BlackBerry Curve 9300 Randomly Shuts Down

I’ve had my BlackBerry 9300 for about a year now. I’ve tolerated it until now. Within the last two weeks or so it randomly shuts down. It goes dead. I have to pull the battery. Once it reboots, it shows a good charge, but it continues to shut itself down. I’ve replaced the battery with a brand new one, but to no avail. I realize I’m out of the warranty window, so I’m stuck with a blackberry ‘brick.’ I am extremely disappointed in the quality and performance of BB phones and will switch to either android or the iphone asap. It appears this is a very common occurance for BB, but they refuse to make it right — this buisiness model will be their downfall.

It won’t be for the lack of customer complaints that caused the extinction of the BlackBerry. If they truely want to succeed, then they should recall phones with this problem, then fix the problem — seems simple and honest to me. But, we live in a world where the customer doesn’t come first any more. I had purchased a blackberry curve 9300 handset, but the phone was defective as the screen had bubbles and the main screen was loose. I had given the phone for replacement on 16th nov morning and was told that i will get the new set in one day after the approval from the company.

Now it has been two days and the service center person says that the company person who is to give approval has gone on a holiday for indefinate period and they do not know when he will be back, but I have to leave for kolkata tomorrow on 19th and hope to get my phone as soon as possible.

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One Customer Complaint about “BlackBerry Curve 9300 Randomly Shuts Down
  1. JB says:

    I always thought BB is the best until I lost connection for four days having updated my absolute account. Its really annoying to use this phone. You call customer line and all of them tell you different stories.

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