Advocare Review: My Thoughts on Selling Advocare

Let’s talk about some of the biggest complaints about Advocare. We all know that like any other MLM marketing scheme, Advocare has it’s supporters and detractors. So first things first, let’s remove all emotion from the equation.

What have you heard about Advocare?

You might be reading this and say that Advocare is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you, or you might say that it’s a total rip off and not worth giving a second glance to.

Looks the facts and decide first

Regardless of your position, I’d ask that you look at the facts objectively for a moment and not get caught up in your personal position. Consider the whole body of evidence, which is the thousands of Advocare users and independent business owners around the country.

There are many people who obviously make good money selling these products, doing the 24 day challenge, and they love doing so. I’d stand to reason that Advocare is in fact not something worth complaining about at all, even though there is an entire complaints department set up to field complaints on many websites.

Don’t Hate Advocare for no Reason

If you hate the company, and have good reasons, understand that maybe it’s not Advocare, it’s just you. Many people fail and succeed at running a business, especially one in an industry as competitive as health and fitness products.

Now that we have the emotion out of the way, we can address the issue of whether or not Advocare is a scam or pyramid scheme. What do you think? After reviewing the evidence online and reading hundreds of complaints and reviews, it’s clear that Advocare is what you make of it.

Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining. – Mason Cooley

What about the Advocare 24 day challenge?

If you go into the business thinking the 24 day challenge is going to change your life, you’ll probably be disappointed. If you start selling Advocare looking to make lots of money overnight, again you will probably be one of the ones complaining online and upset on social media within a week.

Some people might say that selling Advocare is a joke, and I tend to disagree with that kind of extreme statement. Selling Advocare is for those who are dedicated and ready to commit to a process long term.

Can you make money selling products?

Can you make money selling Advocare? Of course you can. Can you lose money selling Advocare? Absolutely. Again I think the issue here is with people’s preconceptions going into the business. Someone has told them it’s easy and they expect it to be an easy way to make money.

What percent of people that sell Advocare make money? This is a lot like asking what percentage of people that start a business fail within the first few years. The statistics say that the overwhelming majority of start ups and business ventures end up failing. I’d imagine Advocare is no different.

If you were the only one selling the products, and the only person drinking spark or doing a 24 day challenge, then yes I’d say you have a good chance of being successful. But you aren’t the only one selling spark, or trying to get their friends and family to try a 24 day challenge.

Have some common sense please

It’s common sense that competition changes everything. So be level headed, throw away all the pyramid scam talk, leave your Advocare complaints at home, and go into it with an open mind.

You will probably fail, but then again if you expect a challenge, and understand the risks, maybe one day you can achieve the best.

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One Customer Complaint about “Advocare Review: My Thoughts on Selling Advocare
  1. J says:

    It’s a scam and shame on you for trying to prey on people for your own gain. Ask anyone who DOESN’T have something to gain and they will tell you the same thing. Overpriced products. And I am a CSN, so try to use science versus your marketing buzzwords when you morons who drank´╗┐ the kool aid want to argue.

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