AT&T U-Verse Complaint: new service and billing problems

A representative came to my house to sell me ATT Uverse. I reluctantly took the service and have had nothing but problems since. First my bill was more than I expected. Then a piece of equipent went bad. I was told that I would have to send it back within certain time. I had to drive 35 minutes to turn in equipment to the closest UPS store.

When I got there, they would not take it because they had no pick up order. Really? Then I had my service cut off because my bill was sent through email along with a million other ATT emails daily which I automatically deleted not realizing a bill was included. When I called to get this mess straightened out I was charge a huge reconnection fee. They would only take the charges off if I agreed to let them automatically draft my bank account. I had enough. I canceled service and was charge an early cancelation fee.

I refused to take equipment back since it was a 35 minute drive and was sent a prepaid UPS box to mail it back. I sent it back the next day after I received it. That was in January and I am being billed for this equipment, even though I have a receipt from UPS with tracking number and signature of person receiving it.

I have made numerous phone calls and ATT just can’t find the equipment. Now I have been turned into collections. AT&T is the worse company I have ever dealt with. THEY SUCK!

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One Customer Complaint about “AT&T U-Verse Complaint: new service and billing problems
  1. Chrissy Jamie says:

    This has happened to me 2 months in a row. Nov and Dec bill. We called number on bill for billing questions one time it took us 45 minutes to get a live person on the line. Kept getting someone in residential. Same thing next month but it took 60 minutes to get a live person For a phone company there should be some way to make it more easy to get a live person on the line other than a customer sit on the phone waiting over an hour and half. Next time this happens to me we will be switching to Verizon for all of our phone needs.

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