Problems with AT&T Billing Review Practices

I first contacted AT&T (800-288-2020) on 7-14-11 at 12:46pm (waited on hold for over 20 minutes to talk to someone) because I had not received a bill. I had spoken to Casey about ATT billing reviews, and told her that I had not received a bill and to confirm with her the services we had signed up ($23.99/month – no contract – DSL 6.0). Also, to make sure that my bill will reflect my new price. On 7-18-11 I received finally received my bill, it was for $75.12 charging me for 1.5 months of service at $47.95.

On 7-19-11 I called AT&T (888-757-6500) at 12:49pm. I first talked to Javier who said I needed to talk to the promotions department. I sat on hold for 43:45 minutes. When I finally got someone (John) he told me that promotions take 2 billings cycles. I was upset for sitting on hold and being shuffled around from person to person and told him I do not have $75.12, and that again, I signed up for the promotion above to continue my AT&T service. He informed me that if I was unable to pay the bill I would have to be transferred once again, to collections, to make payment arrangements. By this time I was so upset I was crying knowing full well I needed more with this ATT billing review than they were telling me.

The first representative (if you want to call her that) as soon as she answered the phone I started in on how I am so upset with your company and service, she hung up on me. I was told by another representative from AT&T that collections department are not there to listen to my problems and that is why she hung up on me. I was told the only thing I could say was “I needed to make payment arrangements” crying even harder now because I was in collections department. When I was transferred again, that was all I said. When asked how much I was able to pay, I told her $23.99 (that is what my promotional price is) and that it would be paid by August 2nd. She told me that there would be a remaining balance of $51.13. I told her at that time that it should be credited on my 2nd bill (I am hoping it shows).

As a loyal customer, I called and inquired about my bill because I had yet to receive one and did not want this situation to snowball out of control, like it has, and I made that very clear when I was on the phone, I made a specific point to let your representatives know that I am on a very tight budget and the reason I had stayed with your company was because I was given a promotional offer. If I would have known that this was going to be a bait-and-switch I would have never stayed with your company. This is probably why we (as customers) have to sit on hold for so long, using our whole lunch time just waiting for someone to finally answer the phone and perform a proper billing review and overview.

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