victoria says:

    This site is so fixed it isn’t funny. I’ve been playing poker for years. One example; yesterday there was a $3 rebuy tournament. I played for 5 hours, what a long long game it was, finally there are 2 tables left and we are all in the money (not much). Well we are down to about 15 players. I get Queens, I raised big & 2 other players called. One player was playing badly & kept it up but also became chip leader from doing so. He called everything and anything. Here’s the flop 2 (h) 6 (h) 9 (c). I raised big, one player folds. The other (bad player) calls of course..turn card was a jack (diamond) so I went all in. This guy knew he was beat but kept on going…the river another JACK.

    There’s no way this wasn’t fixed…since he was chip leader, they just eliminate others by doing this so he could win, no matter what great cards anyone else has. This isn’t the first time time either, this happens to me all the time. The chip leader 98% of the time wins out and not because they’re good at playing but mostly because they’re bad. If you choose to adventure into a tournament, mark my words…watch what they do. I think this is a crime and they should be help accountable for taking people’s money. Yes i know its poker but it’s FIXED.

  24. John says:

    I admit that i am not the greatest poker player and have just started, but I believe all these comments in here other than the ones that say Bovada is great. I agree I have folded hands and then see that i would have hit and I have had AA loose to 7 9 off suit. it just doesnt seem right and I hate not having a screen name. I have lost a lot on bovada partly becuz i am new, but I never felt that was the only reason. My great hands just never win.

  25. Anon says:

    Bovada are scammers in their purest form. They REFUSED A WITHDRAWAL. And why? Because I moved and therefore changed addresses. After a long circlejerk with their incompetent, illiterate customer support team, the issue got elevated to a superior who said that they could only let me withdraw if I move back to my old address. What the hell!? But hey, they operate out of an Indian reservation in Canada, so they are, quite literally, above the law, and they know it.

  26. rigged says:

    First off i just want to say y’all are not alone and we all go threw the something. yes the site is rigged, rigged for the bots to win, rigged for action, rigged for suck outs, i have won a few 200 + player tourneys on bovada about 800 dollar worth of wins , BUT THIS ONLY HAPPENS ON THE DAY THAT I DEPOSIT MONEY, after a week of bad beats im down to nothing and im depositing another 20 dollars…

    after you go a while without making a deposit its OVER , bad beats and suck out city, i even tried to just play low limits and grind it up playing in 10 dollar double ups and micro , i do well and grind up to about 30 dollars and i move up in limits i play the same way, but guess what end up losing to crazy hands ……. after all that being said i can a sure you its rigged.

    i even fold trips and ace with an k kicker alot ust because i can tell its a setup

  27. rigged says:

    we need to take this site down, or out… we need to come together form a group and go into the tourneys and split the money

  28. DMR says:

    This site is a carnival crane. You know, that game where you lower a mechanical claw into a glass box in hopes to snag a stuffed prize? It looks easy, but most people rarely win. It’s possible, but you’re battling some pretty evil forces working against you. For example, most machines have a setting which can be set by the operator to tighten the claw once in X amount of tries with a bit of randomization, so that the claw will be “loose” most of the time, but will tighten once in every set amount of turns. This assures that people CAN win, giving them hope, and also sets a control to limit how many or how frequent a prize is rewarded. Sound familiar Bovada poker players? Hmmm… Some machines even have a dual strength setting that causes them to grip with full strength initially and loosen after some time giving the impression that the toy was caught but managed to slip. Shady business, right? The crane and Bovada alike are programmed for certain outcomes. Conseqently, the varaible of “skill” is greatly undermined in the equation.

    During my several months of playing Bovada poker, I encountered far too many quads, river straights, sets, and other bad beats than what occurs in the actual card game at a casino. Weak hands make miraculous comebacks. Sickening suckouts and maddening donkeying beyond belief, with terrible calls ultimately robbing your stack. I relate and smypthasize with just about everyone’s comments on here. I feel both vindication and relief in reading that others are encountering the same horse manuer from Bovada. I thought “I’m not this bad, I’m not this unlucky, NO ONE could be this unlucky.” I felt ashamed I could be duped into thinking I could beat the system. I was embarrassed I burned through my wallet time and time again. No MAS. My suspicion was too large to ignore, and it led me to this forum – I’ve had enough of this scam and I’m ready to rid my computer of this filthy software program. UNINSTALL. Kids, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MALWARE – THIS HARMFUL DRUG.

    To win at the carnival crane, or on Bovada, you need to have patience, know when to quit, and have ridiculous good luck. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. I remember playing on BoDog and not experiencing any of these issues. The anonymity is extremely disturbing, and the bot conspiracy theory is believable as well. The programmers that designed this know a whole lot more about the parameters of the tables than we do.

    I wish there were some ambitious lawyer types within this community who could launch a class act legal case against this bologne. Something tells me though Bovada is above the law.

  29. Lets get to the bottom of this says:

    If someone out there is really passionate about proving this, I suggest downloading xsplit broadcaster (a free program) that lets you make LOCAL RECORDINGS that are unlimited in length. BY NO MEANS BROADCAST it….id imagine one could get in alot of trouble for that. Anyways, Do that and either show the clock or a timer as well to prove everything is in one sitting and not a series of compiled videos. Then compile the data and report your findings for evidence… If enough people do this and the results are crazy enough, would be alot better evidence than just a few people complaining on a message board. just saying. Personally, I play bovada poker but not for long enough to REALLY form an oppinion like the rest of you have. Just saying this would be a good way to compile evidence/data if u are really concerned. Do with the idea what you will.

  30. Lets get to the bottom of this says:

    Oh, and if you do my former suggestion, PLEASE don’t edit the video only to show the bad beat. Keep in mind that a thousand videos that show one hand of bad luck really isn’t evidence. A thousand videos that show a 4 hour session however when astronomical bad beats happen repeatedly….now THATS something. (note to administration: if u dont like the reference to a specific program in my last note, plz make it more generalized instead of deleting it altogether. thank you)

  31. Peter F. says:

    Me again, just for fun (and to burn the last $30 in my account, I am playing a $8 buy-in MTT at Bovada. Just now, 3 guys go all ready all in pre-flop (with legit all in hands, AK, JJ, KTs) are called by a 4th guy with 8-5offsuit on the BB, with a comparable stack. I folded AQs on the button! Guess what happened!!!?? two 8s and one 5 come out on the community cards to give the genious in the BB a boat 8s full of 5. It’s so sick.

    Anyone who plays live at casinos after playing a couple of hours at bovada knows that it is a scam. Hole cards and community cards are set to trigger action, to let rookies feel they have a chance. They also probably let rookies win tournaments initially to give them the feeling they can win and get addicted. It’s a shame. Can you guys recommend any serious poker site allowing US players? Played a bit on Carbon and the games seemed fair. Thanks

  32. David B says:

    I agree with everyone, that’s why i googled if other people thought this site was a scam. Bodog was so much better, this site is just rigged. Employees will sit at the 1/2 and 2/4 heads-up. They will not talk to you and just constantly raise and re-raise with nothing and just hit the river. I also noticed if you are almost out of money you will win your last all-in. I just cashed out so hopefully they send me my money. F..u.CK this site, DO NOT PLAY AT BOVADA.

  33. Ryan says:

    I always made alot of money playing on bodog and recently started playing on bovada. I deposited 300 dollars and have seen good results. I have final tabled 15 times for a net win of almost 6000 dollars. I have to admit ive been playing about 8 hours a day bit I cant complain like everyone else here. I have caught some beays in fact lost with set under set three times yesterday, which teally made me question it as it is such a rare occurrence in poker but then final tabled 4 mtts today! I would just say in conclusiowhile I hate the anonymity the mtts usually have overlays and im quite profitable in live poker as well as bovada. Best of luck to all

  34. Dante says:

    I started with $20 and am up to about $350 over the course of a month and I am still feeling that bovada is scamming I know that there are bad beats in poker, and that the only reason fish will play. But with that being said I am truly puzzled by some of the events that have occurred. I wish I was detailed oriented enough to provide details but I believe that even as a winning player that multitables the bad beats are ridiculous and some of the action is extremly questionable I will admit sometimes people get caught with air on bluffs but to what extent does this allow people to continue to win with junk. I been playing poker for the last 8 years online and live and I have gotten alot better and seen alot of scenarios but the occurrances on here take the cake I stop when on tilt but it still is such a grind to get anywhere and with all these other comments I believe my issues with bovada are valid.

  35. George says:

    Placed a bet on Florida to cover against Kentucky. Watched the game, logged in to place my next bet…no money. They put my bet on Kentucky to cover and of course said I did it. They also remarked that there were two screens to confirm your bet(and I agree) but that’s exactly why I know I placed the correct bet. That’s fine. I’ve bet thousands of dollars on that site, but they screwed it up by getting greedy on a $25 bet. I’ll take my business elsewhere and I suggest you all do the same.

  36. rocio says:

    I have been playing poker for a few years ,you can check my stats at pokerrankings , (rocio666) played mostly tourneys at pokerstars year 2011 until site got taken by us doj ,i was defenetly a roi winner with a high percentage , i could no be a consistent winner at bovada and no one can cause the software is rigged , i know bad streaks happen ,very unlikley but possibe ,however BOVADA is a joke , is almost predictable the card wich makes your hand a loser hand pops up almost evrytime , this happens over and over and over and over , they just dont care if you get suspicios or not ,since the majority of players are USA players in this site ,why europeans would play in this dumb site ? when they can play pokerstars or other great sites , bovada is trying to screw as many usa players as they can before poker its legalize in the states ,bovada site will be totally dead , so i this point they are on a thief gear running on borrowed time , wherever thay can get their hands on ,they could care less about integrety ,they are not going to grow ,specially since the poker world market plays pokerstars USA players are stock and out of choices for now ,otherwise no one would play at bovada. i suggest to wait or play somewhere else and screw this thievs or you gona get a head ache and go broke. THIS BOVADA SITE ARE JUST A BUNCH OF THIEVS PERIOD .

  37. RandMac says:

    I just got screwed by Bovada. I made four halftime bets, all at the same time. I was watching the games and had my laptop open the entire time and was looking at my open bets. I saw all four. But when halftime came only two of the best were still there. The other two were lost. I waited ten minutes, logged back in and it was still the same. I called, and they basically told me that if the computer says i didn’t bet the two winners then i didn’t. This was a huge redflag. If one of the winners got lost along with one loser then i wouldn’t have been so concerned. But the two losers went through, and the two winners got lost? The guy i talked to on the phone told me that they couldn’t help me, and that they had been in business for a very long time. I laughed at that. A long time? What a year? I googled to see if anyone else has been screwed and here I have found a lot, as well as other places. The two bets were very small bets, but I am glad they were because now i know they can screw me anytime and just blame it on the computer, or say it never happened. Be careful gambling with unregulated places like Bovada. You have no where to turn when you get screwed. There customer service is an absolute joke. And who is to say that they won’t just take all of your money and make some bet on your account that you never made? Who is going to stop them from doing that? That’s right, no one. Lesson learned for me. I’ll wait until this is a legal enterprise that is regulated by some kind of government agency, or consumer protection bureau. Online Gambling is like a reverse ATM

  38. tim says:

    they e-mailed me claiming they credited my account with some tourney tix. when i logged into my account, there were no tix. i e-mailed hem back about it. they claimed i had already used them. i hadn’t played on the site in months. lol. it was like trying to get through to a vegetable. when i pressed the issue, the replies had nothing to do with answering my question. it’s like they’re from a different planet. lol. i’ll never even bother logging on to that site again.

  39. Tuffy says:

    Just suffered another bad beat to the great bovada bots.. Dealt rockets AA. Out of nowhere this player drawed KJ sets.This always happens to me when I flop top pairs. Playing on this site is like taking money out of your pocket and lighting it with a match.

    • I would agree with you there, which is why I no longer play on Bodog, Bovada, or anything else they try to call themselves these days.

      • JJ says:

        Thank you, “Complaint Reviews” for this site/thread. I found it tonight when my suspicions got the better of me and I googled for Bovada feedback. I’ve only played there for several days, but it’s definitely rigged for action. At a minimum.

  40. Mark says:

    Guys – glad I saw this. I’ve been using Bodog/Bovada as my sportsbook for years and recently started using the casino. I’m 100% confident that the algorithms and RNG’s are fixed. I plan on contacting the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and getting to the bottom of this. Just because they operate from a tiny indian reservation out of the country does not mean that they can purposely deceive customers. The legalities may be tricky since it’s illegal to play in the States but I plan on getting to the bottom of this and would like to invite anyone else with similar experiences to join along. Reply to this if interested.

    • matt says:

      i completely agree. i was profitable for years on pokerstars and fulltilt, playing thousands of tournaments over that time. the sit n goes especially should be very easy to see consistent steady profit. playing on bovada $3 single table sngs i cant make profit, even though im doing everything right. players are far worse than stars and fulltilt. they frequently blind themselves out, folding down to no chips. but even with this happening i still cant get consistent profit. the critical showdowns just never go my way. my name on stars and fulltilt was prima-tazza so you can look me up if you want to confirm that i do know how to play sngs

      • paul says:

        Im not sure about Full Tilt but Pokerstars was just as bad with the crazy bad beats and so on but they did always pay out promptly. I remember when Bovada was still Bodog and I had to wait over 3 weeks to get an ELECTRONIC payout directly to my bank account. Ridiculous! You shouldn’t have to wait 3 weeks for a mailed check even. BOVADA hasn’t changed that according to what I’ve read. GO TO THE CASINOS IF YOU WANT TO GAMBLE!

    • Ken says:

      I am glad as well to read your thread, Mark. I have been playing for a few years, and I just could never believe that the RNG program was legit. It is hard to get by each night without thinking that I have been jipped or cheated by these people for the money. I hope contacting their Gaming Commission is a good idea. I will also be reaching them to see what can be done with their ridiculous casino game. Please do post a thread if you get to know more about this, Mark. Something really needs to be done about it if they have been scamming people with their RNG.

  41. Steve says:

    Same here, I put on $100.00 to play several times…Nice pre flop cards…Suited connector face cards…Flop comes my suit…Flush draw…Straight draw..straight flush draw…other players betting and raising..I just smooth call….next card no help for me, but same betting and raising..I call again…I miss everything and fold..winner takes down with 6H 9d ..turn river card.. gives him 2 pair….other hand mysteriously doesnt show…… GO FIGURE….this happens all the time…Nice cards..nice flop…runner runner gutter balls…WORST HAND ON BOARD WINS….bovado only helps the bad hands..IM DONE HERE..Casino has opened in Cleveland F BOVADA

  42. begado says:

    Thank you in making this site! I’ll spread the word!

  43. Danny says:

    Bovada poker is the biggest joke ever. I’ve been playing poker for years and been a member of Bodog since 2005. Never experienced a terrible poker tourneys and cash games. Played recently last two nights on a double up sit and go tourney with 6 players, with 4 players left and I am second in chips. The guy with a garbage hand and low stack go all in pre flop and got called with pockets Q, and the guy with a garbage hand ended up winning with runner, runner to have a straight. And these scenariogoes on for at least 5 all ins and the same thing is happenning the worst card ended up winning. Two nights in a row same shit has happened and I ended up being the bubble and losing.

  44. Rob says:

    I’ve been playing on this site for a couple of months. I knew something was up with the site as before when i used to play on fulltilt/pokerstars etc, i would NEVER EVER get sucked out like this! I live an hour from Atlantic City and play there once a week religously playing 2/5NL, i’ve been playing poker competitively for years now, tourneys every week, house games etc, and this site is just screwed up. I sat down at the BJ table for a little fun, ended up winning 300 off it, the second i hit the 300 mark all hell broke loose, they would SUCK you in to doubling down and in a regular casino yea most of the time it would work NOT ON BOVADA. I.E Dealer would show a 4 through 6, me playing three hands would have a 9/2 6/4 8/3 of course i’m doubling down on all 3. Dealer pulled a fcccking 7 card 21 on me, and i pushed one hand and lost the other 2, at 5 dollars a hand thats $20 a clip. STAY AWAY

  45. Nomad says:

    Well, I’ve read the comments. I enjoyed Bovada and would win small games of poker. I won about 60% of my deposit, then got bored. I did notice that it was tough to bust out (of money), but I’ve seen similar streaks in ordinary play. The hit and run players (as anonymous) would be almost impossible to track. I can’t disupute the stories, yet I’m surprised that most avoid the elephant in the room: you can make a deposit for this poker site on credit card and it will show up as something else (like costumes from a “costume store.”) I’m fairly certain that you can use the site for small fun games indefintely, so may return for fun.

    Full Tilt Poker was the only site I definitely know scammed me, but my account was only $6.oo during the FBI raid. Funny that the big-wigs (owners) walked away with millions but couldn’t afford my six bucks.

    As for noticing big differences in actual gameplay on Bovada itself. I’d notice an occasional shark perched at a table. The sharks seemed to play like tight sharks, tough to take advantage of. I’d notice crazy players would either win or lose as usual. I did suffer some bad beats sure, but nothing to cry about. I enjoyed playing more Omaha than usual, so I’m not sure I’d recognize a freak occurence if it bit me.

    Well, I do agree that Bovada most likely employs shills. This in itself may not be well received judging from the tone of this board; however, it may somewhat be a legit practice. See also

    Also, on the implied notion that there’s some kind of on/off or hot/cold switch employed, I’m not so sure. Play got tougher as I played for greater stakes, just as one may naturally expect. That’s not necessarily a conspiracy, just that better players play bigger stakes.

    I noticed that I could typically finish fourth in a 9 person triple up or other tournament (that pays top three). That seemed like natural tournament tendacy, if I got careless about bursting out on the bubble.

    By the way, the hand history seemed short lived but available for a moment at least. It felt like I was able to play the game I wanted to play without too deep of a history on me.

    Finally, I liked the games, but found it too impersonal as it lacks names and worthwhile chats. And I didn’t keep score good beats vs. bad beats, not that anyone else did either. Really, the score seems lopsided, since folks aren’t reporting their good beats?

    Anyway, I wanted to call American League Baseball a scam, since it postponed a game when it almost didn’t even rain. And I noticed that ALB used the same expession that Full Tilt Poker had used. They want to protect the “integrity of the game.” What a crock of oyster shells!

  46. Phil says:

    I agree with everyone above. 100% scam. I’ve been playing winning poker for years on both Full Tilt (before black friday) and in weekly home games. I was looking for a small stakes site to pass some time and keep my game sharp so I gave Bovada a shot… big mistake. I agree with most everything said above, Bovada letting you start strong (after deposit) then waves and waves of bad beats. Miracle pre flop raise 4 7 os all-ins catching straights on the river, time after time. Anonymous players, and credit card deposits being labeled “costume store”. Hmmm…! Everything about this site is SUPER SHADY!

    I guess part of the blame lies on me. I deposited with them twice, Fool me once shame on me, Fool me twice….well. Anyways the $50 I lost isn’t the point, it’s just sad that Bovada is making money taking advantage of people. Pretty sad…

  47. JAYRoD says:

    Been playing the site for a few years and found poker to be tough…seen too many impossible hands come true, with those that are less than 10% and 5% odds hitting way too many times. When AA, AK, KK, QQ comes around it almost feels as a disadvantage, even a setup. One other note, I have never seen so many 4 of-a-kinds in my life. If you’re playing poker for fun, go at it…if you’re looking for good competition be careful with the seemingly impossible hands beating your hands down odds favorites.

  48. charles says:

    If you have played poker fortwo days in your life and have an IQ over 75, you can figure out that absolutely nothing at Bovada Poker and Sports Betting legitamite. The book locks me out of parlays with certain teams and the poker room is a joke. There is not even a hint of a natural progression of hands. I have seen more on board dtraights and flushes in one hour here than 40 years of live poker. I use the site to keep my playing fresh since I live in Texas and can’t legallyh play Texas Holdem. LOL But, this card progressions here are so lost to reality that you can’t adjust your game. Bovada is not a poker site it is a LOTTERY SITE. Just go all in and hope for the best. W

  49. mike says:

    I have read all the post and cant believe what is being said. I say that with a smile on my face of coarse! Here is my story and how I come to this forum… I have been playing poker for little better than 3 years (texas hold’em). I have a library of books and read countless hours of web given information on the game. I have spent on avg. 20-30 hours a week for the past year + on line playing the game trying to improve my table reads and betting. I started on the cheapest of games S&G and MTT. Let me say this before I go on: Many years ago I played with Bodog for the table games (Roulette and craps) until I found the love for poker. As we all know your ability to play poker well can give you the advantage against those sitting with you at the table. Those same (if not better) advantages the casino have on those pulling the arms of a slot machines or those throwing dice across the table. I made a withdrawl from Bodog back then only to never recieve the check. It was not much (275.00) but enough to remember. To make a long story short, I had a lot of personal things going on at the time (marriage, new job etc…) (no I dont drink or do drugs) I forgot about the check! Since I deleted the site off my computer since the withdrawl, it became a “out of site out of mind” thing. Now, I said all that to finish my story….. As I increased my entry level buy-ins I started playing as one would expect” better”. 5 months ago I downloaded Bovada as we all know was Bodog. I have the truth on that as well! anyway, I wanted to try a fresh site with possible different players to see if I can hang with them as I played above avg at other sites. On my previous sites Carbon and Lock I would deposit 50 dollars on average and it would last 4-6 weeks before busting out… my account would bounce from 10 to anywhere around 250 dollars until I hit a bad two week or so run…. With Bovada it was touch and go until I learned the software but I went on a kill…. My original deposit of 100.00 in 7 weeks was over 800.00. Insane, I was making MTT final tables as frequent as 1 in every 5-6 tourneys. Cashing in 1 in every 3-4 tourneys. I was playing good solid poker and my confidence level allowed me to play as recommented by the books and forums I have read. Then one afternoon I remembered the check I never recieved (thanks to my wife). So I looked back into my history account and there it was a withdrawl noted. Wow, so I right then grabbed my phone and made the call. Here it is 17 months after the fact and I decide now to call (I know I know). Ok, Here is the agrument I had in a nut shell. They said the check was mailed….. It had a tracking number…… I checked it and it was signed for…… But not by me or my wife who reminded me of the check….. But it was signed for according to the USPS…. My wife and I are the only one who live under this roof! so WHO SIGNED? No one knows… USPS keeps signitures for only a year… Anyway, the story:::: I had it out with the guy from Bovada and left it at that. It is on my stupid AZZ for letting it go for so long and forgetting. BUT, ever since that day….. I kid you not, I have NOT won one single tourney or ever made the final table for that matter (it has been 4 weeks). I have not won first in any S&G with a few 2 and 3 place finishes. I have lost in some of the most unusal ways many as spoken of in earlier comments. I said to my wife on many occasions it is as if Im being punished by the site for my argument. I have had my share of bad beats and I know in the past and in my unexperienced days I delivered a good bit as well, the amount of odd boats, str, quads and flushes that come about. It seems that almost every flop my opponent always hit top pair or if I hit top pair they tripped or two paired a rag hand like J8 off. It was statisticly out of character. I finally depleted my 800+ account today and told myself I need to go on line and look Bovada up and see what people are saying… so here I am…. Is it a scammm? I dont know. But it walks and talks like a duck! I assure you I am a student to the game. I play very well but maybe not expert level of coarse but I now the odds/numbers to the game. I am solid in my betting game. I play my cards and position approriately and generally not out of line. I dont have the answers but I will no longer play with Bovada again. I tell you this, Im playing the best poker yet and not even in my donk days have I burned through 800 dollars with no spikes in the positive on the way down! It is sad! Good luck to all player!

  50. mike says:

    lol, had less than 20 dollars left in my Bovada account so i figured Iwould play a 10.00 MTT and try to drain my account and close. So, I am playing tight to get the feel for the table. Win a few small pots here and there. So I was UTG +2 with my first strong (drawing hand) of the tourney. UTG and UTG+1 fold to me. I hold AKs, I put in for a 4bb (50/100) bet and players fold to the cut off seat. He 3 bets me with 950. His stack was 1800 pre bet. So I put him on a big to middle pair or AK AQ. Although I felt I was possibly beat I called… my stack pre bet was 3400. Plus he just lost a pretty big pot the hand prior to this hand so he could be on tilt which allowed for my call. Flop comes Jc 6c 2c…. I felt good with this flop, I had two over cards still with a back door str draw or even could win with Ace high, we will see. Outside of him holding the flush with that flop I decided to go ahead and put the heat on… I bet 850 to put him all in and he calls….. Crap he had the goods…….. NO wait, he holds 8 6 off…. holy crap im winning….. turn card comes 6 river card 9 he wins with the pair of 6’s…. I had to laugh….. great comedy…..anyway very next hand I crap you not…. I got dealt Pocket JJ’s Player UTG+2 goes all in with his last 450. I pushed all in with my last 1600 to go heads up… OMG another player three bets and another four bets…. here are the holdings: player UTG+2 A4 o, me JJ, the player who three bets AJ o, and the player who 4 bet 8 10s, Kid you not… board comes 9 K 7 3 6… again I just laughed my azzz off. why to go Bovada!!!!!!

  51. Drew Fator says:

    Completely agree with all the BS Bovada stories….I will have an Ace set and get beat by 5 and 10 off suit ALL THE TIME. Yeah, bad beats are a part of poker, they happen, but NOT this often. It just doesn’t make sense to call bets almost the size of the pot when you have nothing, and then magically turn into straights, flushes, full houses, whatever. I’ve seen more full houses in one hour than I have ever seen in all my time playing live games. When I fold garbage, that garbage always turns into something unbelievable. Impossible to win in the long run, you will get scammed.

  52. Steve says:

    LOL at these comments. Almost unreal that some of you morons are using such anecdotal evidence to claim a site is rigged.

    Log a million hands and run it through some poker software. You will see a correct, fair distribution of results.

    LMAO at taking a few bad beats and thinking it is rigged. Most of you clearly don’t have the mental capacity to understand variance.

    There are plenty of reasons not to play on Bovada, but rigging of hands is not one of them. Losers.

    • mike says:

      Steve, Thanks for your kind words. It people like you who make our world a better place to live. I did miss the part where anyone threw hot daggers at you but glad you rebounded nicely. I mean that could be the only way one would comment with those no one loves me so I hate the world name calling words (i.e. moron and losers). Anyway, have a good day my friend! ooooh, and hope someday when you are possibly confused or baffled about an event or situation, may it be your health, accident or maybe being mugged, a person of interest whom may can help or have encouraging words might return those mentioned back at cha!!! :) Such an internet STUD!

  53. The D man says:

    This is such a joke. If you consistently lose, guess what? You’re a losing poker player!!! If you idiots would stop blaming the sites and focus on getting better you would realize these sites aren’t rigged. I’ve cashed out around 6k in the last couple of months. Its a regular thing. Deposited 200 and turned it into 3k. Withdrew via check and received it in 3 weeks. Since then i’ve been cashing out 800 via moneygram every week. If Bovada is rigged i must be there little angel there protecting. HAHA seen this with every site on the planet. Losing players blaming the site and focus on everything but there own play. Ask yourself this how many poker players do you know who consider themselves bad players? NO ONE!!! Everybody whos ever played poker thinks there phil ivey.

    • paul says:

      You’re such a fucking liar dman! Everybody who makes comments about people’s poor play always say they have made 10-20x their deposit amount. YOU THINK YOU’RE PHIL IVEY! We all know you’re not cashing out $800 a week. SAVE THE BULLSHIT and be honest. It’s real easy to say how good you are when NOBODY knows who you are! I play live poker and I know bad beats happen,but on BOVADA they happen FREQUENTLY ! You know what that word means DMAN? LOL “DMAN” says it all. Don’t believe this chump. Bovada poker is fixed.

  54. notsurprised says:

    Okay fellas, I’m fairly new to online betting. Here’s my gripe, I just deposited $60 last night just to bet on the Philly/Carolina game. Just bet $27 on the game, picked the underdog, won $20. So today I decided I would slip on over to the horses and dedicated half my roll to the whole day. I was raised around thoroughbreds my whole life, my family being one of the largest breeders in Oklahoma, and all but lived at the track and in simulcast rooms for the first 25 yrs of my life. Not only did the dedicated half of my roll dwindle quickly, so did the rest. There is definitely something fishy about their final true odds. I had one trifecta that I barely got in before post time that was 25/1, 8/1,50/1-here’s the prob- after race results are posted. the final odds are nowhere to be found. That tri was a $2 bet and shouldve paid at least $600 I got paid $6.30 no sh*t. I messed up by going through and placing A bunch of bets early. I did my homework and did win about 10% of my bets. Out of $60 I won back $9
    If the poker is rigged as much as the horses then I sympathize, and I will not be depositing any more of my money.

    And as for you Goobers in the post or two above me. WHY? These guys are here to share their experiences and comments, not to be thumped on by some slob leaned back in his mommas easy chair with a bag of cheese puffs. Just because you feel insecure and small around real people out in the real world, doesn’t mean you should try to compensate for that here.

    Clean up your attitude, put on some pants, get a real job and maybe some of your animosity will resolve itself when you move out of your mothers mobile home.

    Always happy to give a sermon

  55. J-Man says:

    First off I want to say this about Bovada, I have played for about 5 months and have cashed out over 15k, probably deposited about 8k in this time. I will say I don’t know for certain if the site is rigged, hard to prove, but the beats are insane. You can call the card that will beat you, and there are many many setups. Every poker player has their days, but I am honestly thinking about running from this site myself. Just today I lost a 450 dollar pot when I flopped 2 pair and lost to runner runner to pair the board and give him a better 2 pair, all in on the flop. Lost a 370 pot when I flopped top pair top kicker, turned trips, lost to open ended on the river. Lost a 150 dollar pot when I tripped my 5s on the river but that 5 gave him a straight with his k4 (no pair). Lost aces all in pre flop to quad 77s, j5 also called 2/4 table. I could go on and on with examples, just from tonight. It was so bad that I was able to realize when flopping an ace with ak, rainbow flop, that I was beat. I am not an every day player, I have a tendency to buy in for 2 to 6 hundred and cash out as much as I can (even with the 50 dollar charge). It never fails after I cash out, I go broke. The checks do come though. I can’t say I am done with Bovada because I still somehow manage to make money, but it just goes against logical reason. Tonight my net loss was 400, I bought in twice for 200. I can’t tell you exactly how many bad beats I had but I will say that I was very rarely behind when the money went in and although I only lost 400 all together, I would estimate I lost 2k in pots when I was either ahead when the money went in (not talking coin flip) or it was a setup hand like hitting trips against a straight with the same card, hitting an ace high flush with the same hand that gave my opponent a boat. This wasnt a one time incident, I know everybody gets bad beats but it seams to happen a lot on this site, hit and run folks, if you stay at a table too long they will get it back one way or another. Good luck to all and if I have any advice from Bovada, don’t keep ur winnings in. If you hit, take it out. Pay the 50.

  56. F - Bovada says:

    Bovada’s pretty bad when you start to miss Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars. I’d rather have FTP bend me over, steal my money and ream me rather than sit at these tables multi-tabling hours on end. At least FTP won’t waste your time even if they do steal from you.

    A few things I’ve noticed about Bovada…

    1 – I’ve witnessed 10 straight hands (small sample size or not) where 3 or more people in a 9 ring table pushed. Whether it’s 3 people having that same card (different suits) to fullfill a straight, or the board having a 5 card flush. During that stretch, the worst was seeing AA vs KK go all in pre-flop only to push because of a 5 card straight. Where am I going with this? Everyone’s chip stack was dwindling because of the rake collected on those push hands. I mean how sick and defying is that? Slowly but surely, Bovada will take everything you have. BTW, their poker rewards program is a f’ing joke.

    2 – Whenever I see AA or KK go all-in preflop, I know they’re gonna get sucked out on. Whenever there’s a pair on the board, someone ALWAYS has trips. If there’s a flush draw, it will get there 99% of the time. The river is a wild card where the guy who’s waaaay behind, catches up. You never see one or two outters on the flop or turn… it’s always the river.

    3 – When you flop the nuts and play it aggressively, you lose. When you flop the nuts and someone shoves on you, you are forced to call only to lose.

    4 – Bovada is not poker. It’s not poker when you can consistently guess what comes on the river.

    5 – If you continue to play at Bovada, your poker skills will get screwed up. In due time you’ll start to over-think and adjust the way you normally play poker. For example, if your holding AA and someone shoves all-in preflop on you… amazingly you have to FOLD if you want to survive. On Bovada, it’s not 80/20… it’s more like 10/90 you’ll get sucked out on.

    6 – Tournaments: If you’re a short stack on the bubble… you’re f’ed. Bovada will feed you premium hands just to take you out…. so you can sign up for another tournament.

    7 – Isn’t information power? Why would any smart person play on a site that doesn’t have player identity. You can throw game selection out the window… you’re just playing blind poker.

    8 – Bovada caters and babysits the donkeys and fish. They want the donkeys to take the money away from good poker players…

    Final thoughts: USA needs a fully regulate and tax online poker.

    Yes, badbeats and suckouts do happen… All I’m asking for is a fair game. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently yes.

  57. Ran says:

    Go play somewhere else and prove you can play then. I play about 50 tournaments and thousands of hands online each day profitably (multitabling obviously), and I hear the same complaints about the site I play at (another site open to US players). The players complaining are usually terrible and are playing a style of poker that *may* have been profitable 5 to 10 years ago. The game has changed. Study and learn more to grow with it, or give up. ABC poker will not get it done anymore folks – and a lot of the descriptions above sound like basic/ tight poker. In an average day, I face the same situations posted above (backdoor straights and flushes, big pairs losing, etc). One post above was talking about straight over straight or boat over boat or even quads over quads and how rare that is. I literally see those situations and am in them dozens of times a day. It is just variance. If Bovada is rigged, why keep playing there? go somewhere else… In all honesty, it sounds to me like you all work for a competing poker site or something (or there are just a few writers who have hammered out these posts). Not enough dissent above. Seems way to scripted.

    • F - Bovada says:

      “Why keep playing there?” I live in the USA where online poker is illegal. There are only a handful of sites that caters to USA players. Blo-vada and the Cake network. If Blo-vada is so legit, what’s up with the anonymous tables? What are you trying to hide? If you think action flop theory is baloney, you’re really naive for a supposed successful poker player. Variance is one thing, predicting what cards come on every street (hand after hand after hand) is another. Deliberately giving customers hands they can’t fold (aka: the nuts, top set, flopped full houses, nut flush draws) to juice up the rake is flat out dirty and unethical. I took your advice and moved on from Bovada and I’m happy as can be. You must think some of the greatest professional poker players in the world who have multi-million dollar earnings are bad players also. If you think I’m just blowing hot air, just Youtube some of the pros who have sessions proving how full of shit they are. Just because you’re LUCKY to win on Bovada doesn’t make you a good poker player. Eventually they will take everything you have. Since my last posting which was 3 months ago, I’m up about 80k in live winnings. I guess positive variance and luck had something to do with that.

      • It’s nice to hear that even though I’m an idiot for continuing to go back, I’m not alone in knowing that I am getting screwed everytime I hit ‘login’…..GO TO

        Much better poker and INFINITELY better when it comes to sports lines….Wish I could run into the shady owner calvin aires….cant capitlize his name because he’s such a co ck sucking pice of sh it…and thump his crooked ass in the back of the head…


        AND THE GUY below me…rkp…YOURE A DUMB FUKK!!!!!!!!!

    • JJ says:

      “Ran”: You’re an idiot. You’re in dozens of boats over boats and quads over quads hands every day??? The only place that happens “dozens of times” every day is the fake/play money poker sites and apps.

  58. rkp says:

    put your opponent on a hand… get statistical advantage and makem pay just like a casino does with slots… dont be mad or frustrated at all when they pay and get lucky, thats what makes money. occasional bluffs are ok but from most of these complaints doesnt sound like bluffing is good idea much lol

    the casino never complains about paying out the jackpots. they pat the suckers on the back and make them feel special and hope they come back tomorrow.

    thats my take on it

    i understand superusers have occurred in past… but it is not in the house’s best interest to rig the games. slots and table games and sports betting are inherently rigged putting you on the crapshot. and house doesnt need to rig poker because they get rake and it is in their utmost interest to keep the game as fair as is technically possible. even if they did hire people to play and try to win for the company who cares… out playem or out handem simple as that, just like any other player

    bovada is one of the best sites around for us players as it was even before black friday

    nuff said

    • F - Bovada says:

      Wow you’re naive as fuck! Not in the house’s best interest to rig the games? Don’t you know that money is the root of all evil? They don’t need to rig the games but THEY DO. FTP didn’t need to scam their customers, and steal their money but they did it anyway. Absolute poker could just live off the rake by collecting millions and millions but it was never enough… aka: Superusers. The idiot who said you could out play the super users is a complete idiot. How the hell can you out play a person when they know exactly what you’re holding face up? Do you know how stupid you sound? Even Phil Ivey, Durrr, and the late Stu Unger couldn’t beat a a dumbass donkey like yourself if they had to play their hands face up against your hidden whole cards.

  59. Dan says:

    I was going to ignore this page and figure to not waste my time but I have the urge to waste some time right now. I cannot believe how many consecutive comments in a row I read on here claiming bovada is scamming/cheating, setting up bad beats, superusers or botting. I doubt any of you even understand what you are writing. The only one close to logical/viable is botting and this certainly wouldn’t be done by bovada, but by freelance programmers trying to make money while they are at work, and if you know anything about botting you know a decent human player crushes a bot. I have made about 2-2.5k a month playing low stakes poker on bovada, just as I did on Bodog. This whole website seems to be for degens so I doubt anybody will even read this comment. I make thousands of dollars off this site, off of all of you, and I’m guessing you will just sweep me under the rug too and label me a cheater, living a full life of denial. Enjoy.

  60. David says:

    I’m literally broke because of this site. This site is no doubt rigged. Save your hard earned money.

  61. amir says:

    yet we all still play they got un by the nuts

  62. mowakumba says:

    I played online for past 6 years or so, I was a crappy player then and I am a crappy player now. I see no difference in Bodog, Jokerstars, PhullTilt or Bovada. I am lasting longer in tournies now. But I usually get bored and end up loosing… quite a few times… when I get bored and go all in with 10-7 or 6-J… I WIN!! hahaha WTF… it’s Poker… anyone can be an unintentional DONK. It will happen ALOT in online poker. New Jersey will legal in a few months!! Yippee!!

  63. thanks for the complaints says:


    • Noah says:

      Actually not all online poker is rigged I’m pretty sure of that. I’ve mad about 10k usd playing online poker over the last 12 years or so. The thing that led me here was the fact that after a withdraw on Bovada poker my luck went to complete crap. And now that I have withdrawn twice, it’s suck out after suck out for me. I am up $120 as of now. But that’s after 2-3 months solid play everyday, and a bunch of $50 bonuses for earning 150 points or more a week. I think 5 so far (and you have to play a satalite to get the bonus usually $5.50 or higher). I have saved all my HH. Overall I should be up a few Gs at least. I recently lost 8 all ins in a row, 7 I was favorite to win (usually by at least 70-80%) but I lost all 8. This is anywhere from 10NL to 200NL, moving around but I’m at 100nl short stacked a lot. I only buy in short because the suck outs are so bad. The thing you have to understand is variance can be horrible so it’s really hard to tell if your getting a fair game. Last big pot I was in live my KK lost to Q,6 that some idiot shoved all in pre for $450 pot, with turn 6, river, 6.

      I have been saving my HH and have a descent amount. Do we have anyone that can review our HH to see if we are being dealt a fair game here? My bad beats have been crazy. you can’t just cry rigged, we have to analyze HH here and make a decision.

  64. #24 says:

    I use Bovada almost entirely for the sportsbook. I used to play a lot more poker when it was Bodog and I did pretty well, but sports betting was still my main thing. I have played a few times since the name change and I have to say I don’t like the anonymity. I’ve always felt it would be too easy for them to use bots, and I’ve always been able to spot them. When I share this information with other online poker players they all seem to have the same kneejerk reaction saying “why would they need to do that? They are already making tons of money”. Sorry but that explanation is bullshit and comes from people who don’t want to believe that online poker is rigged. It’s all a big fucking rig. They design fun little hands where everyone hits a piece and magically 4 or 5 players all have monsters or damn near monsters every fking time. The sad thing is that when I’m up big doing sports betting and feel like playing cards for fun, the system tears me down. It doesn’t care that I haven’t played cards in a month, it just sees that I’ve made profit somewhere on the site and has to balance it out by rig after rig at the poker tables. I’ll still play poker there since I don’t want to deal with any other BS sites too, but when I play I know it’s just for fun and I’ll keep the stakes really low.

  65. tom says:

    Bovada is a scam, unfortunately it was one of a few sites you can play in the US, someone needs to investigate this company and its owners, more so the programming, I believe it is set up and i know I am not alone. LETS SHUT BOVADA DOWN FOR GOOD.

    • Ralph says:

      Tom, I have caught them in a scam just recently and there is nothing to do about it, How can we help to get Bovado investigated! How can we get them shut down. I will help in any way. The whole site is rigged with bots and superusers and what I call shills, ones who play for the house. You don’t have a chance once they come down on you. Good article!

  66. Steven says:

    Bovada poke is a joke. The sooner you NEVER play there again will still be too late. That site is nothing but bots and programs that know the cards outcomes. They are a waste and I will always try to prevent others from losing money there. Please believe me that this place is rigged. If you want to lose your money you deserve to at least do it fairly.

  67. DDT says:

    I won 3800 on the slots and they paid. Then I won over 100,000 and played it down to 70,000. They are sending payments now of 5000 at a time. I do believe they have locked me out now. I can’t blame them but that has been my experience. And I have lost very little.

  68. geo says:

    Let me begin by saying that I went on youtube today and saw the online poker scam on Full Tilt. So today as I played on Bovada, I started paying attention to the bad beats, the ridiculous calls, folds, checks, etc. etc. I was consistently getting beat on the river. And I’m talking about 1 or 2 outers. I’ve played poker for a while, mainly in casinos. I know river bad beats exist. However, at the rate that is was occurring is definitely a sign that the same type of scam is occurring. Thankfully, I will close my account with my initial deposit. I am forever finished with online poker. People that gamble real money on sites for fun, let me say this. The only way to get justice for scams like this is to completely abolish them. The lack of MONEY that these criminals are making by cheating is the only way they will get their justice.

  69. Bodog takes it in the @SS says:

    I’m not that great but experienced the same miraculous 1% chance bad beats again and again as everyone else. Someone once said “there are no holes in math” but at Bodog shit, mathematical uncertainties are certain. Play away to all the geniuses who think the site is fine.

  70. dru down says:

    canada is a joke ,there sites are a joke .lock just jacked everyone and bovadas owner calvin says they arent to be trusted. locks owner mrs larson should have some dirt to fly also.they know its coming to an end and they will go hide in canada.cant wait for a U S thats legit without any of these thieves behind it. fck u canadians for letting this scam go.they know what sites are a joke and dont play on them because they have choices.better not try this in the US with physical addresses dont think we would allow glad im not in charge owners.would fix this quick

  71. u guys are fish says:

    u whiny donkfaces..all of u who bleve ita rigged go jump off a bridge

  72. dont play on bovada says:

    they will steal money from your bank so watchout

  73. Sage says:

    Bovada is definitely an untrustworthy poker site. The software algorithms are clearly unrealistic and full of shit.

  74. L2 says:

    Hey so first time I played on Bovada I ran a $50 deposit to $500. Being skeptical I pulled half out and kept going. Ran it up to 2k and busted. This was almost exclusively playing PLO8 which I’m not going to say I’m the best at but I think I’m well above average. I have put in small deposits three times since then and all the same experience. Bad beat. Bad beat. Bad beat. Bad beat….sure it is poker. I’m not a believer of serial bad beats though. Goodbye Bovada. It was not nice knowing you as you are the only site I can play on as a U.S. citizen. And the rich get richer…

  75. Kelly says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the whole casino is rigged! I was on the BlackJack table evrytime I hit Blackjack so would the dealer this happened at least dozen times in about 30 minutes! Then every single time I would stick at 19 they would get not 21 but 20 every single time! They give you alot of great cards but theres are always better u stay at 18 they get 19 u stay at 20 they get 21 u get 1 they do to! I mean blackjack is the easiest game to know your being screwed! I had queen up 3 down dealer had a 5 showing I take hit get 7 21 dealer gets 10 allowing another hit and what do u know both get black jack! Just shit then never happens, jumped over too poker First hand I got pocket Ace’s I was like hell yeah wanted to get my money back I played it slow last round Im all in another guy and I show our cards we both had pocket aces’s, I do not know % of poker like some of you guys but that has to be up there my first hand at the table?? I could be wrong not a professional by any means know what im doing but that seemed really strange to me! Any 1 here have a good online casino you trust to play cards on?? Jeff and Nick and others Im happy I found this page so I didnt think it was me and kept burning through my $$ So I thank u!

  76. Zen Player says:

    Wow, I’ve gotten several payouts from Bovada… No problems at all. So this is where all of you bad players I’ve crushed goto whine….

  77. Phil says:

    I have been playing Bovada since Black Friday…I agree with everone’s negative comments…I think it’s a scam; however, there are no other sites to play from California; thus, I will continue to get screwed on Bovada…There is one constellation, it helps develop more patience and tolerance..I find I’m a much better player in live games because of this….I guess I’ll keep playing on there two dollar tables without an expectation.

  78. TJ says:

    Nice to read everyone is experiencing what I have too. Great, now I have to get dressed to go play poker at the casino down the road again. Too bad, I enjoyed playing poker in my PJ’s. Also, I will have to put up with people farting, and pretending it didn’t happen. But at least there will be no cheating!!! And there is a bad beat jackpot. No way Bovada would do that, they would go broke!!!

  79. Tim says:

    You guys are all idiots…Online poker does use real in life casino poker math…a computer can not generate a random card its computers 101 really and not only that ANYTHING ONLINE IS OPENED TO BEING CHEATED/HACKED/RIGGED all online poker/casinos can not be beat in the long run go do some research for cryin out loud…you guys should have all expected this from the start and understood what u were getting into

  80. Mick says:

    I only glanced at the comments. My experience was with Bodog, I wanted my money out. They sent a check that bounced, I was only ahead like $25. I contacted my cc and they refunded my initial payment. So I didn’t lose out but I didn’t get my winnings. BEWARE-WHY DO YOU THINK THEY HAD TO CHANGE NAMES

  81. Tlow says:

    Ok. I promise all of this is true. I’ve been a winning US online poker player for almost 9 years. I’ve won as much as $250,000 in one year and as low as $9,000 in one year. Basically I’m always up at the end of the year. Been playing Bodog and now Bovada for about 3-4 years. When the Anonymous tables arrived I was actually excited because huds are kinda cheating although I use them.

    So for the last 17 months(600,000 hands) I’ve had really bad luck. Basically the same thing everyone has been talking about. The thing that stands out are the huge set ups that go my opponents way such as set vs sets, flush vs flush, fhouse vs fhouse.ect…The set ups are about 3-1 against me. This is after 600,000 hands mind you. I’m still winning about 20k a year on the $100 cash games and I dont want to sound cocky but it should be way way more. I’ve run not well for 6 months a couple times but this is 17 months and I know(feel) something isn’t right.
    I’m wondering if there are any other winning players out there who are noticing the same thing and I would love to hear from you. As bad as I’ve been running and for this amount of time I would like to really know if I’m getting jerked around. Or if you’re a player who is running really good and making money since the anonymous tables. I would love to hear from you as well That would make me feel like I’m just having real bad luck and things will change.
    My email address is My old screen name was RippinWoody.

  82. Jake says:

    play blackjack dealer always had 20 or better you get 20 they get 21. they will hit BJ over and over. Had 19 stayed dealer hit 20 from 4 9 lol I mean really its funny how stacked the deck is in the dealers favor. I have never seen the deck be so in favor of the site and they just take your money. I had 20 in my hand 7 hands in a row got beat by 21 each time and 3 BJ!!!!!! Is there anyway we can get in on a class action lawsuit? I would like to sue for losses and damages and time lost!!!

  83. Bovada sucks says:

    Ever since the change to anonymous players …one bad beat after another. I use to be able to get on a good run or a heater once a week now it is like once every few months. Something is very wrong I am done with Bovada.

  84. steve says:

    Sounds like a lot of “players” think bovada is cheating. Too bad these are almost always the loosing players I get money from. Obv bovada not cheating ive been playing the ste for 2 years and have not had a single loosing month. How do you explain that. Are they just picking on certain players? Silly people, just enjoy the game and realize you cant always win.

    • JJ says:

      I guess you’re one of the new trolls — er, Bovada employees — here. Welcome. Piss on us all you want, we know your work for Bovada. Why ELSE would you come here, to a site complaining about Bovada? Winning players don’t go looking for those who complain some site is rigged. Only employees. BUSTED.

  85. Jay says:

    I only use Bovada for their sportsbook. Their roulette is 100% rigged. Did an experiment to demonstrate to a buddy with purely $1 bets. They let you win the first one, and then you guessed it, the next 8 spins of the wheel all came up red. That’s 1:128 chance of actually happening. Without going into statistical probabilities, another point is that if you actually had 50 people spin that wheel 8 times, there is only an approximate 32% chance that 1 player out of 50 hit 8 consecutive color or odd/even. It’s completely rigged so don’t waste your money. We were actually going to see how many $1 bets would could get to go against us consecutively by never changing our bet side. This is pretty much an identical pattern that I have seen on Bovada multiple times over a 6-7 year span. Incredible that they do this, but who can monitor them. But I also wager on so many sports that I need Bovada, but it’s really sad when you have my betting eye after so many years, and the average fan with no financial interest doesn’t realize how much point shaving and fixing occurs, especially in college basketball.

  86. Frank says:

    Bunch of retards, cry more degen gamblers and keep dumping your money to me on all the sites you go to, than cry some more, k tx

  87. JJ says:

    6 person table .50/1.00 blinds 2 hands in a row people get a-a k-k and 10-10……….then i see 8-3 off suit 4 bet and play a 298 dollar pot where he goes runner runner for quads and smokes 2 floped sets………it never stops its not poker just a black hole where veryones money goes…….

  88. Anonymous says:

    absolutely a scam, i’m out

  89. geo says:

    nobody wins.nobody cashes checks. If pep did they would advertise it.think about it.i walk out of local casino up on my money 90percent of the time.on bovada i’d take being up 10 percent of the time.

  90. Joe joe says:

    Hey you guys for those who think bovada is a scam come watch me play for a day or 2 I’ll let anyone sweat me via team viewer. I have one of the highest winrates on bovada and I’ll prove its no Skype name is mpokerdonk

  91. Joe joe says:

    All of this scam stuff is non sense it is called variance all of the hands you guys are mentioning makes you sound like fish and you guys are always saying the same words “this one time I saw”. Get over it I’m no not and I give anyone trouble

  92. bjj says:

    Hey Joe joe (or should we say Bovada employee #539),

    Do you even know what variance means? Judging from your command of the English language, I doubt it. Being a programmer by trade, what you’re trying to describe is known as situational programming meaning as the RNG (Random Number Generator) keeps generating possible outcomes until a play is made, the casino will circumvent the outcome by offloading the possible outcome(s) currently in play to an engine (server) that runs statistical algorithms based on the ‘situation’ which will always be favorable to the house given any player’s bet. I’ve written many programs exactly like this.

    Good luck hero. I’m sure EVERYONE would LOVE to watch you win using Team Viewer. Could you give us your Team Viewer ID and Password so we could all watch a pro such as you at work?

  93. Doc says:

    The sportsbook cannot be rigged…Everything else can be rigged. An example is Slot machine software that can be programmed to give out 80% for every dollar you put in. You can program it to give out $50 every 50 thousand spins

  94. Doc says:

    A new law in some states is about to allow online gambeling. You have to live in the state to be elgible.

  95. dave says:

    r gov sucks they force us to play on rigged sites because they over legislate us sites, get tha hell out of bovada totally rigged, fold a marginal hand , your next card will come up over 80% of the time, if someone calls it, it will wait for the river with same result. Lodging complaint with scammers will get caught.

  96. Musketeers says:

    I deposited $80 the other day on Bovada poker. Now in real life, I’m a fairly good player. For the first 2-4 hours right after the deposit, I kept winning. I’m talking at least 5 full houses(I played both ring games and 1 on 1 heads-up) and multiple straights, flushes. I thought I was just having a lucky night. I kept winning to the point that I ended up with $340 in 3 or 4 hours. And then I went out to get some food , came back, kept playing. But guess what, I kept losing at river and I barely got face cards before the flop(3hours ago I got King pairs or Jack pairs multiple times before the flop). I thought I was just going through some rough time. I lost about $120. I played the next day. The same thing happened. eventually I lost all the money. Now, in real life, I’m the best player among my friends and got in 2nd place, 3rd place in a few tournaments. And I know there’s something fishy going on when I get at least 5 full houses in the firs 3 hours and then never ever get a single full house and rarely get face cards before the flop and so on. I’m 200% sure this site is a scam.

  97. Musketeers says:

    Bovada makes ‘beginners’ or people who deposit money for the first time or maybe just random beginners win big first. And then they make them lose all the money and put in more money and eventually lose all the rest of the money. Never ever fall for that.

  98. Bankroll Management says:

    Learn to use bankroll management, proper poker play to get it in when ahead and you’ll be fine. I guarantee most of these players don’t follow these basic rules. Ever limped with aces trying to induce action? You’ll get beat more often than not. If a player calls you when you are way ahead and ends up winning with a terrible hand, IT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! If you are using proper BRM, just reload and keep playing that way and you will win over time. The problem is, most people take a beat and play above their roll limit or steam up and alter their game and start playing stupid. Online poker on this site is not rigged, you just need to adjust and NEVER play above your bankroll. Otherwise you will find yourself posting on a thread about how “rigged” this site is. I’m sorry but you guys just sound like whiners and people who blew their roll on one hand trying to chase profits. Have a great day and I hope you take my advice. I do not work for Bovada, I work for a company that makes commercial heating and air distribution units. I’m a powder coating technician.

  99. Kaspian C. says:

    Just hit 1850 nickels on Bovada lv casino game Slots Angels, had $13 left to bet out of $40 I loaded onto game to play with,1850 nickels equals $92.50, plus my $13 I still had to bet with from my original $40 equals $105.50, when I cashed out I only received $85.50, the people from the call center in the Phillipines dont even know how to speak English properly or how the game of Slots Angels works. They know it exists, but have never played it so they are completely unqualified to deal with my issues, literally 4th graders know more than them.

  100. Trey says:

    Bovada is the worst site I have ever played at! The funny thing is they have a good way to reel you in lol. I used to play there at least 3 times a week $12-$40 tournaments and at first I would go deep in all my tournaments and I would only lose when I got too out of line and blinded out. Finally I win my first tourney for about $2k and cash….as soon as I receive the money and start playing again, I lose within 30 mins of all the new tourneys im in by ALL IN PRE FLOPS WHICH I AM IN THE LEAD! AAs vs A3 – KKs vs Q10 – AK vs J10 etc….And even funnier I ALWAYS lose on the river! The last beat I took (about a week ago) I have 55s and I flop 5 J J, check, guy beats, I call. On the turn guy bets with a 8 on board, I reraise, guy shoves with J7 and guess what he hits on the river ????? A magical 7, of fuckin course he does, ridiculous dude! You hit one of the 4 cards to beat me? Really? BOVADA = RIGGED. PERIOD

  101. Tim says:

    I agree with all the complaints above. I also feel like I’m a good player, but this site is a joke. I’m retired and play a couple hours a day, but I won’t be playing on this site anymore

  102. mncbrown says:

    It is not rocket science, I purchased $100 in chips, I won $200 for a toatal of $300. They refused any payout – they would not payout a single chip. I will discuss this with anyone, these are the facts. They refused payout of the orginal $100.

  103. Rocc says:

    100% rigged. I have never seen anything like this in my life. They should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe enough complaints to the FBI and they will be shut down. I will never ever play there again. I played there for over a month and have seen the most amazing shit on a daily basis. Straight flushes second best hands at an amazing high rate. And fucking anonymous players…what the fuck is that shit. Let me guess the fucking Bovada players put on an invisable suit and go rape people for their hard earned cash? SHUT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN AND ARREST THE SCAMMING OWNERS OF THIS FRONT COMPANY.

  104. Ken says:

    I think the best thing that can be done by us is contacting Kahnawake Gaming Commission to complain about their RNG program or the poker issues. Blogging about this ain’t going to help out at all. Wouldn’t you want YOUR money back if certain things can be proven WRONG soon or later? Say what you have to say. And never say never.

    • Ken says:

      And if you were about to start playing in Bovada, d-o-n-‘t. I would do anything to go back to the days Bovada did not exist in my world any day, any minute, any second. If you feel like donating money to some shady and rich people, go right ahead.. Welcome to the club I say.

  105. James says:

    Flop gives me As over 4s. Turn no change but oppone is obviously on a flush draw. River fills me up As full of 4s opponent makes his flush. Both all in. Opponent is paid and I am out of the tournament. FLUSH BEAT ACES FULL!!!!!!!!! I was not mistaken, it was not a straight flush but just a flush. Checked hand history and it was completely different from the hand played. No bad beat. Just plain robbery.

  106. People on forums say there is no working roulette system, you can’t beat
    it in the long run, but i’m using bluehand roulette system for weeks and it earns me decent money everyday, maybe couple
    of weeks is not a long run, maybe i’m lucky

  107. Google says:

    Hi to all, how is everything, I think every one
    is getting more from this website, and your views are fastidious in support of new users.

  108. Sean says:

    This place is beyond rigged. 10k guaranteed… after 3 hours of solid play, I get KK. One person shoves all in with about 15BB, I snap call, and small blind smooth calls. Flop is KK2… small blind shoves all in, and my software freezes with a circle of death. I check my network settings and all is fine. I have to reboot my computer and when I sign back in, I’m left with 20 BB. Few hands later, I’m out of the tournament with all the chips in the middle (preflop) as a 88% favorite… QJ > QQ. This isn’t even poker…how are these assholes still allowed to operate in the USA? There’s only so much tilt one can endure playing here… it’s not even worth it. Blowvada poker is not real poker.

  109. Nate says:

    You guys need to chill. There are just a ton of bad players at this site. No poker tracker is a thing a beauty too as software has completely ruined the game. Turned $5 into $115 in 2 weeks playing 5nl and still grinding strong.

  110. simpleec says:

    running non random code sims

  111. Mike says:

    They have bots, anyone with half a brain can see it. Take the best players in the world and they will lose on Bovada, I bet you any amount of money.

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