Air India Treatment of Wheelchair Passengers

My wife and myself are senior citizens. Both of us generally prefer to travel by Indian Airlines/Air India. Yesterday evening we were three passengers and took your flight 849 from Delhi to Pune. (my wife – one of the passengers), suffers from movement disorder as a result of which she is a wheel chair bound person. Till now we had experienced that the facilities available with you were much better than other airlines as a result of which your staff was better enabled to handle such passengers. While your staff at all points was cooperative the wheel chairs given to them both at Delhi and Pune air ports were not suitable.

At Delhi she had to be left to the mercy of the cabin crew to get to her seat, while at Pune the system of disembarking was somewhat dangerous – because the wheel chair which the attendant had brought was quite rickety and was swaying from side to side. It also had very miniature sized wheels – even negotiating small small pot holes was difficult. One could see the fear of falling on the face/ eyes of Mrs. Lall.
I am sorry to have to point this out to you, but this time the system of handling a wheel chair bound passenger was quite callous. I do hope you will take necessary action to ensure that the above is not repeated.

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