American Airlines Complaint: Eulen America Staff

To whom it may concern receiving complaints about the service Eulen America:
I hereby make a formal complaint about the mistreatment and disrespect observed an employee of Eulen America named Olga, Mrs. old lady, gray hair with glasses, skinny and short, who did not want to provide us with her name or show his identification, covering it with his hands so we could not see it when we express our feelings towrad the way she was treating passegners, specially Cubans. This happened this afternoon, February 24th, at 2:00 pm in the Concourse D / E (for connection flights). This lady by the name Olga. treated contemptuously Cubans who tried unguided to walk out that door, and even some discrimination actitude was noted in her actions when he shouted: “Cubans are not allowed to use this exit, they must go down”. However, many other passengers used that exit, without having any connections, but she apparently only referred to Cubans, by identifying them by their appearence and look like. More than once we saw her mistreat and humiliate comrades of the same staff, in front of everyone. When we told, (three people who were observing their behavior), we intend to file a complaint against her and asked for her name, she brought her ‘Supervisor’ Mr Miche Sixtol, who told us that she was not there to serve the customer, and that he could not give us her name, nor his name, since they worked for a private company. Similarly we saw he tried to prevent us to see his name, but we could see it. Olga’s name we knew because we asked one of his coworkers, since all the time she hide her identification with her hand, so we could not see it.
They laughed at us when they saw we could not find someone to take seriously our claim, at least make known the discriminatory treatment of this person towards Cubans, whoonly showed a face of bitter and frustration towards passengers. We approached her just to ask a question, without even letting us finish it. I had to explain to some Cubans thatalso approached her to ask about Cuban flights, but as soon as she heard the word “Cuba” she not even allowed them to finish formulating tjir questions, and simply pointing his finger she sai in a loud voiced: “Cubans must go down “.
For your information, there were people who had the decency to guide us and tell us that this was the best way to make the complaint, and told us that it was not the first time similar incidents had been reported about Mrs. Olga, but no actions had been taken.
This same complaint I have posted on the website of Eulen America, hoping it gets to the appropriate persons/executives, so that this time action be taken to avoid this kind of situations. It is important to note that attitudes like this make a very bad image of the companies involved in any work done at the Miami International Airport, which counts on such a great international prestige.
I would appreciate a response to my emial.
Maria M. Brito

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